Tuesday, February 26, 2019

St Jody, the Con Media, and the Collapse of the Fake Scandal

So Jody Wilson-Raybould is finally going to get a chance to tell her story, or "her truth" as she likes to call it. 

The Trudeau government tonight issued a broad waiver allowing former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to tell the Commons justice committee details of her conversations with government officials about the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Even if, strangely enough, she claims she's anxious to appear, but in no hurry to testify. 

Wilson-Raybould sent a letter to the chair of the committee today saying she is anxious to appear, but wants to hold off scheduling an appearance until clarity has been reached about what she is legally allowed to share.

But then who can blame her?

The fake scandal is starting to crumble, and is even being compared to a whole lot of nothing.

The SNC-Lavalin matter already sounded like puff pastry when it first appeared and now it is a crumb, a particle.

This is not a scandal. It is not even an anecdote. It is the Ottawa equivalent of the Daily Mail’s claim of a national backlash against Meghan’s New York baby shower. It does not exist. 

After weeks of watching the Con media hyping that very small story into the biggest story in Canada. A story so bloated it consumed all others...

We have a brief moment of sanity.

This whole matter is down to whether they talked to her forcefully or gently. Did they hint or did they hammer? Who knows? More importantly, who cares?

It’s the PMO’s job to do what is best for Canada, especially since Jody Wilson-Raybould appears to have previously messed up.

She should have foreseen the catastrophe of grovelling to the Americans by arresting Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in B.C. to help them pressure China. She did not. So it was even more important for her to consult the PMO.

The narrative that portrayed Wilson-Raybould as a secular saint, martyred by the dastardly Justin Trudeau to please his crooked friends at SNC-Lavalin is falling apart.

Now that we know that the reason she was shuffled, might have had less to do with SNC-Lavalin, and more to do with indigenous rights.

Or that maybe, just maybe, she lost her job as justice minister because she wasn't a very good one.

And since despite those bad reviews, Wilson-Raybould wrote an essay extravagantly praising her own record as justice minister.

I don't think it's unreasonable to at least wonder whether she might have used the SNC-Lavalin issue to get back at the government.

But the Con media won't even consider any criticism of St Jody, or any criticism of the way they are framing and hyping the story. 

So as you can see the hacks at Postmedia are already going after Heather Mallick...

And that's what we're up against. Postmedia propagandists accusing progressives of being too partisan. 

Can you believe it? How low have we fallen?

But now at least those Con stooges won't be able to accuse Trudeau of trying to muzzle St Jody...

As they have before in such a revolting manner. 

Now Wilson-Raybould is free to tell "her truth," or as Heather Mallick says, help clear up the media's "sly collective patchwork of insinuation."

So one can only hope for her sake, that her truth really is The Truth, and that she can prove what she says.

Or a lot of Cons, their media stooges, and other grubby toxic Trudeau haters are going to look like idiots.

And St Jody's fifteen minutes days of fame will finally be over...


Anonymous said...

"Postmedia propagandists accusing progressives of being too partisan."

More like accusing a propagandist at the Toronto Red Star of being too partisan.

But then again, she's probably an activist first and "journalist" second.

Jackie Blue said...

The Ceeb and even the Probe & Fail have taken a couple minutes out of their SNC wankfest to issue some meaningless finger-wags at Aryan Andy for cozying up to the Neon Nazis. Yet still no mention of Rebel Media itself. What was that song by Johnny Mathis? "Too much, too little, too late"? As Sputnik TV of all outlets is now pushing a heroic narrative about the convoy! Is Andrei Scheerovich going to address this, hmm? Doubt it.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the social media noise machine is comparing the egotistical drama queen JWR to Michael Cohen (oh, the irony) and the M$M is still trashing Wernick. Over the weekend, someone even spied on Catherine McKenna's house to "speculate" (because it would be irresponsible not to do so!) that she had colleagues over to "discuss the fallout of the Wernick testimony." McKenna clapped back saying she has colleagues over to visit all the time and it would have been nice if someone asked her instead of relying on what-if scenarios and (again) "anonymous sources."

After being chastised for stalking Gerry Butts' wife, this shows that they have learned absolutely NOTHING and are just desperate for ratings and gossip in an election year. I fully expect the Sun to print a bombshell headline that McKenna is pregnant with Justin's alien baby. Surprised they haven't already.

Fuck the media and the damage they've already done. They're nothing but Enquirer, TMZ, tabloid, ambulance chasing filth. I hope the papers all go bankrupt and their "access journalism" fetish comes back to bite them square in the ass where the sunny ways don't shine.

Anonymous said...

There is an interesting article in the Huffpost titled "Who's actually winning in Doug Ford's Ontario". There are very few with the exceptions of strip malls and urban developers but surprisingly another is the nuclear industry with public money flowing into inefficient outdated technology and waste management, which then flows into SNC Lavalin's coffers thanks to privatization agreements signed by the Harper government. Canadian politics is a small world and there are many legal/semi legal ways to damage the well being of Canadians other than overt bribery with bags of money. Perhaps JWR has a bigger story to warn us about than a narrow Trudeau hate fest. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/politics/whos-actually-winning-in-doug-fords-ontario/ar-BBU4xNP?


Anonymous said...

Some individuals just aren't ready for cabinet-level federal roles like minister of justice. And some really like to stir things up. That's all I can say about this mess. Have more to say but too many buttons would be pressed!

rumleyfips said...

Aryan Andy: I wish I had said that .

Jackie Blue said...

Your use of "Toronto Red Star" exposes your ugly Con activist face for all to see. Run along now, Hamster Gerbil or is it Goebbels. Go burrow into a hole in your dirty, wet Warren.

Anonymous said...

Jody Wilson-Raybould seems to have an ego as big as a mountain. She was a lousy Justice Minister, she fought with her colleagues, she thought that taking care of our veterans was beneath her, and now she wants 30 minutes so she can whine about how mean the PMO was to her boo hoo hoo hoo. If she wasn’t an aboriginal woman she would have been fired long ago.

Steve said...

Ontario could have bought all the power in the world from Q for 3 cents a kilowatt hour forever, but instead went Nuclear. We now pay around 22cents

Jackie Blue said...

Justin Trudeau just posted a congratulatory message on Twitter to the winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics, Donna Strickland.

The first reply in the thread has no words and is just a horrific Photoshopped picture that turns his mouth into an anal cavity. A "Goatse" (please don't look up the meme if you're unfamiliar). Which speaks volumes about the user who sent it. Hamish says hi.

Why the fuck is this website allowed to exist, and why does nobody raise hell about this? Is this what the Cons have spent tens of millions of dollars on? Because if they needed a picture of an asshole, there's plenty of cheap or free stock images of Andrew Scheer.

Anonymous said...

This manufactured "Scandal" is reminiscent of 2006 when Zacardelli and the RCMP interjected themselves into the 2006 election campaign when they announced they were re-opening the investigation into the income trust leak and they named Ralph Goodale despite a policy of only publicly divulging names if there are charges. It all came to nothing but it led to the election of Harper. In 2008 while Mike Duffy was masquerading as an impartial journalist he torpedoed Stephan Dion. Those bloody outtakes were aired over and over and over again. Hurst, Duffy and CTV were sanctioned by the CRTC but there was no recourse after the fact. The Liberals will be fighting on multiple fronts. Not only are they fighting the CPC they will be fighting the CPC and their tag-team partner the NDP as well as Postmedia, the CBC and CTV. The Liberals have had three years to do something with the CBC and they haven't done anything. I no longer feel like funding the mouthpiece of the CPC.

Anonymous said...

She could be Fife's unnamed "source" She is in a fit of pique over being demoted from justice to VA.

Marmalade said...

I have no idea what she will say,but I will be watching/listening! Then the "vultures" will take over......SAD.

Frank said...

Last time I checked Nuclear power isn't inefficient. I encourage you to look into the matter.

Frank said...

Liberal partisans are okay though. For a so called 'fake' scandal this blog seems to be publishing quite a bit on it.