Friday, February 15, 2019

Why Is Nathan Cullen Trying To Kill The NDP?

Oh boy, will Nathan Cullen ever learn? Yesterday I tried to warn him that his toxic Trudeau hate was making him sound like a Con, and look like a maniac.

And that in Quebec, his assault on the thousands of SNC-Lavalin workers in that province, and the thousands of others all over Canada and the world, is driving the NDP to extinction. 

But he just won't listen, he just can't help himself. 

His toxic Trudeau hate simply cannot be controlled. 

So after seeing that tweet I had to ask him the obvious question:

And when he didn't even bother to answer my question, I thought I'd send him this story. 

In Ottawa, there appears to be little sympathy these days for SNC-Lavalin, the giant engineering corporation facing prosecution for bribery schemes in Libya.

In Quebec, however, where it has operated for more than 100 years, SNC-Lavalin has a chorus of defenders that include the premier, the Opposition and pundits.

So that he can understand that even if he doesn't give a damn about all those workers and their families, his toxic Trudeau hate could also end up hurting vulnerable pensioners.

Only 3,400 of its 50,000 employees worldwide work in the province. But Quebec's pension fund manager — the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec — has a sizable stake in the company. 

It owns around 20 per cent of SNC's shares, which have been trading at six-year lows since federal prosecutors announced in October they weren't interested in deferring prosecution.

Which is absolutely unforgivable.

And all I can say is this:

If Cullen wants to play footsy with the likes of Pierre Poislievre that's his problem...

I suppose in the eyes of the blind they make a nice couple.

But a party that sounds just as Con as the Cons, and has no respect for Quebec and its people, is not my NDP. 

It's not the party of Jack.

And it's heading for extinction....


rumleyfips said...

After a week with no information, I'm getting suspicious. Fife has not been further leaked upon; did he fall for a political dirty trick.

The silence from JWR goes beyond confidentiality/privilege . Maybe she phoned Bob and then realized she made a mistake. If she was and admitted it , she would confirm the " difficult " rumours.

Anonymous said...

How amusing, speaking of eyes of the blind you’re still trying to make this about everything but what it is, and about everyone but the Liberals.

Good to see you have the party issued talking points about fake scandal and back room conspiracies down perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I believe it has been reported that JWR is seeking legal counsel from a former SCC judge to advise her on what she can or cannot say.

e.a.f. said...

Nathan Cullen is getting ready for an election. He wants as much space between the NDP and the federal Liberals. His position on SNC-Lav. may not play well in Quebec, but the NDP in Quebec is an aboration, not to be repeated. It was only in the time of Layton that the party did well and that may have also been because Quebecers were so fed up with the traditional parties.

The NDP strength has never been in Quebec and Cullen knows it. He is more interested in keeping the party alive in other parts in Canada, specifically the West. Some of us such as B.C. know SNC Lav. and not all are happy. We know they've been intertwined with the B.C. Lieberals while they were in power. Now we have an NDP government. Distance is required and this isn't a hand holding exercise, its politics and the NDP plays to win. Trudeau be dammed, the NDP wants all the seats they can get, because, just in case, they may hold the balance of power. Traditionally Edmonton Alberta will vote NDP, some may vote NDP because they've decided to like Notley. There is also the cultural wars. Singh is the first National party leader of Indian descent. Expect more than one riding to vote for him, in larger numbers. Now that maybe balanced out by some not voting for him given his ethnic background.

Nathan Cullen isn't killing the NDP, he's trying to save it. there is more to Canada than the mid east of the country and we have an entirely different view on many things.