Monday, February 25, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Real Scandal the Cons Cannot Escape

It's a double blow for Andrew Scheer. The fake scandal is fading to black, but the other real scandal isn't going anywhere.

The scandal where he revealed his true colours, by addressing a gathering on Parliament Hill riddled with racists, far-right extremists, and white nationalists like Faith Goldy, Scheer's old Rebel crush.

A real scandal that now has many Canadians wondering where Scheer would take this country if he ever became prime minister.

And the problem for our would be Trump is, it's a scandal that Scheer won't be able to escape, for at least three good reasons.

(1) He's too weak to control his increasingly extremist, Rebel-like, party. 

Too cowardly to even condemn the murderous words of the Con Senator David Tkachuk, who urged the ugly truck convoy mob to "roll over" Liberals all over the country.

And is now refusing to even apologize.

A Conservative senator says he will not apologize for controversial comments he made at the United We Roll protest.

“I was not advocating violence and I think everybody knows that, except those for whom it serves a purpose to interpret them otherwise; certainly the people at the rally knew what I meant.”

Even though at a time when so many Con supporters are demanding that the decent Justin Trudeau be charged with treason and executed...

Tkachuk's words can only serve as a further incitement to violence.

And if Scheer was more of a real leader, or more of a Canadian leader, he would have thrown Tkachuk out of the Con caucus long ago.

Or at the very least told him to pay for his own subscription to the hate mongering Rebel...

But I guess that's why some call the Cons the Rebel Party, and hold them in such contempt.

(2) Scheer can't steer his increasingly extremist party to a place at least a little bit closer to the moderate middle, lest more of his supporters abandon him and join Maxime Bernier's People's Party.

For Bernier was also at that ghastly rally trolling for bigot votes...

And as we all know he doesn't call himself Mad Max for nothing...

He'll be haunting Scheer all the way to the next election.

And if his increasingly racist and xenophobic party becomes even a little bit more popular, he'll cripple the Cons and almost certainly hand Justin Trudeau another crushing majority.

(3) Scheer may be a serial liar, but he won't be able to fool Canadians into believing that him and the hate mongering white nationalist Faith Goldy don't have anything in common.

Not after all the hot times they shared together on the set of the Rebel....

And not when HIS platform is HER platform...

And not when the Con's campaign manager Hamish Marshall was suckled by Ezra Levant.

One of the most hideous hate mongers this country has ever known.

You know, I was struck by what Stephen Maher had to say on Twitter about this whole ugly incident:

And although I was so moved by those words, I wished I could have played a tiny violin in the background.

I felt I had to help Maher understand that, as we say in Quebec, he's dreaming in colour.

For it is a dream to believe that the Cons will ever change. 

Or believe that anything will change as long as our Con media keeps running after fake scandals, instead of focusing on the real existential threat.

And that is that Andrew Scheer and his far-right Cons are now the most dangerous political formation Canada has ever known.

And if they are not conclusively defeated in the next election.

They will destroy this country...  


Jackie Blue said...

Simon, the yellow vests are now threatening to kill Justin Trudeau's children. The police absolutely need to get involved. If Scheer isn't going to condemn these people, then he's the one who needs to resign, and face an inquiry of his own. Who gives a shit about high-level legalese when people are likely to be killed?

Corey Wilson writes that killing Trudeau and his family would be doing Canada a favor and that no one would convict the murderer. Justin Trudeau's three children are aged 4, 10 and 11.

The Conservative Party and the PPC seem to think the threat of political assassination is far fetched and appear to ready to double-down on language that could incite some of their more unhinged supporters.

If they can't see the danger in what they are doing and refuse to tone down the rhetoric, I think this will be less of a case of "if" and more a case of "when".

Don't forget what I posted yesterday from the MacLean's article, how Scheer himself said that he was "fascinated" by the downfall of Ceausescu. That would make him about 10 in 1989 and evidently he's still "fascinated" by it today. Given the context of the rhetoric that his supporters employ, and his own statement upon winning the leadership contest that he wants to "destroy Justin Trudeau," I think this guy needs some vetting, because that bizarre "tidbit" he chose to mention about his childhood raises a psychological red flag. If I was a hiring manager and that MacLean's interview was a job interview, coupled with his social media activities I not only wouldn't hire this guy -- I'd want him to be kept under close watch.

He's dangerous in his own right. He's a religious fanatic, and he's obsessed with Trudeau like a stalker might be. He's like if Hinckley or Oswald himself was a politician. Or Manson -- who never fired a single shot into any of The Family's victims, yet stood back idly and gloated while his radicalized cult followers killed people for him.

I know it's snowing and there's some by-elections going on today but people need to get on the Hill in-person and demand accountability from Scheer and the CPC. For that matter, the atrociously biased media as well.

Anonymous said...

The Con media are so intent on pleasing their gross managers they could end up electing a fascist government in Canada. Let’s make a list of the worst offenders starting with Robert Fife, boycott them and demand they be fired.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for running that Faith Goldy video, because it proves that Scheer and his white supremacist sweetie pie are singing from the same song book. It’s unbelievable, we could end up with a far right extremist government and the Con media is still focusing all its efforts on that fake scandal.

e.a.f. said...

The Faith Goldy material has not made it out to B.C. In fact the Conservatives are running a candidate of Chinese heritage in the Burnaby South riding against, Singh. So I do wonder, what Mr. Shin will have to say if he is elected today. The Vancouver Sun editorial on Saturday urged voters to support the Conservative candidate, Jay Shin. (saw him speak a few times on the news and liked him, he's just running for the wrong party)

The NDP candidate is Jagmeet Singh. The federal Liberal candidate is Richard Lee, and the Pee pee party is running a white female, Laura Lynn Thompson, who is opposed to sex education as it is taught today, much like Ford. The riding has been held by the NDP in the past, but in the last election won with a smaller margin than it historically had.

The sense I've had is the race card is played more in the east than in B.C., but that maybe because we have large ethnic groups in the Lower Mainland and Victoria. Many are from socially conservative back grounds, so they are more in line with some of the policies of the Conservatives, with out the racism. It makes one wonder, if Chinese and South Asian voters were more aware of the racist views of Scheer, how it would effect their choices at election time.

Trudeau or the party "fired" the first Liberal candidate Karen Wang, for playing the race card. On a Mandarin language messaging app., WeChat, she pointed out she was of Chinese descent and if 16K voted for her, she would win over the South Asian, Singh. That was enough for Trudeau and she was replaced by Richard Lee, a former B.C. LieberCon, M.L.A., who won 4 consecutive elections prior to re tiring. He comes with his own election "machine" so it will be interesting to see how it translates to the federal arena.

As you write, the real scandal is Scheer, the Con senator's comments, and the close ties to The Rebel and Faith Goldy. The NDP, Green, Liberals need to get that message out in the west because in most urban ridings in B.C. we are an ethnically diverse bunch. Richmond, B.C. a suburb of Vancouver is 54% Chinese descent. Vancouver has approx. 35% Chinese descent, Surrey has approx. 33% of its population of South Asian descent. its much more ethnically diverse than Richmond, most likely because of the cost of housing, (Surrey is less expensive than Richmond) Surrey and Vancouver have approx. the same population, but Surrey is massive land wise.

The Pee Pee party may do well in some areas where the Reform party made in roads back in the day, here in B.C.

Scheer is something our country can do without. We need to be very careful when we come to the line of free speech vs. hate speech. In a criminal suit, you have to prove intent. that maybe difficult to do. However, complaints to a Human Rights tribunal may get you a lot further. Level of proof is different. Civil law requires on the balance of probabilities, if I remember correctly.

so let hope the NDP does well in Burnaby and hold the seat. And if the NDP isn't going to do well in the other two ridings, I hope it will the Liberals or Greens. Ah the robins are in the yard........time to enjoy spring now that we're over our 3 weeks of winter.......

Jackie Blue said...

OK, this is really fuckin' bizarre. Marco Rubio just tweeted a bunch of pictures of executed tyrants on his Twitter feed and one of those he mentioned was... Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu. Apparently this has something to do with Venezuela, but... that coincidence is just too fucking weird.

What in the actual fuck is going on here? Is this some kind of coordinated messaging among the theocons? Did Canada just get duped by the US in Venezuela and is now up for a coup of their own?

What the hell is going on?

lagatta à montréal said...

Aren't such death threats criminal? Any lawyers on here?

Faith has even recited the neo-Nazi 14 words or whatever the hell that muck is.

Jaundiced Eye said...

Admittedly I wish ill for Andrew Scheer’s politcal endevours—I’m a West Coast socialist, after all, and our partisan enmity with conservatives goes back a long way in BC (even though there hasn’t been a nominal conservative government here since 1952).

But the perfunctory skipped a rote when I saw his endorsement of the “truck-rally” bigots, racists and hate-mongers. Is he really that stupid, I asked myself?

I mean, a real politician, a real party leader, a real man would have condemned this lynch mob in no uncertain terms. Doubtless he will garner more support from these white, pot-bellied wolf-puppy fascists but it IS a game of numbers and I expect he will have repelled more support than he will get from such a completely idiotic move to embrace such wholly asinine creeps.

His next move, if he has any politcal savvy at all, should be to back-track, to apologize, to grovel abjectly before the shit hardens about his foot and mouth. To neglect this simple, if difficult, contrition would be to emphasize the offence by omission.

But to emphasize the sin by repetition or unrepentant response to inquisitive reporters will get him rolling in a shit-ball that’ll grow with every turn. If, by summer when the Albetarian election has climaxed and the Trumpian shit-storm wound itself up to a rare Category Five, will he imagine coalition advantitious or attempt to keep his own fecal-vehicle from coalescing with the stinky mass-on-a-roll?

The most foolish aspect of this mess of only-scatalogical-description is that if Scheer doesn’t step back from it immediately and scrape it off his shoe—no, throw the shoes and socks away— it will be too late to affect without his newfound best friends turning on him like rabid dung beetles and threatening to stick to Mad Max, instead. They won’t let go; they don’t know how. Better to cut off any limbs they’re latched onto and get rid of them as soon as possible, Andrew, maybe go for the sympathy vote a la Bouchard or Layton.

It’s either that or get acused of not faking orgasm as friendly La Meute pit bulls hump your leg. You’ve done a very bad thing. It might already be too late.

Anonymous said...

Under Con mismanagement Alberta oil production doubled over the past 10 years however employment decreased and royalties went from over 6 billion to less than 2 excluding the huge environmental legacy costs being accumulated. Its just possible that global resource pricing, the gods of capitalism and the Cons do not always have the best interest of the average working Albertan in mind. Then again its always easier to blame it on a Trudeau. There are potential answers such as less production and more value added upgrading capacity but they will never be explored with short sighted mega bonus capatalism and their Con flunkies in the drivers seat.