Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Why Andrew Scheer Is Looking So Desperate

I don't know why Andrew Scheer was looking so desperate. He claims he's winning, and that Justin Trudeau could soon be in prison.

So why is he looking like such a loser?

He's trying to use this story against Trudeau.

And trying to turn Judy Wilson-Raybould into a martyr for the Con cause.

But I don't think it's going to work, because we have no idea why she resigned. 

Or why she didn't resign MONTHS ago.

Neither do we know whether she agrees with Andrew Scheer when he says you can't trust Justin Trudeau.
Even though he's the biggest and dirtiest serial liar in Canada.

But Schmear usually enjoys lying, so I can only conclude that sad look on his face is due to the way the air is hissing out of his fake scandal balloon.

And that he is depressed about the way his polls are tanking. 

The latest Nanos federal ballot tracking has the Liberals at 37.5 per cent support, followed by the Conservatives at 34.4 per cent, the NDP at 13.0 percent, the BQ at 3.8 per cent, the Greens at 7.4 per cent and the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) at 1.7 per cent.

Because this IS depressing.

Nanos tracking has Trudeau as the preferred choice as PM at 35.5 per cent of Canadians followed by Scheer (24.9%), Singh (5.9%), May (6.4%) and Bernier (3.8%). Twenty two per cent of Canadians were unsure whom they preferred.

And so soon after this devastating Leger poll. 

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals continue to dominate the federal political landscape in Quebec, and a change in leadership of the Bloc Québécois has placed the party on an equal footing with the Conservative Party of Canada in the province, a new poll suggests.

While the distant third-place showing by the NDP in Quebec is bad news for party leader Jagmeet Singh, the six per cent gleaned by Maxime Bernier’s PPC could prove to be problematic for Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives. 

Especially since those numbers can only get worse for the Cons and the NDP, now that the media in Quebec are solidly against them, and solidly behind the government's efforts to save SNC-Lavalin.

I could print half a dozen articles to show you what I mean, but this one by Michel Girard in the mass circulation Journal de Montreal, should serve as a good example.

I suggest that the Premier of Quebec should ask the leader of the official opposition, Andrew Scheer, and the leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh, why they are not supporting SNC-Lavalin's attempt to get a reparation agreement.

In this year of federal elections, it would be relevant for Quebeckers that Mr Scheer and Mr Singh answer this question.

And that, in the only place where ordinary people are interested in this fake scandal, means that Scheer's attempt to win more seats in that province is now doomed to failure. While Jagmeet Singh's NDP is sadly probably doomed to total extinction. 

Which in turn means that Justin Trudeau is most probably heading for another majority government...

So ironically the Jody Wilson-Raybault saga will end up hurting the Cons and their new bosom buddies the NDP, more than it ever will the Liberals.

And the universe keeps unfolding as I always thought it would...


Anonymous said...

My theory is that Trudeau and Trump are colluding. Notice how things happen just after they meet face to face, the only time they are guaranteed nobody overhears. Other than the first three letters in their names, it is seen in how they are criticized. The knock on Trudeau is that he was a drama teacher (they never mention his other teachables like French and computer science) while Trump was a mere game show host (despite being a world level business dealmaker for years before).

Together, they had a staged row after the G7, I think to show Kim Jong Un that US despite being supposedly furious with us, won't nuke us or even threaten to, trying to demonstrate concretely that Kim doesn't need nukes. Whether that will work is another matter. Trump was the bad cop there. Then with Huawei, we saw China snookered into engaging in hostage diplomacy and death sentence diplomacy. Ms Meng was travelling under a special P type passport intended to remove all hassles for government staff. Had she been travelling under diplomatic passport, she would not have been detained. They didn't issue her one despite her father being a friend of Xi, because they wanted the facade of Huawei being independent of the dictatorship. Trudeau was the bad cop on this one and has played it well. John McCallum provided some nice good cop words for China and also has not been "disappeared" for disagreeing with his government, yet another demonstration of our system allowing dissent.

Trump said he could intervene if it helps a trade deal, which he can do as he can pardon anyone. Similarly, the China dictatorship is now being schooled again, to see that government can intervene in a judicial process as with SNCL, though only to suggest one of a number of remedies to be followed by prosecutors, not a pardon. The major difference is that the political leadership in Canada or US cannot order the initiation of prosecution like the China dictatorship can do so routinely. While it can happen, the major check on it is periodic elections. It is difficult to order the judicial system to lean on someone unless you are entrenched in power.

Consider the Ford Taverner fiasco. Even if Ford gets his way, both of them will be gone in a few years. China has had such a long period of police state dictatorship, that it seems they have forgotten how government and judiciary are best separate and more or less equal. The balance must tilt slightly towards the government, but only because they are elected and are mostly overseers of the judiciary. They pay a political price when they nudge it at all.

I find it interesting that the deferred prosecution agreement has never been floated for dealing with Huawei, despite the fact the US has such a law. But this would likely require Ms Meng and anyone else involved in the bank fraud case being fired. That would not do for the China dictatorship, as she is effectively the Party minder of the company.

Meanwhile, as you say, Trudeau has won Quebec because he is now believed to have tried to help SNCL and that it was reasonable to do so. I would not be surprised if this was staged with Ms Wilson-Raybault as well so he could be good cop in Quebec, and she could be good cop in showing the China dictators again that we allow dissent, simply by her continued non-disappearance. Likely the prosecution of SNCL can now extract more concessions to get a last minute deferred prosecution agreement "on the steps of the courthouse".

Jackie Blue said...

I'm still nervous and I don't want to count any chickens, because this is turning into an ugly he said/she said spat that STILL HAS NO VERIFIED FACTS, and the justice commission meets tomorrow. Scheer plays dirty, the media is in the tank and making themselves the story, the entire NDP has all but crossed the floor to the Cons, and no doubt Consellout would love to see a rift in the Liberals turn into a mélee or an open revolt. Meanwhile, No-Seat Jagmeet was on Twitter earlier saying Trudeau "fired" JWR. He got ratioed for spelling "she resigned" wrong. What an idiot.

Justin looked and sounded pretty pissed in the press conference and I don't blame him. From the looks of it, Yoko wants to break up the band and be the lead singer. And what's with daddy? Is he the Thomas Markle of Canada? He gave an interview with Goebbels News calling Vets' Affairs the "armpit of the cabinet." Wow, he seems nice.

Heads are going to have to roll at the PMO. Get rid of the sticky-fingers OLPC leftovers, and hire a crisis response team rather than just the lousy comms department Trudeau has now. All that being said, I just wish there was nothing heavy-handed and scary going on in the news so that we could all focus on silly fun things like Bill Morneau inviting Mad Max to come watch a drag show. That's what Canada's all about. Not this Trumpian "Crooked Hillary" "Lock Them Up" shit.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad JWR will have something more to show for her very short time in government. Another majority for Justin Trudeau. Life is funny, but she deserves what she gets. Like you I am sorry about the NDP, but when you lie with dogs or Cons you also deserve what you get.

e.a.f. said...

Scheer is such an idiot, telling Trudeau to let Wilson-Raybould speak for herself. Such a sexist, to write Trudeau would attempt to speak for Wilson-Raybould or that she would permit anyone to speak for her.

Scheer must be out of his mind to think anyone would speak for a Wilson. obviously Scheer hasn't been to B.C., knows nothing about Ms. Wilson Raybould and knows nothing about the family she comes from.

Anonymous said...

This will soon veer into Quebec bashing by the cons and their BFF the ndp. If the PM is telling the truth and nothing happened, then this will be forgotten by most of the country, but Quebec will remember the bashing.

e.a.f. said...

Jackie Blue, I usually agree with what you have to write. However, your reference to Bill Wilson as "Thomas Markle of Canada" is deeply offensive to some of us in British Columbia, where Mr. Wilson is a well known First Nation's leader and has been an amazing advocate for First Nations rights before most of the readers here were born. Actually there are some in B.C. who not only really like Bill Wilson, they respect him and what he accomplished during his life.

He is right, Veteran's Affairs is not a great portfolio and any one who pretends it is, is trying to fool themselves and others.

"the entire NDP has all but crossed the floor to the Cons". Now please calm down. Canada is in an election year and all parties are gearing up for it. Do not expect one party to give another party an inch. The NDP is not joining the Cons. They are staking out their territory in advance of the election. Its not like the party wants to be whipped out. They are all trying to increase the number of seats so no one is playing "nice". they can't afford to. Do not expect one single NDPer to give an inch. Every party will slam who they can. Its called politics.

Now as to a little history in Canada. When the federal Liberals have been in a minority position, it has been the NPD who supported them to enable them to form government. it happened in 1963 with the result Canada passed the Canada's Health Care system, created and passed the Canadian flag which we know today, and created the Canada Pension Plan.

Trudeau Sr. also relied on the support of the NDP, back in the day. In 2005 While the Bloc supported the Cons, it was the NDP which supported the Liberals. It is expected when push comes to shove, the NDP will support the Liberals if they were to come back after the next election as a minority.

Every one thinks Canadians are "nice". However, it ought to be noted what we usually have are decent manners, which can be mistaken for being "nice". This is politics and with an election coming up, its every person for themselves. It will not benefit anyone to consider the NDP are Cons or support them. the NDP has always been left of the federal Liberals. The Bloc Q. has always had some good social platforms, however, they too are into the fight of their life.

Just a little more history, it says prior to joining the federal Liberals Trudeau Sr. "associated" with the NDP. Jumping to the federal Liberals would be the only way he was ever going to be the P.M.

Whatever happened regarding SNC Lavalin and the parties involved, who knows, and at some point, who cares. We'll go into this election and I expect Wilson-Raybound will run again, unless she becomes totally turned off by politics.

e.a.f. said...

A. 10:41 p.m. there is a great deal of difference between laying down with Cons or just promoting your own political party, the NDP. We are in an election year. Do not expect the NDP to play "nice" with anyone. The NDP, especially where Singh is running, is very opposed to the pipeline. Well perhaps not the pipeline, its where it comes out--Burnaby and it will cause an oil spill sooner or later. the federal Liberals purchased an oil pipeline (smart move) however, the NPD is opposed to all of it. Just check out our provincial politics. Most of Burnaby went NDP in the last provincial election and they did got those seats because the people of Burnaby don't want oil tankers in their water and the Shell Refinery is in Burnaby. Then there is the no small matter of an excavator hitting an oil pipe in Burnaby a number of years ago. Oil spewed for blocks. For those in Burnaby, that just isn't on. so yes the election is almost here and it is not going to get "nicer" for a while. Singh needs that seat. the NDP needs that seat. Everyone does what is good for their own party, not the other one.

e.a.f. said...

oh, back to the original topic, of course Scheer looks desperate. he isn't going to win the up coming election. Scheer is not likeable and his party platform doesn't do much for the average working Canadian. There is also the not so small matter of Harper. It hasn't been too long since he was P.M. and people were very unhappy about his actions, not to mention the 8 pieces of legislation which the Cons passed but were turfed by the Supreme Court of Canada.

all the Liberals have to do is run a campaign reminding voters of the Harper years and the cheques which come in the mail each month for kids, which the Liberals passed legislation, to ensure. Scandals come and go. Voters get over them. Trudeau may well go into the next election promising a national pharma care plan and that would simply put him back in office.

Anonymous said...

Andy and his Cons must be slipping and tripping over themselves as they feverishly try to turn this into the "scandal of the century" based on...(chirping crickets). Their rabid attempts to gain traction on this is doomed to fail when they're still wearing their summer tires,(hearsay, hearsay!).
The irony here is that if JT wanted SNC to be able to bid on juicy government contracts he would have done so to help save the thousands of jobs that would have been in peril. On the other hand, if it were the Cons in power, you can rest assured that a more nefarious and financially beneficial means to an end would be their most compelling reason to act.
If it comes down to an issue of trusting JT over the fake news Al-Ja-Scheera network then I'll be and I believe most Canadians will be placing their money on JT.

Anonymous said...

e.a.f. - Some people change as they get older. Maybe, unfortunately, Bill Wilson is becoming the Rudy Giuliani of Canada. Or, maybe he went overboard because of family. Or, maybe his history with another Trudeau is coming to the top.

J W-R is not saying anything, but her actions seems odd.

I suspect this too will blow over despite whatever W Kinsella tries. Ultimately, Scheer is going to have to try to put together a platform. But, to no end.

I doesn't matter how much the Globe tries to increase subscriptions, this Trudeau's personality doesn't fit the story.


jrkrideau said...

Well, it is at least as believable as Russiagate. The significance of the "tru" cannot be underestimated.

lagatta à montréal said...

The NDP are no friends of the Cons. That is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

ndp practically shared a war room with the cons in the Ignatieff and Dion years. ndp is ok with cons in power so long as they get official opposition .

e.a.f. said...

It wasn't that necessarily, the Cons having government, the NDP wanted the official opposition position, regardless of who was across the floor. its politics, and its a blood sport. Its more like the NDP didn't care who was the government, if they weren't they still wanted the official opposition position.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because only the Liberal Party is the Legimate expression of political power in Canada. How could anyone stand against them! They must all be in league together!

e.a.f said...

I wouldn't refer to Wilson as Canada's version of Giuliani. J.W-R's actions don't seem odd to me at all. she is keeping her mouth shut as she should in this case. She is seeking legal advise from her lawyer a former Supreme Court Justice. Ms. Wilson-Raybould is a lawyer and not given to talking, talking, talking. some times the best strategy is silence and leaving the room. She may just be fed up with politics. Guess no one thought of that.

Unknown said...

I really like Mr. Wilson, however, his conduct regarding this issue, actually painted his daughter as vindictive, and having a chip on her shoulder. Parent's should never interfere in their adult child's career.