Saturday, February 09, 2019

Andrew Scheer's Very Unconvincing Tale of Poverty

Andrew Scheer likes to make people believe that he grew up poor unlike the "trust fund" kid Justin Trudeau with his "vast family fortune."

And that unlike Trudeau he still lives simply and still has the "common touch."

And that is yet another reason he should be prime minister.

But sadly for Scheer it's yet another lie.

His parents might have been frugal but they were not poor.

Their father, Jim Scheer, was a proof reader, researcher and librarian from 1971 to 2008 at the Ottawa Citizen. The newspaper’s union contract shows that he would likely have been making at least $66,000 when he retired. Their mother, Mary Scheer, who died in 2017, worked for more than three decades as a registered nurse at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). By the late 1990s—around the time her teenaged son was getting active in politics—CHEO’s contract with its nurses’ union shows an experienced RN was earning about $55,000, before overtime.

 Taken together, Jim and Mary Scheer appear to have steadily earned considerably more than the median for Canadian families, which Statistics Canada says stood at $68,800 in 2003, the year Andrew Scheer moved out of their townhouse and relocated to Regina, the hometown of his future wife, Jill. As a rank newcomer in Saskatchewan, he launched his political career by winning the Regina-Qu’Appelle riding in the 2004 federal election. At just 25, Scheer was earning $141,000 as an MP; now 39, he makes $259,000 as official Opposition leader.

He's been making a lot of money for a long time. And living in one massive mansion after the other.

First in this one as Speaker of the House of Commons...

And now in this little shack as Leader of the Opposition...

But even though Stornoway has 34 rooms, and comes with a chef, a chauffeur, several gardeners, and a butler.

While Rideau Cottage where Trudeau and his family have been forced to live since Stephen Harper left 24 Sussex practically uninhabitable, is much much smaller.

Scheer is STILL not satisfied...

And of course neither am I.

And will work really hard to make sure he lives one day.

In the place where he truly belongs...

Andrew Scheer a man of the people?

Don't make me laugh....


  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    There's room at the top they're telling you still
    But first you must learn how to smile as you kill
    If you want to be like the folks on the hill
    A working class hero is something to be
    A working class hero is something to be
    If you want to be a hero well just follow me

    1. Jackie Blue12:15 PM

      I think Scheer's an insecure starfucker. He's a deranged stalker who wants to destroy what he can't have. Someone better find out if his favorite book is "Catcher in the Rye."

      I'm your biggest fan
      I'll follow you until you love me
      Baby there's no other superstar
      You know that I'll be
      Your papa-paparazzi
      Promise I'll be kind
      But I won't stop until that boy is mine
      Baby you'll be famous
      Chase you down until you love me

    2. I used to sing the working class hero song when I was learning to play the guitar. I especially liked singing it at clan gatherings where at least half of those present i’m Sure thought I was becoming a communist. The left always has the best songs...

    3. John Lennon wrote the best songs.

  2. Jackie Blue12:10 PM

    What the fuck does he expect? For Justin and his family to live in a cardboard box under a bridge? Simon, I'd love to see a graphic of Scheer as the headmaster from Oliver Twist yelling at little Hadrien pleading for a second bowl of gruel. "MORRRRRRRE?" I guarantee you it'd be pulled directly from his own disturbed fantasies of being large and in charge. "Hey! Preacher! Leave those kids alone!"

    Scheer's constant, petty, Kardashian-quality attacks on Trudeau -- He has a flashy car! He donates to movie stars! He's in bed ("wink, wink") with those slimy French businessmen in fancy-pants Quebec! -- make him sound like a nasty gossip columnist who belongs at the National Enquirer (parent company of Postmedia!) comparing Jeff Bezos' Amazon contraption to Donald Trump's tiny tweeter. How many Gazebos is the measure of a man? He needs to get a platform, get a life or get out.

    1. Hi Jackie....Scheer is trying to play a populist which is where his far right Cons are going. But attack ads that have him working as a stockbroker and then living in one massive mansion after the other are going to leave the poor nerd looking mighty ridiculous....

  3. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Wrong person behind will be Gerald Butts at the rate they are going.

    1. Jackie Blue1:05 PM

      Framed by the Con mob and a couple of self-serving backstabbers (Brutus Wilson-Raybould and Cassius Kinsella) with axes to grind. And a complicit media establishment that doesn't bother to fact-check because they just want to push product, jump to conclusions, and make themselves the story.

      Canada just had its first real fake-news test in a crucial election year and failed it. Because it's 2016.

    2. Anonymous8:10 PM

      Exactly how is Canada's first indigenous justice minister a backstabber??! You're jumping the shark on this one.

    3. e.a.f.8:58 PM

      A. 12;17 P.M. No evidence, no proof, just a allegations which some have used a megaphone with. So Trump style.

      Actually Jackie Blue the first test was on the leader of the NDP in B.C. where he is running in Burnaby South, on line media was portraying him as living in a mansion. (was actually a home in California with a cut and paste of him and his wife)
      Unfortunately we will see a lot of this fake news targeting the Liberals, Greens and NDP. when it happens to one, it will happen to the next and the next and pretty soon, there goes our democracy.

    4. Hi anon...come on you can do better than that. Why Butts when you could have George Soros? You Cons have such limited black and white minds. That’s why the future belongs to us...

    5. Hi anon @8:10 pm...before you jump to conclusions please read this:

      Jody Wilson-Raybould became thorn in Liberals’ side before SNC-Lavalin case

      It seems that darling Jody has a bit of an attitude problem, and may even be the source responsible for the Globe story.

    6. Anonymous11:32 PM

      The article you linked to quotes Libs who don't mind sniping from the weeds but haven't the guts to show themselves. JW-R was apparently a thorn in their side because she berated other cabinet ministers. If she were a white man, she'd be described as tenacious and unwilling to suffer idiots. You see through this double standard quite easily when it's applied to Hillary or AOC, so what gives now?

      As for JW-R being the source of the story, I'm confident that's utter BS. If it ever came out that she was, she would have broken solicitor-client privilege and be facing disbarment.

      Solicitor-client privilege also prevents her from defending herself by disclosing what was said to her. The privilege belongs to the client, i.e. the government. Trudeau could waive privilege and allow her to speak publicly on the matter, and if everything were on the up-and-up I expect that's exactly what he'd do. But when the political careers of white men are on the line, surrogates are dispatched to knife the indigenous woman. Some things never change.

    7. Jackie Blue12:38 AM

      @anon 11:32

      Uh-huh, so why doesn't the invisible Deep Throat sniping from the weeds in Bob's garbage hot take have the guts to show themselves? You do know that just because someone is of a particular background doesn't automatically make them an upstanding person, right? If she was so disillusioned with her time in politics, then why not just resign? Probably because she wants Justin's job, and Justin's head, and she doesn't give a damn if it means bringing down the Liberal government and condemning 38 million people to the likes of PM Scheer to get her eventual day in the sun. Go look up what her stage father, who has his own leftover grievances with old man Pierre, said about his daughters' political ambitions. It wouldn't be the first time someone did poorly at their job and sought revenge against their boss instead of admitting they fucked up.

      I'm not buying this specious bullshit that reeks of a hit piece because I'm not willing to suffer idiots either. All you've got is a bunch of character-assassinating opinion articles from right-wing hacks like Coyne and Curran, sensationalism from the unhinged dirty trickster Kinsella, and an anonymous coward who "leaked" to a proven liar at a Con-friendly rag that's desperate to drum up subscriptions in an election year. Ask Maher Arar how reliable Fife the Knife is. Or go listen to the latest "As it Happens" where Carol Off basically told him off. This isn't Watergate North, it's "Justin's emails." It's a partisan Schmeer and a Caesar operation from within. Will the real Wikileaker please stand up?

    8. Hi anon@11:32 PM...I realize that you are a Con and Trump supporter, but try to control yourself, and above all stop trying to make a racist out of me, because that turkey won’t fly. As I’ve said before, I was thrilled when we got our first aboriginal justice minister, but the fact is rumours of JWR’s incompetence have been flying around Ottawa for a long time, and going through FOUR chief of staffs in such a short time is not a sign of competence or stability. She doesn’t seem to be a team player and probably would have been demoted to MP long ago if she wasn’t indigenous. If she felt the pressure applied on her was intolerable she had the responsibility to resign and she didn’t. And as for anonymous people “sniping from the weeds” that too is absurd, when the Globe story is built on the flimsy structure of one anonymous source. Who considering her state of mind when she was moved, is likely herself, because as many have said it’s always about HER. I have an open mind on this story, try to do the same...

    9. Anonymous7:10 PM

      Why would JW-R have to resign, when she had the option of ignoring the political interference from "the team players" and doing her job properly instead? This is what she did when she rejected a DPA for SNC-Lavalin in October.

      Trudeau, OTOH, succumbed to intense lobbying from the company to introduce DPAs into Canadian law, which he did in September. DPAs allowed Wall Street banksters to avoid accountability for the economic crash of 2008, and now corporate criminals have the same option in Canada.

      I've never voted Con, and never will. I voted for Trudeau in the last election, and have come to regret it. His broken promise on electoral reform, nationalization of the TM pipeline, inadequate action on climate change, blatant coddling of corporate crime, and exercise of white male privilege against an indigenous woman ensure I'll be looking elsewhere this fall.

      Open your eyes, Simon. You see the Cons for what they are, but your partisanship blinds you to the harm the Libs are doing. If you want progressive policy you have to push for it rather than accepting scraps from the masters' table.

    10. Jackie Blue7:48 PM

      OK Anon 7:10, that's your right in a democracy. Just know that a vote for anyone else is a vote for the Cons. If you want progressive policy, it's not going to happen with a default vote for Andy Trump.

      BTW: Simon has already mentioned a number of times here that he voted NDP in 2015 but is tired of them siding with the Cons (as they just did on the Lavalingate BS), instead of uniting with the Liberals to take down the common enemy.

      But go ahead and pout for perfection. It's a free country. (For now.)

    11. Hi anon...if she was subjected to undue pressure it doesn’t matter what she did she has the legal obligation to resign. Period. As for who you plan to vote for that’s up to you, I don’t give a damn. But understand this, the election will come down to a choice between Trudeau and Scheer. So don’t kid yourself, if you don’t vote for Trudeau, or vote for some other party, you will be electing Scheer, the climate change denier, racist, misogynist, anti Muslim bigot, religious fanatic, and vile homophobe. You OK with that? I’m not. This isn’t some high school debating club. Some people are fighting for their lives, and you’re the one living on your little cloud, and failing so see the fascists for the trees...

    12. Anonymous10:16 PM

      The old Dem canard about voting for third parties doesn't work in a country with three main political parties and a few minor ones. The fact that the US has such a stunted democracy doesn't mean Canada needs to follow suit.

      As you point out, Simon voted NDP in the last election and that was absolutely his right. Although I voted Lib, there's no way I would consider him a traitor the way Dems in your country do with Stein or Nader supporters. I've voted NDP many times myself, including in the last Ontario election, so why would I? This year, the Cons will have their hands full staunching votes bleeding off to Max Bernier's People's Party. I'll likely vote Green or NDP and hope for a minority government.

  4. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Good one Simon. The Scheermongering Scheer should have been jailed long ago for fraud. I can’t believe that loathsome creature fancies himself as our prime minister.

    1. Jackie Blue2:58 PM

      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter

      This stuff is really sad. The GOP is so intellectually bankrupt that they no longer engage to debate issues in good faith, but instead seek to lie, distort, name-call, target, & destroy people/communities w any means possible. It’s a virus and a race to the bottom.

      Same as the GOP North.

    2. Hi anon...thank you, I’m glad you liked it. I didn’t have much time to do it, having to watch my useless soccer team Arsenal playing, but it’s good enough for a Saturday. And I hope it will help make Scheer’s claims that he has a common teach look even more ridiculous. And I didn’t even mention his pension which is so large he has to carry it around in an armoured car...

  5. I have never owned or driven a car. The fact that the Scheer srs. didn't own one reflects frugality (doubt they were early "Greens") but also the fact that they, like me, lived in an urban area well-served by public transport. (I have relatives in Ottawa South, as well as in Gatineau). No problem getting around by bus there, and now there is a light-rail system, which does extend to Ottawa South.

    1. e.a.f.9:00 PM

      New a number of people from Toronto and never did get a driver's license or vehicle. Didn't need them, they lived in a large urban center, with lots of imenities and good transportation.

    2. Hi Scheer’s parents weren’t early greens, they were religious fanatics who believed in saving up their money for the End Days. I used to drive and I greatly enjoyed using them to roar up to the Saguenay and beyond, all the way to Lake Superior in Ontario, and Kennebunk in the U.S. But now that I live in the heart of the city, battling Toronto’s traffic is simply not worth it....

    3. No, I didn't think they were greens; I was being facetious.

  6. Anonymous9:57 PM

    A great post Simon. Scheer is a career politician living in superior taxpayer funded housing calling the PM an elitist trust fund baby. Guess that's what you do when you cheated your way into acquiring a recognized Conservative brand name but don't actually have a plan to back it up. Harper was guided by the misguided great oily vision while Scheer seems to waging some sort of holy war with no plans other than declaring Canada a fundamentalist christian caliphate should he succeed. Harper's faith in short sighted private equity has cost Alberta billions in revenues but this likely pales in comparison to where the hapless Scheer will take us. Not to worry, although the brand name might loose a little glitter, based on the Alberta example there is always an elitist trust fund baby somewhere to blame. And people wonder how Venezuela with the largest readily accessible oil reserves in the world could end up where it is.

    1. Perhaps debt ridden Canadians are too preoccupied to see Canada as it really is.
      Not the shiny paragon of human rights as we like to, or are led to, believe.
      Ask the people of Libya, who were bombed in 2300 sorties by Canadian CF18's destroying SNC Lavalin's pipe plant.
      A war crime, as was the whole NATO operation, commanded by a Canadian general.
      We are aghast at meddling by other countries in our, and our neighbours, internal affairs but wallow happily, coddling opposition parties in Venezuela and other countries.
      A Canadian wrote the UN Charter but we happily break it when it suits us.
      We welcome refugees, but not as many as our actions have created.
      Sometimes our welcome does not extend to even basic medical care as evidenced by former Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's tenure.
      We claim to live by the "Rule of Law" but Canadian Justice seems to be lacking, ask the Boushie Family, The Montreal Mosque Massacre victims and those nameless indigenous women.
      We smugly cite "the Rule of Law" to hold people for the US for allegedly breaking sanction "laws" which are,in reality, "economy breaking" weapons that cause the deaths of thousands of ordinary people, usually children, by the denial of food and medicines.
      The US tariffs on our steel and aluminum are sanctions used against Canada, imposed because we are a "threat to US National Security".
      But all it takes is a "pat on the head" from a US columnist saying how good Canada is, and we go all bashful and blush like a teenage girl being paid a compliment by the local hoodlum.
      Alberta is getting screwed because that hoodlum is our only customer.
      That hoodlum has recently discovered he has a lot more marbles than he thought he had.
      Albertans helped him find them by developing grand scale fracking technology, sacrificing its subsurface geology and water, just ask Jessica Ernst of Rosebud, Alberta.
      His new marble finds are finer than the marbles we have and he does not want to invest to get more of our marbles, especially our dirtier marbles.
      But, and it sounds crazy, why are we now helping him get Venezuela's marbles by constitutional chicanery when he won't pay a fair price for our marbles?
      Are we addicted to "pats on the head" by our hoodlum neighbour or are we expecting to become "made" members in his club?
      The "Good Guys Club".
      It is a great country if you are not indebted to the hilt, or homeless or have to rely on a food bank {invented in Edmonton, by the way!}. or can't afford to fill that prescription, or need dental work, or have a degree from a foreign university which is not recognized in Canada and have to drive an Uber or fast food to smug Canadians who don't know how to cook,
      I'm sickened by our smug,sanctimonious foreign policy.
      Incoherent and sanctimonious and Smug, "Grade A Fancy Canadian SMUG"!
      If we are not careful we will become like Venezuelans, a house divided, beholden to USAID and a puppet government, getting no "pats on the head", and way down on the list of desireable countries to live in.
      Oh Canada, I stand on guard for thee!

    2. Hi RT...thank you I’m glad you liked it. I despise serial liars, and if Scheer does ever become prime minister he will try to turn this country into a far right Christian caliphate. The far right-wing is full of dark trust fund money for their ghastly stooges, whose plans to change this country should horrify all decent Canadians. This fake scandal is just a distraction from what Scheer would do to us, and I intend to focus on all those things as soon as I can...

    3. Hi make a lot of very good points, and Inwould not even try to deny most of them. However, one must remember that all things are relative. No country is perfect, but some countries are better than others. And Canada is one of the better ones, at least for now. We have managed to avoid the racist populism that has infected so many other countries. And at the very least have a reasonable foundation upon which we can build an even better country. It’s my personal belief that Canada has never recovered from its long colonialist past that instilled in many a sense of inferiority that prevents us from recognizing our achievements. We must find that happy medium or I truly believe that this country will split apart in less than ten years. Maybe that will satisfy many, but I still believe that would be a tragedy...

  7. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Who gives a rat's ass as to whether JT wanted for nothing when he grew up? Is that his fault? It's admirable that PET loved his children very much and wanted to provide for them as best he could and in spite of being well provided for, they didn't grow up to be spoiled, privileged brats.
    It's a huge stretch for Schmear to suggest otherwise when his only claim to fame is selling insurance and keeping his face firmly planted in Harper's ass from 2005 to 2015 and part-time ever since. The irony here is Scheer is behaving like a jealous, privileged, spoiled brat by attacking JT in the pettiest of ways. He has no good plans for Canada other than ill intentions that would get him shot down by the supreme court just as they did with Harper, over and over again.
    Andy the 6 million dollar man. Paid for by average Canadians since 2005.

  8. Was he not going to tour with Kevin the Trust Fund icon.

  9. Stolen from NPR

    Weak Andy is the Enola Gay of Bullcrap.

    1. Hi Steve...good one. And I won’t tell anyone you stole it...😼

  10. Hi JD...I completely agree with you. Justin Trudeau’s upbringing is being used against him only because the Cons have run out of ways to attack him. As anybody can see Trudeau is a far more decent person than the ugly Trumpling Scheer who acts more like an American than a Canadian. Scheer has never been anything but a professional politician and creepy religious fanatic, and I am confident that the more Canadians know about him, the more they will despise him...

  11. Jackie Blue5:38 PM

    Check this out, Simon. Speaking of unconvincing stories...

    Aaaaaaaaaand look who just jumped into the fray. To paraphrase George Dubya, do the French have a word for "et voilá"?

    No shit, Sherlock. Time for Inspector Javert Scheer to drop his case (on his stubby little toes), and for Bobby Two-Scoops to tell us all who his Wikileaker is. So far, the prime suspects are named Warren, Lisa, Jody, Hamish, Andrew, Ezra, Stephen, "Lavelin Individual 1"... or Bob himself.

    Verdict seems to be in: There's no "there" there, and Andrew Scheer is guilty as charged of being a lying, hypocritical, projecting dickwolf. Donk-donk.

    1. Hi Jackie...There are no hypocrites like Con hypocrites. I managed to get Scheer into my latest post, but you can be sure I’ll be including Mad MAC and crazy old Lorrie into the next one...😹

  12. Media is owned by rich right-wing conservatives who do not mind twisting the truth and omitting anything contrarian about their conservative politicians. We don't hear anything in the main media, except one denial on the CBC by Scheer, about agreeing with a lying slur about the Clintons Foundation and a lie about giving $600 million to a foundation falsely linked to child prostitution and child sacrifice. Also, no word about Scheer cavorting with Neo-Nazis Faith Goldy. But plenty about a traitorous pair of malcontents who Trudeau gave a chance to serve in his cabinet. Scheer lies about immigration, the environment and just about anything his masters tell him to.