Sunday, February 03, 2019

Andrew Scheer's Weird and Evil Parallel Universe

Like many people in this country, I couldn't believe it when I saw Andrew Scheer cheerfully proclaim that Justin Trudeau was more divisive than he was.

I was stunned that Scheer and his handlers, could seriously believe that they could get away with a whopper like that one. In what kind of parallel universe are they living?

When the creepy Con is clearly, without the shadow of a doubt, the most relentlessly negative, most divisive, most fear-mongering, and most serial lying politician in modern Canadian history.

But at least I knew that Scheer would never get away with that goody two shoes act for long. And sure enough he couldn't.

For there he was at a tiny town hall in Surrey B.C. barely a day later, looking like a monster, lying like a thief, and playing the same dirty and divisive game.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the Prime Minister damaged the integrity of Canada’s immigration system when he tweeted two years ago that Canadians will welcome all those fleeing persecution, terror and war. 

“In terms of illegal immigration, we have seen this problem grow for the past few years. We all remember Justin Trudeau’s famous tweet where he couldn’t resist jumping in on Twitter and tweeting out all are welcome,” Scheer said Friday at a town hall in suburban Vancouver held by the Surrey Board of Trade.

Dumping on this decent and very Canadian tweet...

And whipping up even more hatred against Justin Trudeau and helpless traumatized refugees, by spreading confusion and disinformation.

He said when he talks to new Canadians, they express frustration at how long it took them to be allowed into the country compared with people crossing the U.S. border. 

“To see a government that allows people to come and jump the queue and skip the line, that frustrates them,” Scheer said.

For none of the above is true, and the biggest problem we face in this country is that the big media organizations are not only ignoring Sheer's many lies.

Some are actively promoting them:

So we have to depend on independent members of the Ottawa Press Gallery, like Dale Smith, to correct the record.

At a townhall event in Surrey, Andrew Scheer made a very big deal about the border and the “integrity” of our immigration system. At the centre of it is his invention is the mythology that the #WelcomeToCanada tweet two years ago somehow opened the floodgates. It’s ridiculous on its face, and it ignores the context during which that tweet happened – the recent election of Donald Trump, and the talk of the “Muslim ban” that was ramping up tensions and causing a spike of panic among asylum seekers and refugee claimants in the States, as well as a demonstrable rise in hate crimes.

Point out that Trudeau's tweet had nothing to do with a surge of refugees, and everything to do with Donald Trump.

And that Scheer's claim that would be immigrants are being forced to wait in line because of asylum seekers is yet another lie.

And then there’s the entire mischaracterisation of the immigration and refugee determination systems, and the very deliberate conflation of the two. They’re separate, and are resourced separately, which makes the constant attempt to portray asylum seekers as somehow disadvantaging “legitimate” immigrants a deliberate attempt to turn immigrants against refugees and asylum seekers.

One that couldn't be more disgusting or more evil.

Or more dangerous.

In a world facing a migrant crisis, with more displaced people since the Second World War, there are far more who would argue that Canada isn’t doing enough, and telling lies to make it look like we’re under siege because of a single tweet is more dangerous than he realizes.

For let's be clear, Scheer's lies are encouraging Con kooks across the country to threaten Trudeau's life.

But while decent Canadians should be grateful for journalists like Dale Smith for exposing those lies, we need to prod others in the MSM to follow his example.

And denounce them or boycott them if they don't.

For the truth is the best way to destroy those lying Cons.

And the only way to save our country...



    1. Hi Rob...yes, I saw that story and have just published a post on what I think of that disgusting attack ad. I believe it reflects the contempt the Cons have for our country and its values. But read the post and see what you think...

  2. Jackie Blue5:49 PM

    I urge everyone to go watch the clip from "The National" featuring journalist Maria Ressa warning about social media disinfo campaigns exploiting fractures in society, and Wendy Mesley's "The Weekly" focusing on the Christianist Right. Max is complaining about the latter and siccing his own mob on Mesley, while Andy fools around with Windows Movie Maker for his stupid, copyright-infringing "Heritage of Hate Moment." I hope Historica Canada does sue the Cons, and that the useless M$M is forced to reach a point where they can't run interference for them anymore.

    I transcribed a key part of Michael Coren's segment in the Mesley interview and saved it, because it speaks volumes about who these people really are:

    There is a visceral hatred of this man [Justin Trudeau] that goes way beyond politics. ... [T]he socially conservative right detests him, and it's personal -- it's not just political. I think they see him as symbolizing all that they think is wrong with Canada. So he has a genuine joy at being at Pride Parade -- which is wonderful! -- but they are so offended by that, [and] the fact that he really does believe that women's reproductive rights are fundamental values in Canadian society. That is repugnant to them. So they see him as the embodiment, actually -- far more than any other Liberal leader -- of what is wrong with the country. And if you look at social media, and their writings, it's quite shocking and frightening what sort of things they say about him.

    Far more than any Liberal leader? Gee, I wonder why? What's in a name? Who was it who said "Ask Jesus Christ what happened to the Just Society he promised 2,000 years ago"? As if that wasn't bad enough, now Ezrat is on the warpath against Ahmed Hussen, calling him a bigot (!) and dog-whistling that he's some kind of Islamist operative. They keep up this individualized targeting crap, someone is going to get hurt.

    There's no low the Cons won't sink to and no limit to the kind of dirty tricks they'll pursue for power. My only hope, again, is that Andy and Max chase each other out the Overton window and split the vote come election time. But "divisive campaign" is an understatement. Get ready, Canada, you're in for a good-old-fashioned holy war.

    1. Hi Jackie...I have saved the Wendy Mesley segment on the religious right, and will use it in a post I'm writing on Scheer's homophobic past (and present. And yes, Coren nails it with that clip. As you know I have tried to get across that same idea on this blog, because only that can explain the murderous hatred the Cons have for Trudeau. We are in the closest thing to a holy war, our country and its values are at stake, and to lose would be unthinkable...

  3. e.a.f.8:46 PM

    of course Global is going to report every word Scheer has to say and give it all the exposure they can. they're about as Con as you can get. They don't ever explain that immigrants go through one process and refugees come through another. Yes, immigrants wait. If refugees waited, they'd be dead. They are refugees because some one is trying to usually kill them or cause them great harm. Its how you get classified as a refugee. Trudeau's tweet is clear, you're welcome as a refugee because people want to hurt or kill you.

    Its interesting that Scheer did this in Surrey, B.C. It rivals Vancouver in population, but as far as land mass is concerned, at one time Surrey was the largest, land mass, municipality in Canada. it was semi rural but in the past 30 years has seen new sub divisions, town centers, etc. it was a developers wet dream. the former mayor Diane Watts, went on to run and win for Harper, then harper lost. Remember B.C. is the most corrupt province in Canada--allegedly. Some of us believe its more corrupt than Quebec ever was.

    What Surrey has is a lot of immigrants and new Canadian citizens and those whose families have been arriving here since the 1960s. they all had to wait. some of their friends and families are now waiting as another generation wants to come to Canada, so all Scheer has to do is say, well we have all these other people coming into Canada and they don't have to wait. What we need is better civics lessons in schools so people grow up knowing how their government works. We might even want it on the test new Canadians take. What is the difference between Canada's immigration and refugee system. The MSM might want to explain how this works, but won't.

    Global was so sure the B.C. Lieberals were going to win the bi election in Nanaimo they weren't prepared when they lost, which most of us knew they were going to. They gave the leader of the B.C. Lieberals, Wilkinson, 3 minutes and Horgan, NDP leader, about 30 seconds. They referred to the NDP 8 point ahead win as just getting elected. 8% lead, ya, that isn't just sweaking in, its a sold win. Ah, yes, Global don't watch it if you want the truth. They're good at reporting shootings and killings amongst the drug dealers of Surrey.

    1. Hi are right Scheer is trying to turn immigrants against refugees which is absolutely obscene. I don't know if that grubby Con ever had a moral compass, but if he did he lost it a long ago. When I say the Cons are poisoning our country that's what I mean. And why I keep saying that unless the MSM starts exposing what the Cons are up to, they could win and we could lose our country....

  4. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Kudos to Dale Smith who has been regularly shooting down Scheer's bullshit narratives for quite some time now so he is definitely a journalist with integrity who does not conform to the MSM's corporate directive of overlooking Scheer's constant, outright lies. Why else would they not be reporting this?? Canadians deserve to know the truth before they, God forbid, vote in someone who's whole campaign is based on lies, deceit and dangerous rhetoric.
    Further kudos go to Wendy Mesley(thanks Jackie)for hitting the nail on the head regarding the bible thumping social conservatives hatred towards JT. They are a truly deranged lot still living in the dark ages and JT is their satan who is forcing them to evolve.
    They will resist and Scheer will keep stirring them up for that is the only way he can win. Once Canadians realize this, he and Max can split their holier than thou votes and essentially, hit their own self-destruct buttons.

    1. Hi JD....You're right, Dale Smith is the only reporter in the parliamentary press gallery who has been exposing the Con lies day after day. He doesn't have much of a platform yet, but his influence is growing and sooner or later the other Con stooges will be forced to follow in his steps. As for Wendy Mesley she is doing Canadians a great service by exposing the activities of Scheer and his religious fanatics. For too long Canadians refused to believe that the religious right was a force in this country, but hopefully that will finally change...

  5. Anonymous2:37 AM

    It's sickening that the Cons would try to make Justin Trudeau's noble and very Canadian tweet sound like something bad. And the way they are stirring up hatred against refugees and our prime minister is simply disgusting. If they love America more than they love Canada why don't they just move there?

    1. Hi anon...Unfortunately we can't deport them to the U.S. even though they would no doubt be happier living there than they are here. But what we can do is make the election a choice between the Trumplings and the Canadians, for that would be an election we can win big....

  6. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Scheer and his heritage moment propaganda demonstrates he does't know the difference between an ethics transgression and criminal activity. The function of the ethics commissioner is to guide MP's away from relationships that could lead to criminal activity such as accepting a gift and then using government influence to pay back the favor. Trudeau accepted a gift from someone he considered a family friend but did not use his influence to the benefit of the Khan's charity. On the other hand Scheer's predecessors were experts in the criminal such as election fraud and influence peddling. Also if we were in the US several of Harper's gang and possibly himself would nave been charged with bribing a senator and then trying to cover it up by persecuting him for not holding up his end of the bargain. That on top of other nefarious activity such as the F 35 double book scandal, using government money to influence private enterprise pipeline builds in the US, funding a university to promote ethical oil advertising instead of actual research ... the list is extensive. Reminds me of throwing stones in glass houses but the smear monger seems to think he can get away with it!

    1. Hi RT....The Con attempt to paint the Liberals as a scandalous government is absurd and a product of desperation. The most scandalous government in recent history was the Harper government and Tony "Gazebo" Clement is a double anvil around Scheer's neck. I think that the Harper scandals and the Ford scandals can be wrapped into a package with some of the Scheer gang ones. We have a double challenge. One expose the Cons as serial liars, and two give them a taste of their own medicine...