Monday, August 18, 2008

Gay Athletes and the Olympics

Meet Matthew Mitcham the only out gay male athlete at the Beijing Games.

Only 10 of the 10,500 athletes competing in the Beijing Olympics are openly gay, according to a study by a gay website.

Some gay athletes fear that coming out would bring disapproval from fans and team mates, others worry about the damage to endorsements, said.

Nine of the gay athletes named by Outsports were lesbians and their sports ranged from fencing to cycling. Just one, Australian diver Matthew Mitcham, was a man.

Isn't that pathetic? It makes me both angry and sad.

Angry because homophobia is such a disease it even infects the Olympics. And not enough is being done to fight it.

Sad because it deprives gay kids of role models, and perpetuates the myth that gay people don't love sports. Like I do.

I had to put up with a lot of shite when I was a member of my school's soccer team. But nothing was going to stop me from playing the game I love. Or loving who I am. And since some gay kids used to turn up to cheer for me I knew that it was more than just my fight. And that I was also playing for them...even if they HATED soccer.

Homophobes are bastards. Closet queens are cowards.

Matthew Mitcham is a real champion even if he doesn't win.

Hang me kangaroo down sport.

Go Matthew GO!!!!


P.S. for a list and pictures of the nine other out lesbian athletes....who are showing the boys's the honour roll.

They're our champions too...

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ur merit said...

im so delighted that he just got the Gold medal!!he is my hero!!