Monday, February 04, 2019

Brexit: Now Even The Queen Is Threatened

As the Brexit rollercoaster keeps heading for what could be the catastrophe of a no-deal, you can feel the panic building in Britain 

People are hoarding food and medicine.

There are plans to invoke martial law if riots break out.

And now it seems even the Queen is threatened.

With officials drawing up plans to remove her and other members of the Royal family from London.

Should Britain stumble out of the European Union without a deal and riots erupt in the streets, officials have a plan: Evacuate Queen Elizabeth II from London, local news outlets reported on Sunday.

And while some Britons are taking the threat seriously.

And others are more sceptical.

I'm sure the Queen can defend herself...

And failing that parachute to safety like she did during the London Olympics.

But apparently there is a contingency plan:

The contingency plan is based on Operation Candid — an evacuation strategy designed after the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 — to prepare for the possibility of a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union, according to The Sunday Times. 

The queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the home secretary were supposed to escape by boarding the royal yacht Brittania under the so-called python system, which would see the royal family hiding in Scottish sea lochs.

And nobody can deny that the situation is desperate and that nobody knows what might happen. 

Each Brit consumes 110 toilet rolls a year—two and half time the European average. The United Kingdom is Europe’s biggest importer of loo paper and it is said that only one day’s supply of toilet paper exists in stock. If Britain leaves the EU Customs Union and Single Market in five months’ time and the trucks transporting toilet paper are held up at Calais or Dover, British bottoms will have to be wiped with torn-up newspapers as in bygone days.

Which can only raise a disturbing question here in Canada.

Why is Andrew Scheer still claiming, as he did the other day, that he was right to cheerlead for Brexit right from the beginning.

And that Justin Trudeau is the one who doesn't know what he is talking about...

You know, the Guardian columnist Owen Jones recently had this to say about the state of Britain:

Which should serve as a warning for Canadians.

If you vote for the Cons you'll get what you deserve...


Jackie Blue said...

Michael Harris' keyboard to god's ears. Andy's Brexit fandom isn't on this list of failures but it damn sure ought to be. I think there ought to be an investigation as to whether the Cons are in bed with Farage & co., and what exactly was Andy up to with that trip to the U.K.

Man, I hope this gets brought up during the debates. I know Trudeau wants to "go positive," but I hope the TruGrits are preparing a list of Con fails to run in advertisements reminding the public of the absolutely stupid statements Andy has made, on the few occasions he actually staked out a policy declaration. No climate plan, no immigration plan except fearmongering about invading hordes (sound familiar?), but this is the hill he chooses to die on?

I hope that when all this is done, he struggles to find work cleaning up after the Queen's corgis. Someone tell him already: We are not amused.

Marmalade said...

Nice to see Michael Harris "back"!

lagatta à montréal said...

Oh, I think the Queen can take care of herself:

The corgis are dwindling; Liz is not acquiring any new ones. Age reasons.

Anonymous said...

Scheer is so predictable. Brexit is a godsend for his dying base. In Britain it helps destroy the economic freedom of errant christian women of child bearing age while creating an entire class of old stock economic refugees that might immigrate to Canada. Its a win win for his cause.... more kids and white refugees. Even the old Con Francois Legault is in Europe trolling for economic refugees as he has decided its easier to teach language than reprogram skin color and religion.

e.a.f. said...

Brexit, in my opinion, was all about racism. what they didn't think through was even if they can force Europeans to return to their country of origin in the E.U. there is nothing they can do about the millions upon millions of British citizens of colour. Boris Johnson ought to be tried for treason, for what he led his country into. At some level I expect financial elites will come out the winners in this game because I do not see, at this late date, how the average citizen is going to come out of it doing well or even holding their own.

Read one article recently where the writer was lamenting his friends can go back to the countries they came from, in Europe, but he has to stay in G.B., because that is where he is a citizen.

if they're going to be short of toilet paper, they can phone the Ontario plants, Royale, they have a huge factory there which produces toilet paper. It will be just as easy to ship it to G.B. as it is to B.C. (I buy Canadian and they are one of the few companies which say on the packaging made in Canada. In the meantime we can start shipping it to our friends and families in G.B.

If riots start in G.B. Russia will be thrilled. Perhaps that is what some of those who supported Brexit wanted, to destabilize their own country. The average voter perhaps didn't think about it that way, but I'm sure some did. I suspect that is why David Cameron got out of Dodge while the getting was good. As they used to say, when times get tough you can get half the working class to kill the other half.

there isn't enough storage in G.B. to hold all the products they may run out of. All that will happen is people will have to pay a great deal more for all the things they need to feed and cloth themselves. Who will profit? Big corporations. They will be able to raise prices, not only to cover the increased cost, but ad in a dollar here and there to raise their own corporate in tax.

We can't just blame the Conservatives on this one, Corbin seems to have just sat out the whole mess. There is a distinct lack of leadership amongst the political class in G.B. but that is most likely because they all went to the same "public schools", go to the same parties, go to the same universities, etc.

lagatta à montréal said...

The question remains of why on earth do UK citizens (of England and the Celtic fringe nations) use so much more loo roll than their Continental counterparts. The Dutch and Germans of my postwar generation, who eat food similar to British people, were sternly lectured to fold it and use as little as possible (funny what conversations turn to late in the evening).

Steve said...

The Brexit I believe was a way for the City of London to escape Euro laws.

Anonymous said...

Racism? Do you have relatives in England like I do? Brits are fed up by Con austerity, the preaching down of the Upper Class on them, loss of manufacturing jobs to China - even that idiot Dyson has relocated outside the UK to make vacuums. The banks and financial groups run the place, everything has a price and most of it unaffordable to those without decent jobs. There are hundreds of thousands of Brits living in France and Spain in lovely "chalets" they own. It's not just foreigners living in Blighty that will be affected. The open borders worked both ways. What are the Brits living overseas going to do when their cheques bounce due to the worthless UK pound?

And if you'd read the first thing about freight transport and the tie-ups at ports that will paralyse the place after Brexit, all the toilet rolls in Ontario wouldn't have a hope of being delivered. Nice thought though from someone who hasn't thought things through.

You need to read more.