Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Andrew Scheer's Very Bad By-Election Night

They tried to make Andrew Scheer look like a winner, by posing with the Con candidate Scot Davidson who retained a safe seat in the York-Simcoe by-election.

And giving us all a big thumbs up.

But that's the only result he got to celebrate last night, for the other two by-elections were an absolute disaster.

In Outremont, Liberal Rachel Bendayan won back the riding from the NDP, and the Cons came in FIFTH, with only 7.3% of the vote.

Which suggests that the SNC-Lavalin fake scandal is backfiring big time in Quebec, and like the NDP, the Cons will also have trouble hanging on to the few seats they have in that province.

And in Burnaby South, the results were even more ominous.

For not only did Jagmeet Singh win a seat in parliament, the Cons came came in third.

After the People's Party siphoned off the votes that would have left them in second place.

And if Bernier's party gets anywhere near 10.6 % in other ridings in the next election, the Cons will almost certainly get crushed by Justin Trudeau.

So needless to say I couldn't be happier.

I also like Jagmeet Singh a lot, I think he could rescue the NDP from the bitterness of people like Nathan Cullen...

Who along with angry Tom Mulcair poisoned the NDP and made that party look like a mini version of the Cons.

And should Trudeau have to settle for a minority government, I think Justin and Jagmeet could make the coolest combination ever.

As well as creating the most left-wing government this country has ever seen.

So the universe is still unfolding as I hoped it would, the future still looks progressive.

And as for Andrew Scheer, his long campaign to win Quebec has failed miserably.

The fake scandal is blowing up in his face.

And he has never looked more like a loser...


Jackie Blue said...

"Apparently media could see"? Oh, shut up Nathan, are you the bear who went over the mountain? For that matter fuck the M$M! Did they zoom in on his phone? Hire someone from Rupert Murdoch's old crew to hack it? How do they know he was checking on hockey? Ever think maybe he's keeping up with the chaos in the rest of the world, which is all part of, you know, RUNNING THE COUNTRY? Like India bombing Pakistan, the shitshow in Venezuela, or President Bone Spurs' tour of Vietnam? How about the domestic madness with Scheer's yellow-vest cult threatening to kill him and even his KIDS? For all anyone knows, maybe one of the kids or his mom is sick and he's keeping tabs on his family. Maybe one of the kids even texted him to say "Daddy, I'm scared, I heard on the news that Mr. Scheer's friends are trying to hurt you. Are you OK? Is Mommy OK?" But it's good to know that Nathan Cullen is spying on the prime minister's phone when he's supposed to be at work "serving the country." Idiot.

I recall a passage in Justin's memoir (definitely worth a read and I look forward to an eventual sequel) where he recounted a meeting between the Liberals and NDP regarding a strategy to take down Harper. Apparently Cullen wasn't too happy when Justin nixed his proposal to merge the two parties. In that hindsight he comes across as a bitter, obnoxious git. Otherwise, why make a deal with the devil? Why are all the knives coming out for "the nicest guy in the room" when Scheer Evil is staring them right in the face?

I've heard he's not running again. Good, maybe that'll be a seat the Liberals can pick up. Lord knows we're going to need all hands on deck to keep that Scheermonger the hell away from any other throne speech besides crying in the little boy's room this October.

e.a.f. said...

There is nothing wrong with Nathan Cullen's tweet. Its politics. its not hateful, its politics. Trudeau in the end, is a politician and as such is open to criticism. IF the federal Liberals were given a free pass, what I interpret your comments as, we do the federal Liberals no favours. How soon we forget the sponsorship scandals which gave us Harper. A party needs to have its feet held to the fire. If Trudeau is given a "free pass" others in the party will take advantage. Its politics.

Most left wing government, don't know. We had the Pearson Liberal government pass things like CPP and a national health care act, when the NDP insisted they do so, for their support. Then there was the 1971 Unemployment Act., by the Trudeau Sr. Liberal government, which gave Canada the closest thing they ever had to a guaranteed income.

Wouldn't be surprised if Trudeau goes to election with a national drug plan. It saves money and lives.

What Singh would demand for support is hard to say, but it will be guys like Nathan Cullen who will have a lot of input.

The election didn't do much for the Conservatives, because they didn't win anything new and it might be said the same for the other two parties. Singh won Burnaby South and it has historically been an NDP riding. The Liberals won their riding and it had historically been a federal Liberal riding. Mulcair was simply a one off and he had been a provincial Liberal in Quebec. My take on it is, all 3 parties held and no gains. It may simply mean, with the up coming election, things won't change much. In Burnaby South the Liberals and Conservatives did not have a huge difference in votes which was interesting because the Liberal candidate has his own "political machine" and had won 4 consecutive provincial elections in his former riding.

Singh now will have to do a good job in Parliament and go out and fund raise. In B.C. that means going up against a well oiled federal Liberal machine within the South Asian community. In B.C. we have also seen provincial NDPers move to the federal Liberals, so what happens in the up coming election will be interesting.

I do agree the PP party will take votes from the Conservatives. I expect to see this go on for a few years and then have another amalgamation of the two right wing parties, where the more moderate Conservatives may move to the federal Liberals. In B.C. many people joined the Reform Party because they genuinely wanted change. There were others who joined because of the original racist tendencies in the party.

Life in politics continue in Canada, but hockey is still the main interest.

Anonymous said...

Based on claimed membership numbers the PP have siphoned off approximately 15% of the Con following. The by-election numbers suggest it is actually between 20 and 30%. It's so refreshing to see the made in hell Con Reform amoeba undergo mitosis and start competing for the same food supply. Scheer leadership skills deserves all of the credit.

Anonymous said...

7.3%. Wow! If that keeps trending the election may be over before the results come in from Ontario. Andy need only look into the mirror to explain why he's such a big loser in Quebec. When you threaten thousands of jobs with a fake scandal it's pretty obvious repercussions will follow. Was it worth it Andy you big ratfaced shithead? You and your assistant, Heinrich Gerbil, were so immersed and frothing at the mouth over pinning something on JT that your collective stupidity failed to see the writing on the wall.
I guess we shouldn't be surprised. It's pretty pathetic when the whole basis of your election campaign and yes, the Cons are always in campaign mode, is to rely solely on what your adversary does or doesn't do. Scheer is nothing but an empty suited, whiny little bitch who doesn't have anything to offer Canadians other than vague, hollow statements on how he'd fix the "immigration crisis" because Canadians and Canadians alone should decide who we let in. Bullshit! So he can decide who to let in. Same with pipelines. Wont tell us how, but he'll get them built, chop chop!. Sure Andy. I'm still waiting to hear on how your NAFTA deal would be better. Can you spell NAFTA Andy? Still waiting on your climate plan too. Hurry Andy, we're melting!
Scheer is a total fraud and as his forehead clearly states, a loser. I'm counting on decent, intelligent Canadians seeing this as well and voting accordingly this October.

Jackie Blue said...

For that matter, in terms of foreign policy he needs to answer for his rah-rah Brexiteering. Wonder if that was a botched, ill-conceived and arguably insulting attempt to court the Québec separatist vote (like they'd appreciate being modeled after an English campaign?), if he's bought by the same sources or if he really is that dumb. The embarrassingly vanilla media, whiter than the pure-driven snow at Alert, froths at the mouth about whatever Singh's views on Khalistan might be, but remains mum (Queen Mum?) on Anglo Andy's full-throated support of the worst disaster to hit the UK since the Blitz. Even worse considering it was a Russian operation that went off without a single shot.

As an American, I'd like to know if someone seeking the highest office in our northern neighbor would have been on the side of the Confederates in 1860. In other words, what are your reasons for supporting Brexit other than the most obvious core of a campaign run by a man (Farage) who once proclaimed Enoch Powell his personal hero? We foreigners cannot vote in other countries, but the positions held by world leaders do matter in an inextricably connected world, whether isolated conspiracy theorists ranting and dog-whistling about "globalists" -- and the racist, exploitative politicians attempting to court their votes -- want to admit it or not. I'd ask where does he stand on Crimea and Ukraine except he probably can't locate either on a map.

Scheer complains about Trudeau "embarrassing" Canada on the world stage. Another bullshit story and one that is obviously contrived by someone who is insanely jealous of the positive image of Canada that Trudeau has brought about (especially in the abysmal vacuum left by Trump's USA), attracting a wealth of global investments and international goodwill in the process. At least Trudeau acknowledges that a world stage exists, while Scheer neither knows nor cares one whit about much of anything or anyone beyond his ever-growing Pinocchio nose. Keep calm and fail upwards, says Andrew of Hindenburg, the Ignoble Duke of Dork.

Anonymous said...

Nathan Cullen is an ugly bitter little dwarf who is more comfortable hanging with Cons like Pierre Poilievre than with other non NDP progressives. He has been threatening to quit, and only hanging around to see if the NDP got rid of Singh so he could become leader. Singh won so Cullen and all those other old white men like Charlie Angus should get the hell out of the NDP and let a new generation take over.

Steve said...

And on the fake poll news Angus Ried has leaped out into a 7 point spread for the Conservaties based on Weak Andy defending the independence of the Justice Minister. They will next attack with the green nature of the Enviroment Minister being thrwated by bitumen.

Jackie Blue said...

Oh, for the love of God. The Trump-infected media and poll-takers are all in the tank for the Cons and just going to double down on this Trughazi shit no matter what! Who the hell are they asking anyway? They really want this asshole at all costs and don't care if people die as a result of Andy courting domestic terrorists, do they? They make me sick!

Anonymous said...

And the latest Nanos poll has the Libs ahead by two points, which more accurately reflects the fallout of the fake scandal. Agnes Reid must have done their polling in rural Alberta.

Anonymous said...

"or President Bone Spurs' tour of Vietnam?"
How strange that a country where thousands of American soldiers were killed would be hosting not one, but two ruthless dictators under the guise of denuclearizing the Korean peninsula. How unfortunate that Trump's first tour of Vietnam didn't occur when it should have fifty years ago.

John B. said...

Not Charlie Angus too? Tell me it isn't so. Oh well, let's get on with some new-generation shit again and see if anything happens before these ones turn into old people. Maybe Nathan should just stick around for a few months.

jrkrideau said...

As an American, I'd like to know if someone seeking the highest office in our northern neighbor would have been on the side of the Confederates in 1860.

Quite possibly. From a Realpolitik viewpoint it would have made a lot of sense. The USA had been in an expansionist mode roughly since the signing of the US Constitution.

A splintered country to the south might have looked like a good deal. Britain and Canada were under no illusions about their ability to defeat an invasion of British North America in the 1850's if the USA truly mobilized.

Scheer's support of Brexit sounds more like a little boy jumping up and down and shouting, "Me too, me too! Look at me". I doubt that he has much of an appreciation of the issues or possible consequences of UK leaving the EU.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a left wing secularist with a funny hat any day over a right wing religious extremist. Frankly i'm surprised she garnered so much support in a place like Burnaby. Now she'll feel emboldened to continue her pursuit of public office for a soapbox to preach.

lagatta à montréal said...

Hope not. We need a genuine left party. If only to make sure the Liberals keep their promises.

e.a.f. said...

One of the consequences of a hard brexit will be G.B. running out of toilet paper within 24 Hours. that ought to make them think again.

ah, the Civil War. the American government did have plans for an invasion of Canada up until approx. 1939. Then WW II broke out and that all went away. Trump has just wrachetted the old stuff up again, us being a security threat, no that was our steel.......

In the Burnaby South riding the PP party took 11% of the vote. The Liberal and Conservative candidate were separated by 2%.

As to our media being "vanilla", you haven't watch the B.C. News lately have you. We're pretty representative of our population.

e.a.f. said...

Most likely you are correct. She doesn't live in the riding. Expect to see her out in the Lower Mainland's bible belt. (yes we have one, east of Burnaby, past Langley, out towards Abbotsford and Chilliwack.