Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Con Media and the Shabby End of The Fake Scandal

Lordy. What a difference a day makes. One moment the press gallery hacks in Ottawa were in a feverish state of arousal.

They thought the fake scandal, the one they had manufactured out of a flimsy anonymous sourced story in the Globe and Mail, and blown up like a balloon until they were blue in the face, was about to destroy Justin Trudeau.

They thought the justice committee hearings would finish him off, please their corporate masters, and maybe even save their jobs.

But then, as you know, along came Michael Wernick...

And suddenly everything changed.

The mood in the press gallery went from frenzied to funereal...

Which didn't however stop those Con stooges from failing to adequately cover the bombshell report that the reason Wilson Raybould lost her job as justice minister, may have had less to do with SNC-Lavalin, and more to do with the reconciliation agenda. 

The federal government's top bureaucrat revealed Thursday that Jody Wilson-Raybould, the former Justice minister, was locked in a fierce battle with Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett and other ministers over the direction of a promised piece of legislation central to the government's reconciliation agenda.

As well as the other more obvious reason she may have lost that job, because she wasn't a very good justice minister.

Jody Wilson-Raybould swept into the Department of Justice on a wave of high hopes and lofty expectations. With the tide now receding on her three-year tenure as minister of justice, she leaves a residue of disappointment and a legion of perplexed supporters wondering what went so wrong.

Or was a very poor one.

Which although it was all but ignored by the Con media, is where fake scandal becomes farce.

Leaving Andrew Scheer looking like a clown.....

And leaving the Con media looking like his hapless stooges.

Who would hammer away day in and day out, trying to make that fake scandal look significant, based on the wrong information.

While all but ignoring that a man who would be prime minister has been hanging out with yellow vested bigots and white nationalists.

That will come back to haunt them, and it has done already great damage to many reputations. 

Including the reputation of the CBC whose coverage was so appalling it might as well change its name to the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation.

Or the Jonestown Broadcasting Corporation, working to elect Andrew Scheer until the day he kills them.

But nobody sums up the shabby and overhyped nature of that fake scandal better than does Warren Kinsella, who got so carried away going after Justin Trudeau like a bat out of hell, that he ended up spreading fake news.

From a site that couldn't have been faker.

And was forced to admit that he had been conned. 


But then he wasn't alone, all Canadians were conned. And we should all be concerned about the role fake news might play in the next election.

Barring some new and sensational revelation by Jody Wilson- Raybould, which I very much doubt, the fake scandal should fizzle out sooner rather than later.

But the shameless way our Con media reacted will remain one of the greatest threats to our democracy I have ever seen.

All they cared about was pleasing their corporate masters by destroying Justin Trudeau.

They didn't care that they might be electing a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe, a climate change denier. They only cared about themselves.

And if we love our country, we must resist them as hard as we must resist this would be fascist...


  1. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Sure thing, the testimony of one person, and one article versus everything else, means the end of this. Whatever helps you and your friends here sleep at night. Since your musings here match those of every other Liberal supporter I’ve read today across social media, I’m guessing you all received the same talking points as well.

    Meanwhile I look forward to your blog explaining how yesterday’s serving of subpoenas is all another fake scandal cooked up by the Opposition and media against the Prime Minister and his government.

    1. Jackie Blue4:46 PM

      Hi Warren or is it Boris. I'm sure you're also aware that yesterday Katie Telford had a lawsuit filed against her for "mental suffering" from... the Harper-appointed former ambassador to Israel. Let's see, what candidate has made a campaign promise to move Canada's Israeli embassy to Jerusalem a la Donald Trump in defiance of all international common sense? What candidate's boss is good buddies with Bibi and Sheldon Adelson? Anyone who thinks the timing of this isn't an election-year Schmear campaign is a blinkered hater, a troll or hasn't been paying attention.

      And if anyone needs to answer for spreading fake news talking points across social media, it's your Schmearmonger and his computer chipmunk Hamster Marshall. Care to explain why he was all giddy about hanging out with white supremacists attempting to mask their bigotry and Trudeau assassination fantasies behind "economic anxiety" and "western alienation"? Why did Andy tell MacLean's that he was "fascinated" as a child upon learning that Ceausescu's own people rose up against him and struck him down? Doesn't that seem a bit strange to you? What other political assassinations is he "fascinated" by? JFK? "Back and to the left..." That seems to be a popular one among the yellow vest lunatics he's so friendly with.

      But go ahead and frame Wernick and Liberal supporters as partisan conspiracy theorists for pointing out the obvious: your candidate is an unhinged sociopath backed by dark money and gleefully getting in (truck) bed with Neon Nazis who want to see Justin Trudeau dead. Nothing, NOTHING that Trudeau or anyone in his cabinet or the PMO may or may not have done excuses any of that.

    2. Hi anon@12:06 PM....The whole fake scandal is built on one anonymous source, and you're complaining? And no, unlike Cons, progressives don't need talking points. Say hi to Hamish, hug your Ezra Levant teddy bear or teddy pig, and dream about the next fake scandal because this one is gone. Sorry.....

    3. Hi Jackie...Thanks for the link to that MacLean's story. I'd never heard about his Romanian moment, and it sure is disturbing. Scheer is even more of a weirdo than even I thought he was, and way too dangerous to be prime minister. Geddes somehow forgot to mention that his first real political job was working for a ReformAlliance MP who was so violently homophobic he was thrown out of the party by Stephen Harper. But that's OK I'm writing a post about that myself....

    4. That is very bizarre. The on-screen execution of Romania's old power couple was no victory of democracy.

  2. Anonymous12:53 PM

    How different this “scandal” might have been if we had known the real reasons JWR was shifted out of the justice ministry. Instead they have apparently given Scheer a big boost in the polls, and you are right, it could cost us our country. We need to think of ways we can make them pay for their treachery.

    1. Jackie Blue4:26 PM

      Someone needs to sue Fife, maybe Gerald will, I hope. And maybe JWR herself. The more I see of her the more I can't stand to look at her. The fact that she checks off one or more boxes on the census form doesn't change the likelihood that she's just a toxic employee.

      At this point I just want Justin and Gerry's names to be cleared. 'Course I don't want the Cons to get in, but at the same time, I don't want the wrong people to take the blame if they do.

    2. HI anon 12:53 PM...Yes the real scandal is that so much was built upon a Fife story which was flimsy at best and and at worst fraudulent. I predict that it will one day be used by journalism schools as an example of what not to do. But don't worry when Canadians realize they have been conned, the Cons will pay...

    3. Hi Jackie....Yes.,I have also had about enough of JWR as Incan stand. As I've said before I was very happy when she was appointed Justice Minister.,Butvshe has been a huge disappointment and her ego has betrayed her....

  3. You are really not going to like Warren Kinsella's latest post.

    1. Anonymous2:24 PM

      I hope it comes from him and not from the “leader of the Justice Ministry” ;)

    2. bitter old liberal hack

    3. Hi Gyor....I rushed over to look but I saw nothing just more of the same. The poor guy is now so desperate he's just repeating himself. And as for trying the Big Mother Earth Native Warrior angle please, this is not Hiawatha. The guy has destroyed what little credibility he had left, and it's not pretty.....

  4. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Lol...Kinsella, who has been bang on with everything else makes one mistake that can happen to anyone and apologizes for it, and that’s the end of that. There will be more coming.

    1. Anonymous3:10 PM

      Warren, you have not been bang on about anything since you brought Barney the dinosaur on tv.

    2. Anonymous5:30 PM

      Yeah, he’s been bang on for sure, like telling us what a great premier Ford would be, or it’s just fine for Israel snipers to shoot medics including a Canadian, (“I’m a Zionist!!) etc. The man is about as progressive as Ezra Levant or Rush Limbaugh. What the hell he’s doing on Progressive Bloggers is beyond me. So self-centered too. Everything is about HIM! Stopped reading that jerk months ago. Quite agree his hatred forTrudeau is likely due to being snubbed by JT for some plum appointment he was looking for. Egghead

    3. Hi anon 2:13 PM....Kinsella has not been bang on about anything. His breathless predictions have been wrong over and over again. And that wasn't a small mistake, that was the mother of all fake news, the only person it fooled was him, and blaming it on distracted driving was the absolute limit. In my opinion he should retire and go play guitar on a street corner...

    4. IHI anon@5:30PM..l give Kinsella credit for his anti-hate stuff but that's it. He is now clearly a Con and his presence on Progressive Bloggers is simply inexplicable. But I guess nobody else will take him so we're stuck with him.....

  5. this should be a teaching point, and someone has to teach. The con media is going to use the Rush Limbaugh on Canada. Rumour, question, accusation, media saturation.

    1. Hi will be a teaching point. The way I see it progressives have been far too soft on those scummy Cons and it's time to kick ass....🏂

  6. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I noticed l Lisa Laflamme started downplaying the story on her National several days before the CBC and other media.

    J W

    1. Hi JW...I'm not surprised, any respectable journalist would have realized that the fake scandal stank to high heaven. But the problem is that the Hill press gallery is such a sweaty incestuous place that as soon as someone screams "scoop" or "bombshell" they all go off the cliff together like lemmings..l

  7. Jackie Blue4:56 PM

    One of Trudeau's onetime advisors, Tyler Meredith, caught a live Eastern European trollbot in his Twitter feed earlier this morning. Bad enough Canada has all to do to worry about foreign interference -- the domestic ratfuckers are doing a bang-up job of burning the country for their own selfish reasons as it is. And I mean literally burning it. They'll stop at nothing to ensure that Trudeau gets forced out -- by ballot or by bullet -- so they can keep their dinosaur industry intact.

    This absolutely reeks of the U.S. in 2016 and it's not possible to ignore the similarities anymore. The bought and paid for media ignored Trump's cozying up with white supremacists while obsessively fixating on a manufactured scandal about Hillary Clinton. If anyone needs a subpoena shoved at them it's Fife the Knife and Warren the Con Sellout. And if anyone deserves to have a REAL scandal slap the shit-eating grin off his face, it's Andrew Donald Scheer.

    1. HI Jackie...Yss,,the advance guard of the East European troll army has arrived in Canada. Two of my friends who hunt trolls for sport have caught several in the last three weeks. And of course those screaming trolls are working for the Cons, and are just more evidence that the Scheerites are no longer a Canadian party, and must be destroyed if this country is to survive..

  8. Anonymous10:32 PM

    As far as propaganda goes its pretty good. The elite trust fund prince, the dark knight, the virtuous maiden resolutely fighting against all odds for justice, and at the last instant its saintly Scheer to the rescue on his trusty steed bullshit. The thought of Liberal panic turning into eating their own and eventually Trudeau going down in flames must have been euphoric. Excellent job, bonuses for the crew, off to the nearest club and buck a beer for everyone.
    Unfortunately that's not the way it works in the age of weaponized social media. The targeted leader surveys the damage, goes back to the bunker and starts formulating a counter strategy recognizing it has nothing to do with criminal but everything to do with public opinion. He has three objectives in mind a) not to trash their stated political mission of equal rights and respect b) not to eat their own or as few as possible c) serve the ball back into Scheers court. A plan is formulated and slowly released day by day with discussion volume and positive/negative sentiment monitored on social media and adjustments tweaked as necessary. Peering through a buck a beer haze it slowly dawns on the Scheer machine that it was not a slam dunk and they need to cobble together a counter strategy. a few shells found their mark while they were off celebrating.
    Welcome to the age of high stakes psychological warfare. The Liberals spent the last 3 years trying to keep their election promises.. the Cons spent it on propaganda... now its game time! An emotionally intelligent population should ignore the propaganda,judge the achievements versus the promise, compare it to the Harper era, evaluate how each party plans on realistically addressing the issues. Its is likely many will break out the popcorn instead. We have 5 political parties with stated objectives from realistic to wishful and then there is number 6 that has defined its whole existence on anti Trudeau mania. Unlike promising a wall its a beautiful strategy because the promise is filled by default should they win.


    1. Anonymous5:48 AM

      "The Liberals spent the last 3 years trying to keep their election promises.. the Cons spent it on propaganda..."

      And prior to that...The Liberals spent 10 years trying to keep the Cons from abusing their power and the Cons spent it on propaganda...and abusing their power.

    2. Jackie Blue10:36 AM

      It could be argued they have 50 years of propaganda behind them. Clearly the Cons want whatever imagined sins of the father to crucify his son.

      Helluva Christian is Antipope Scheer. His whole religion is predicated upon the tragedy of a wrongfully convicted man facing mob justice. Instead he's more like Barabbas the thief getting a pardon from the "objectively neutral" Pontius Pilates at the M$M.

      "Always look on the bright side of life..."

    3. HI RT...Yes, i think you summed it up brilliantly. The Cons went crazy, started celebrating too soon, until they realized that they had not made themselves look even more divisive and diseased. We will have to put them out of their misery some day, but right now I'm enjoyimg their disappointment too much. I would only add that the Liberals have a budget coming up and a larger than expected tax haul, that can be used to make Canadians happy happy all over the country. Sounds like a winning formula to me...😀

    4. Hi JD....yes, as we say in French, the more things change, the more the Cons don't. Many of them don't believe in evolution, so nobody should be surprised when they become extinct...

    5. e.a.f.12:01 AM

      nice line, have to remember that.

      The Vancouver Sun, part of the Post Media group, has "announced" their support for the Conservatives in the Burnaby, B.C. bi election. Now we know what to expect in the federal election come fall.

  9. Anonymous3:11 PM

    The Cons on Facebook are in meltdown move, they can’t believe their little fake scandal is disappearing before their eyes. They’re blaming everyone including the “deep state” and Soros. It’s hilarious, but also a bit frightening. Those people aren’t playing with a full deck.