Monday, February 18, 2019

In Case You Didn't Know How Low The Con Media Can Go

If you want to know how low the Con media in this country have fallen, consider this :

By most honest accounts Andrew Scheer is a religious fanatic, a racist, a misogynist, a closet homophobe, a climate change denier, and a serial liar, who likes to smear his opponents over and over again.

He's also a man who dreams of being prime Minister so he can force seniors to pay for their own retirement, allow religious extremists to invade university campuses, and dismember our medicare system.

So whatever the Schmearmonger is, or claims to be, he's definitely NOT a moral leader.

But just don't tell the Globe and Mail that...

Because they seem to be promoting the absurd notion that a man like Scheer, just might, if he lunged for it, occupy the political high ground. 

Canadians want leadership from their prime minister, not nauseating doses of political correctness. They want vision and inspiration, unifying national policies and projects. We want a reason to be proud of our leaders and our country. 

So, now is the time for Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to seize the high ground of Canadian politics and with it the moral leadership of the country.

I must admit, that when I first read this article, I was stunned.

What on earth I wondered gave Peter White, that old Mulroney Con, the idea that Scheer could make it to the high ground?

When he spends most of his time crawling through the political sewer smearing his opponents, acting in a bestial manner.

And looking like a man who could live quite happily in Ezra Levant's cloaca...

Which is enough to give people nightmares.

But then I read this and I couldn't stop laughing.

There is a tide in the affairs of men, Shakespeare wrote, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune. He also noted that some men have greatness thrust upon them. Mr. Scheer now has a chance to show how accurate the playwright was.

For that is hilarious.

Scheer really is the LAST political leader in Canada to use as an example of moral leadership.

While Gerald Butts on the other hand, offered up today a much better example.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s top adviser and long-time friend Gerald Butts has resigned his post as principal secretary but says neither he nor anyone in Mr. Trudeau’s office put pressure on former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould in the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin on fraud and bribery charges.

By acting to defend the office of the prime minister from the Cons who would demean it, as only they can.

And freeing himself to take on the Cons and other Rebel-like scum who have treated him like the Trumplings treat George Soros, who as I'm sure you know they blame for EVERYTHING.

If I were them though, I'd be very concerned about all the slander that has poured out of that fake scandal like diarrhoea out of an elephant's behind.  

As well as worry about how the Butts' resignation has defused what was left of that non scandal, but is sure to have Canadians asking a lot of questions about Scheer's right hand man Hamish Marshall.

The one who along with Ezra Levant, founded the hate mongering Rebel, and is now the Cons campaign manager.

For that could be VERY embarrassing...

Also, the shocking behaviour of the Cons and their media stooges is sure to mobilize progressives to get off their couches and attack the Cons harder than they ever have before. 

Which is a good thing because progressives tend to be a bit complacent.

And the absolutely best news? 

None of this fake news nonsense will have any serious effect on the results of the next election.

For when it comes down to a choice between Trudeau and Scheer...

There really is NO choice.

One is a real Canadian leader, and the other is a Con clown Trumpling.

So the Cons can keep hate mongering, or dog whistling, and inflaming right-wing extremists to keep threatening Trudeau.

But no matter how many, or how foul the threats.

I'm pretty sure Trudeau will not be intimidated.

He will defend our Canadian values well.

And decency will prevail....


Jackie Blue said...

Gerry gets shoved out and Hamster gets to stay. This is so sickening. And the media is going soft on that racist yellow vest cult that Scheer gives approval to and whose members threaten to kill Trudeau!

I really don't want to see Justin end up all alone crashing and burning and getting the blame for a PM Scheer. The tap-dancing on his grave that the Cons and the bitter Dippers are doing is making me cry and shake. How sadistic can people get? He's a good guy, maybe not such a shrewd politician but a fundamentally decent human being. Everyone needs to just stop taking delight in his misery already!

I still think politics chewed him up like it chews up all decent people. Jimmy Carter served one term. Hillary Clinton never did. Barack Obama served two and ended up having his legacy erased by a racist thug like Trump. It's not that Justin was just not ready. Canada, the world was just not ready for him. Greed and hate are still a feature rather than a bug.

Justin should go out with his head held high. Keep calm and let Freeland handle it. Tell the haters to fuddle-duddle and retire to a quiet private life with Sophie, mom and the kids.

I don't care what people want to call me. I stand with Trudeau just like I still stand with Obama and with Hillary and always will. I want him to be happy. I want what's best for him. The slime on Parliament Hill and in the Ottawa media bubble is not that.

For the sake of the party, the country and his own well-being I think he should take a final bow. And maybe stay out of the public eye where the Schmeermongers can't hurt him.

And he's still got an open invitation to America if he wants to come hang out someplace other than the troubled landscape at home.

Anonymous said...

"I must admit, that when I first read this article, I was stunned."
I wasn't sure if I should laugh, or vomit, Simon. Scheer as a moral leader? Taking the high ground? Both are enviable traits that are extinct in this corrupted Reform-a-Con troupe. Under Harper, they lied, they cheated, they stole and some ended up in jail. Under Scheer it is no different. The lies are so blatantly obvious(except to the MSM) as is the cheating which results from these lies.
Morals aren't something that suddenly appear out of thin air. They are built upon years of being a decent, compassionate person to ALL and ensuring that ALL are treated equally. They are everything Scheer is not.
So as the old Con hack, Peter White, has a vision of Moses Scheer climbing Mount Dilbit with his stone tablets, he needs to remind himself of at least two of the inscriptions and how they apply to Scheer. "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor" and "Thou shalt not steal".

Jackie Blue said...

Look at this lunatic-fringe shit. Big muthatruckers. These are Scheer's voters who the media won't talk about while they parse tea leaves in Gerald's letter. There's a measles epidemic in Vancouver and that's Justin's fault too because Gerald is a shill for Big Pharma?

We said it for 8 years here about Barack Obama and the same thing applies in Canada: If Justin Trudeau said to get tested for cancer, Cons would be in favor of cancer.

Didn't Raitt say cancer was sexy? Who's the idiot in Ontario shitting on autistic kids too? How the fuck is Justin the scientist supposed to counteract this level of stupid????

Marmalade said...

"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing their's and blaming it on you....." R. Kipling.

Jackie Blue said...

"In case you didn't know how low the Con media can go"

...they went lower.

MacLean's headline: "The hole that Butts leaves behind"

Canadian "journalism" is run by junior high-school brats. Justin and Gerry alike would do well to tell them all to piss right off.

Anonymous said...

"He's a good guy, maybe not such a shrewd politician but a fundamentally decent human being. Everyone needs to just stop taking delight in his misery already!"
You're so right, Jackie. I was able to spend time with JT, one on one, before he entered politics and he is a decent, caring man who genuinely loves this country. To see him swarmed by the Cons and their media lackeys is sickening and is the only reason Scheer isn't mired in single digit polling numbers. Imagine if everyone in America had only Fox news to inform them. Well, we're not far from that reality up here.
I don't think Justin will step down. Rather, I think he'll fight on and I hope he does. He's taken on and beaten Con bullies before and he will again.

Anonymous said...

Everything Simon says about the Con media is so true. They don't even try to hide their bias. Even the media in the U.S. puts them to shame. Imagine if we had a Trump running this country, they would be fighting over the right to do his hair or kiss his big bottom.

jrkrideau said...

Hey, come on, the Con media is pretty bad but even it has not sunk to the lows that the US media has. Pity about the US media. It can be outstandingly good --- well until the best are booted out for responsible reporting.

Steve said...

The Globe has a web page full of Trudeau Hate everyday. Its ridiculous when the sun, globe and National Post are nothing but Con echo chambers. This whole SNC is a manufactured scandal.

Steve said...

I want to hear from Dean Del Mastro first. Remember for a period of years he was point man on QP, dressed in greasy leather.

Jackie Blue said...

And in another "hold my beer" moment for the Con media: CTV is now harassing the Butts family. Jodi says she's afraid for the kids' safety and wants to be left alone. Told you they'd chase someone into a tunnel eventually. Leave it to Bell Media, home of Canada's #1 bullshit PSA fundraising campaign, to be a catalyst for harming someone's mental health! "Let's Stalk"!

All that torture for what? New Nanos this week shows the Liberals' numbers and Justin's Preferred PM metrics have actually gone up. Global released a bullshit poll that looks to have been gamed by Nick Kouvalis, and Grenier discarded it for insufficient data. So either there's a tear in the universe and we all need to get science fiction-y and rethink space and time, or Warren and Bob need to get ripped a new one in court. For that matter, so does CTV.

Anonymous said...

The Con propaganda machine is nothing more than a simple minded connect the dots picture puzzle with the complete picture revealed on election day showing Trudeau drowning in a gator infested swamp and saintly Scheer sitting far above on a pristine white throne with golden sunlight streaming from the heavens. The only problem they have is the monochrome crayon used to connect the dots and shade in the forms is a concentrated mixture of dark emotions making the final image look like a low budget scene from Night of the Zombies minus the creativity. Even the Mad Max post apocalyptic world is more appealing, yet the disciples continue to studiously connect the daily supply of new dots.

Anonymous said...

Nanos said it’ll take a couple of weeks for any changes to show

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....don’t worry Justin Trudeau will be fine. He’s still more popular than Scheer and when Canadians have to choose between the two of them, they will choose Justin. The Con media may have blown up this fake scandal into a giant hot air balloon, but stay tuned that big balloon is about to blow up in their faces...

Simon said...

Hi’s easy to get depressed over the way the Con media has been majking this fake scandal appear bigger than it is. But if what I’ve heard is true, the media may have been played, and this scandal will be over by the end of the week. And the only thing that will have changed are our new orders: take no prisoners !!!! 😉

Simon said...

Hi JD....yes stunned is the word. And the shock was compounded by the fact that I am familiar with Peter white and I honestly thought he was smarter and better than that. The last time he was in the news was when he criticized Stephen Harper for ignoring Quebec. But he has since lost all his Hollinger money, and he must be a shadow of the man he was, for that is one of the most ridiculous articles I have ever read. Since when in this country can a serial liar aspire to be a moral leader? As you know I have been asking myself that question over and over again, because I don’t want this country to go down the Trump rabbit hole, where the truth is what the Cons say it is. As you point out , we started down that road with Harper, and enough is enough...

Simon said...

Hi Kathleen...I had no idea those words were written by Kipling. But then the nightmare we find ourselves in is somewhat similar to the Jungle Book, where the evil Con Scheer Khan is trying to devour Mowgli Trudeau, and you know who wins in the end...😼

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....OMG. I can’t believe how the Con media keep digging themselves even deeper into the pit of depravity. Some day schools of journalism will use this period in history to educate students about the dangers of losing your moral compass. For they have disgraced themselves and their shame will last forever. Our only hope is that they all go bankrupt, and that what rises from the ruins is better than what came before it...l

Simon said...

Hi jrkrideau....I find that because of the monopoly situation, our media is more uniformly mediocre than media outlets in the U.S, for while there are some dreadful newspapers and TV news shows, they also have some outstanding newspapers and TV shows. So in my opinion nothing will change until the mega monopolies are broken up....

Simon said...

Hi anon...maybe so, but Kinsella was flogging some poll he claimed showed Trudeau in a free fall, and he’s never wrong is he?

Simon said...

Hi RT....If you are going to paint such a dazzling portrait of Scheer sitting on a throne, I’m going to have to insist that it be a toilet seat, because that is the only throne the spScheer beast deserves to sit on. Most politicians realize the weaknesses sooner or later and try to change their spots, but Schmear is only getting sleazier, and I shudder to imagine what might happen to this country, if he ever became prime minister...