Friday, February 15, 2019

What That Fake Scandal Is Really All About

I knew that there was something truly evil lurking in the shadows of that fake scandal.

Even if I couldn't see it, I could smell it.

The Cons claimed they were just standing up for the rights of Jody Wilson-Raybould, because she's an indigenous woman, and hates Justin Trudeau. 

Even though many of their supporters, who dance to the dirty dogwhistle of their master Andrew Scheer, are the worst misogynists and foul anti-native bigots in this country.

And this is what that fake, outrageously hyped "scandal," is really all about.

A monstrous attempt to use an indigenous woman to try to destroy Justin Trudeau.

In the most ghastly way possible.

Even though violence against women, and aboriginal women in particular, is still a horror show that casts a giant and often bloody shadow over this country.

One that should shame us all, but doesn't. Because Cons require a steady diet of bigotry.

Anyway, this is what I sent one of those cartoonists...

And of course I received no answer.

But then again what did I expect? When the poison is spreading everywhere.

And Scheer and his political pornographers whip up hatred against Trudeau on a daily basis.

By among other things calling him a "criminal."

Even though the Scheermongers eventually pulled that attack ad, the message did go out.

And was no doubt well received by dirty old Cons all over the country.

So you can see where we are going, where this fake scandal is taking us.

The Cons and their media stooges really do want to destroy Justin Trudeau.

They tell us that his sunny days are over.

And that we must get ready to live in the darkness of Andrew Scheer and his bully bigot Cons. 

So they can turn back the clock on the rights of women and gay Canadians, rape our precious values, and screw Canada beyond recognition, from its laws to its medicare system.

And all I can say is good luck with that one.

The time has come to fight back, or lose our country.

And enough is enough...


Anonymous said...

You're giving me whiplash, Simon. A few days ago you were happy to pass along Liberal smears about JW-R - how she wasn't a team player, was ambitious, didn't show up to meetings, was demanding with staff, and so on. All things that would be praised in men, but which, as even the NYT recently pointed out, are hypocritically held against women in politics. You accused her of leaking the story to the press and held her silence and eventual resignation against her. And now you have the chutzpah to criticise editorial cartoonists who lampoon JT for doing what you've done?! Hypocrite!!

e.a.f. said...

We truly don't know what went on between the two of them. What I do know is those "cartoons" are disgusting beyond belief. You almost have to wonder who paid them to do it, create the cartoons that is.

The former Premier of B.C., Gordon Campbell, advisor to Ford, P.M. Ontario is now the subject of a Scotland yard investigation for sexual assault. the article is in the Vancouver Sun. The woman came forward because of the me to movement, she says and also advises, when she took the job, she was told there had been 3 other complaints from others prior to her taking the job. Now that is a scandal and some cartoons might be in order.

The cartoons of Trudeau beating up Jody Wilson-Rayboult are offensive. They're also sexist. They make it look like JWR is in capable of defending her self. My sense of Ms. Wilson-Rayboult is, if any one every tried to "deck her", she'd deck them first.

the cartoons are disgusting, racist, and sexist.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy is Simon’s stock and trade after all.

Anonymous said...

I always love how you Cons toss around the word hypocrite when the whole basis of the putrid Harper/Scheer version of "Conservative" is hypocrisy and the modus operandi is smear first and details later(never). Hypocrisy and Cons go together like flies got to dung or like maggots go to a carcass. It's nasty and it stinks, but it's okay if Cons do it.
I do hope a real scandal doesn't emerge as Con heads would surely explode from sea to shining sea and unlike a lot of you Cons, I don't wish harm against you, I just wish you'd see where Scheer is leading you and how it will not end well.

Anonymous said...

Simon thank you so much for this post. Today of all days when a young female was murdered, for these disgusting political cartoons to be published was the lowest point of my day.
How anyone can not see that depiction of violence toward any woman is not only wrong but should never be tolerated in any way shape or form.
I truly feel that we are doomed as a society if people can not or will not understand this.

Stephanie said...

Where were these cartoons published? I am left speechless by them, I truly am. We have made no progress in this country if this is considered acceptable by any news outlet in Canada. I hope JWR sues the publishers for hate speech. Because that's what they represent. Canadians should be outraged.

Anonymous said...

I love how you Libs always assume criticism comes only from Cons. It couldn't possibly come from dissatisfied Lib voters, could it? No, that would be disloyal, and loyalty is what the party demands above doing the right thing by the country. The more of this crap I hear, the more I realize the truth of the saying, "Liberals, Tories, same old stories."

rumleyfips said...


I hope you realize that both the JWR pressure story and the uncooperative JWR story are unsubstantiated rumours backed up by exactly the same number of facts . None.

the salamander said...

.. there are good points made in the comments to this blog, Simon. And a few vagaries unloaded. And presumably you know this commenter, turns to your blog for a comprehensive read or two for good reason.

Reason one is I believe you are a fierce defender of human and Canadian values. Secondly, you express such in a unique thought provoking way. Third, you aggregate & reveal highly contemporary and daily events - quotes, images, failures, successes, news bits, faux journalism, utter deceits, decency.. the whole ball of wax so to speak. So I see you as a 'graphic media artist' a la the 'graphic artists' who have evolved from comic book creators, or the brilliant Mad Magazine etc. Far broader than a single cartoon (which can be astonishingly effective..) but more the storytellers combining illustration, story, meaning.. perspective.. or Truth.

All the included cartoons are new to me. Now for my point. A famous corrupt Boston or Chicago mayor was once asked by his henchmen if he 'wanted something done about the newspapermen who were were blowing the whistle on his scandals' He responded by saying something to the effect that' oh, the news paper articles don't bother me.. but that one damned cartoonist is killing me'

We don't know the facts re the Lavalin fandango. We have hordes of writers, pundits, 'insiders', spokeswanks, social media cranks & wanks, yes - cartoonists, politicians, political animals, redundant former 'public servants' a la Peter McKay, even retired judges, pondscum like Lord BlowBlack, partisan TV panels like Don Martin, or the breathless Evan Solomon.. its just endless.

But again to the cartoons you included.. interesting comments.. but The Media Is The Message - they need to be taken lightly, are a 'flavoring'.. even acting as a secondary 'Titling' of a newspaper's articles and editorial direction. Trudeau is presented as a bad guy - Ms Wilson-Reybould as a hostage, a victim.. even of violence. Well that's what I see. What I don't see is the slavering mix of speculators I mentioned above.. who should be cartooned & viciously. Those like Andrew Coune teeing off with his conspiracies fabricated atop the Globe & Mail 'term salad' 'report' of anonymous 'insiders' saying she was 'urged' 'heavy pressure' 'attempted to pressure' etc etc.. and now the whispering knives come out anonymously.. she was 'self centered' 'it was always about her' 'autocratic' 'belabored other cabinet members' .. Deary me.. did she also go right to the head of the cafeteria lineup ?

We know this shite re Lavalin goes on at the highest levels, as does Pipeline stuff, high finance, big pharma, education, veteran's, fisheries, environment.. We are still recovering from Stephen Harper - Ray Novak, confronted by Doug Ford and Jason Kenney, the smear Scheer & the toxic clouds of Trump & the GOP.. we should give far more weight & concern to those real threats..

Keep up the fine work dude !

Anonymous said...

Ah so you’re a bitter old dipper.

Kelly said...

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but if a man "wasn't a team player, was ambitious, didn't show up to meetings, was demanding with staff, and so on", most people in my circle would not praise him, they would decide he was an asshole. Being an inconsiderate jerk at work is not gender specific.

Jackie Blue said...

I don't care if a bunch of anons on this blog want to call me a shrieking conspiracy theorist. I'm still on board with Justin, and again extend my invitation for him to come to America if this is the kind of treatment he's going to get from the Canadian chattering classes. Who, again, have absolutely NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE backing up any of these claims and are choosing to ignore the Cons pointing guns at his head! Isn't DeAdder the homophobe who portrays him as a Disney princess? Now he's a DOMESTIC ABUSER??? So they really are going with the "when did you stop beating your wife" line of questioning, I see! There are still NO FACTS in this case, and an obscure standard of high-level legalese does NOT a WOMAN BEATER MAKE!!!!

I wrote him a letter last night. I'm actually thinking I may send it. Lotta money to ship certified mail across the border, but as far as I'm concerned, it's well worth the investment. No one deserves this, whether you agree with their politics or not. (Except for Trump. His politics ARE domestic abuse.) Come teach school in some quaint small town in New England where there's no such monster as the Scheermonger, the Coyne Machine, the Ford Monster Truck or the DeAdder Poison Pen. Funny that: an adder is a kind of snake. Fitting surname, isn't it.

Jackie Blue said...

...and Trudeau should sue for libel. Whatever one agrees or disagrees with his politics, to portray him as a VIOLENT ATTACKER OF WOMEN is uncalled for and unacceptable, period.

Steve said...

When Harpers chief of staff wrote a cheque to Mike Duffy, that was a scandal. Duffy is charged with bribery, but the guy who wrote the cheque is not?

The cons are pretending politicians never have internal debates about huge policy issues. If the Goverment of Canada puts SNC laval out of business over a bribe in Libya, we dont deserve to exist because we are so virtuous we cannot survive in the real world.

Jackie Blue said...

Furthermore, to then try and take down your boss with unfounded allegations and make your coworkers fall on a sword, rather than admit your own shortcomings or leave the workplace due to irreconcilable differences, is a sign of a loose cannon. Not a "whistleblower" and certainly not a martyr by any sense of the word.

In other news, Jesse Smollett's story seems to have turned out to be a wolf cry because he was getting fired from his TV show. Hm, sounds familiar. Lesson to the media: trust but verify. But that doesn't sell subscriptions or get clicks.

the salamander said...

.. apologies, Kelly, but who's bubble are you sorry to burst ? Currently are you accepting anonymous tips from 'insiders' as breathlessly presented in MainMedia as fact ? Still not a peep from ms Wilson-Reybould as far as I know BTW. Why not look closer at mr Brison.. recently resigned as head of the Treasury Board 'to spend more time with his family'.. as ms Marie Henein is zeroing in. Justin Trudeau explained that due to that Brison resignation, ms Wilson-Reybould had to be 'shuffled very odd !).. ms Henein is top top drawer at connecting a chain of dots and factual evidence .. on behalf of her clients. Are we now back to a 'short pamts PMO' a la Stephen Harper ? Who's 'bubble being burst' ?

e.a.f. said...

The best response to "cartoons" such as these, is to ignore them. if Trudeau were to sue, it would give them credibility.

e.a.f. said...

All Trudeau has to do is come home to B.C. from where his Mother is from. Great place, better weather than New England and Vancouver Island off the mainland of B.C. has awesome surfing.

The cartoons are out there, but readership of newspapers is way down in Canada. Most people buy the papers for the sports sections. Those cartoons aren't going to sway the election. the other politician who said the cartoonist was killing him, lived in a time people actually read the papers.

Not many pay attention to Coyne, he's past his prime. Scheer is the leader of the opposition and in a democracy we have free speech. We may not like what some of them have to say, but they have the right to say it.

As to Ford, he really isn't running the Ontario government. He is simply too stupid. Its being run in part by his advisor, Gordon Campbell, el gordo, the former premier of B.C. who is now being investigated for sexual assault in London, England. if you saw what el gordo did to B.C. you'll know what is going to happen to Ontario, which includes things like a billion a year being laundered via our casinos, another billion via real estate, sinking B.C. Hydro into long term debts which will in the next 8 years cost customers an extra $4K a year. But still we're a better country to live in than the U.S.A., less guns, more health care.

the salamander said...

.. laughably uninformed (many of the comments)
& seemingly from a sort of hysterical partisan fantasy land
where dark schemes & vastly complex conspiracies are a steaming..
actually quite similar to those bloviated by the agitated right wing nutters
Its Spy vs Spy Simon ! I always went with the Black Spy..) Mad magazine !


FYI . There is word that the judge in the ex Commander Norman criminal case
has said in his open court, something to the effect that he believes collusion
of some sort has been afoot.. indeed well underway to suppress evidence
To wit - The Trudeau Government via its PCO/PMO plus its Prosecution arm
(& will this include its Ministry of Justice ?) have been collaborating.

This is a great big steaming and seemingly seperate can of worms..
But wait ! There's more ! Ah yes.. the sudden Scott Brison resignation
now the former President of the Treasury Board, Liberal MP
and also a former Conservative Party of Canada MP

Unlike Trudeau, his Privy Council & his Prime Minister's Office
plus ms Rousell's Prosecution Department & the Ministry of Justice
who were completely immersed in both criminal cases
Brison had to be at the very least completely informed re Lavalin
and its criminal case processes

Watch these two criminal cases.. they are intrinsically connected
Yes.. the Lavalin case and the Norman case. It does appear
there have been many failures at the highest Government level
and most of the names by now are quite obvious..
This will not be pretty.. Norman case escalates from preliminary status
to full blown trial right as the next election takes place