Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Con Media, The Fake Scandal, And the Zombie Apocalypse

By any known standards, the media coverage of the SNC-Lavalin affair has been a journalistic horror show.

A freakish zombie apocalypse, where the walking dead in the Ottawa Press Gallery  insist it's the BIGGEST story in the world.

Give it saturation coverage, and try to force it down our throats.

Even though it's not even close to that important, and as I've pointed out before, most decent Canadians couldn't care less because they know the schmearmonger Scheer only too well.

But still the Con media zombies stumble on, and when they can't find any new stories they just invent them.

If you got your news this morning from a Sun paper in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, or Edmonton, you might be under the impression that Gerald Butts, Justin Trudeau’s most trusted and senior advisor, has shockingly broken ranks with the PM over the SNC-Lavalin case, thrown his support behind former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, and publicly denounced his boss for “a lack of integrity, transparency, and respect.”

Of course, Gerald Butts has said no such thing. A fake twitter account with the handle @GeraldButtts (note the three “T”s) is responsible for that quote.

And to make matters worse, when caught in the act don't even have the decency to properly retract them.

Or in the case of the increasingly desperate Andrew Coyne...

Who also got caught spreading fake news...

Had to be corrected and humiliated on air, by one of the few reasonably decent journalists left in Ottawa, Chantal Hébert . 

While other CBC panels are so unbalanced and so biased they resemble a morning meeting at Con headquarters.

And the Con media's cartoonists compete among themselves trying to demean Trudeau...

By portraying him as an effeminate woman beater, which drives some of the dirty old men in this country absolutely wild.

Even though nobody has defended women's rights more than Justin Trudeau has. 

Or by repeating the Con line that sunny days are gone forever.

Ad nauseam.

Or suggesting that Jody Wilson-Raybould is going to blow Trudeau's arm off.

Or at least blow him out of the water in the next election.

While she herself is portrayed as a saint or a martyr who speaks truth to power.

Even though we have absolutely no idea whether that is true, or not. Since she hasn't said a word since the fake scandal started.

And she has failed on several occasions to speak ANYTHING to the Senate. 

Former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould angered senators by refusing to give testimony on a change to the Criminal Code that is now at the centre of allegations that she was improperly pressured to help SNC-Lavalin avoid criminal prosecution.

The budget bill was not the only time Wilson-Raybould snubbed the Senate's legal and constitutional affairs committee. Throughout last fall, the committee tried repeatedly to get her to testify on the government's access-to-information reforms — specifically on a provision that would require judges to publicly disclose their expenses, which some senators fear could undermine judicial independence. 

Joyal said Wilson-Raybould "systematically" refused repeated invitations to testify, even though the committee offered to be flexible on the timing to accommodate the minister's schedule. The only response it received was that the minister was unavailable, he said.

So much for perfection.

And if you thought that was weird, this B.C. news magazine even suggests she should be the next leader of the Liberal Party.

If the allegations of preferential treatment for SNC-Lavalin hold up, then the Liberals will be in desperate trouble in this fall’s election. And the only thing that might save them would be replacing Justin Trudeau with Wilson-Raybould.

Can you believe that? 


But what isn't so hilarious, is the way Bob Fife, the man who wrote the Globe story that started the fake scandal, responded yesterday to this tweet from the new Minister of Indigenous Services Seamus O'Reagan.

In this vile manner.

Fife quickly deleted it, and replaced it with this even more disgusting tweet from Ken Whyte, the first editor-in-chief of the National Post.

Which only makes his vicious Con bias even more obvious and more disgusting.

And can only raise some disturbing questions about Fife's story, the one that  triggered this outbreak of mass hysteria.

Who is that anonymous source, and who is really behind that fake news and this fake scandal?

And while that might be hard to determine, or not, two things are for sure.

The Con zombies in the media have exposed themselves and disgraced themselves beyond redemption, but instead of eating Trudeau they will almost certainly end up eating themselves.

And if we don't watch Scheer and his Trumpling zombies closely, and prepare to destroy them.

They will try to steal the next election.

And if they succeed, they will kill this country...


the salamander said...

.. Simon.. you left out of your equation or logic - Scott Brison's sudden resignation from President of the Treasury Board, and ms Marie Henein asking for 'discovery' documents critical to her defense of ex Commander Norman. The Trudeau Government and Ministry of Justice plus the Treasury Board are not just withholding.. but are also tardy and sloppy at meeting legal requirements.. failing to even request Brison examine his personal devices and backups for relevant docs re both cases. He of course just wishes to 'spend more time with his family', but has just taken a new job with Bank of Montreal.

The 'chain of command' goes.. Justin Trudeau - presumably Gerald Butts & PMO - then the relative Ministers in both of these abdications of honesty and transparency. Who emerges unscathed is unclear. Ms Wilson-Rebould resigned, lawyered up & remained silent. Scott Brison will follow suit shortly. And Justin Trudeau now says Ms Wilson-Reybould would still be Minister of Justice but for the Brison resignation.. which also involves both of them.. This all astonishing & unbelievable coincidence & timing of course.. the Lavalin situation and the ex Commander Norman case.. except for Ms Henein being involved for her client, Norman.. and of course Mr Norman.

Anonymous said...

When the whole basis of this "scandal" revolves around one anonymous source and with the Con media absolutely frothing at the mouth over the prospect of pinning this on JT, I expected and it's now realized that these Con hacks are resorting to even more outlandish bullshit to try and keep this story in the headlines. They know they need more than an anonymous source so now it's plan B, or plan Bullshit.
I used to like Fife but he has obviously succumbed to the Con media's corporate directive of electing Scheer at all costs with juicy bonuses as enticement.
Finally, it sickens me that he would retweet that disgusting comment from Ken Whyte, an equally sickening individual who, surprise, surprise, is with the National Post.

Anonymous said...

So now it’s what about Brison? And Trudeau is corrupt so let’s give Scheer a chance? What absolute bullshit, you’ve been reading the Tyee too much.

Jackie Blue said...

Canada is reeeeeeeeally not ready for a fake-news election. Even worse is that it's probably not even Russia manufacturing the fake news, it's your own papers! This is both frightening and sickening. Can you say "But his emails"? You're staring down the barrel of 2016 and nobody seems to be aware of it!

How can you stop a train wreck from happening when nobody even acknowledges they're standing in the middle of a railroad?

Jackie Blue said...

Fife the Knife lied about an innocent Muslim man and was never held accountable for it. He's a hack. But because Mahar Arar was a brown foreign person, nobody cares what happened to him.

Canada's media might even be worse than the notoriously bloodthirsty British press. If it wasn't for character assassination, they'd be chasing Justin in the Gullwing into a tunnel at 90km/h.

Vultures. The whole lot of them. A pox on all their houses.

Jackie Blue said...

Oh, now it's Brison's emails. Hey, maybe Julian Assange has access to his Blackberry, why don't you ask him. How about the simplest explanation that seems to make the most sense: The Cons and their stooges never got over 2015 and they're desperate to crucify Trudeau, so they invented something to try and "stick" in an election year and they have a complicit mole in the loose cannon, Wilson-Raybould, helping them do it.

I keep saying, look at what happened with your downstairs neighbors instead of thinking "it can't happen here." You're already swamped in fake news. This is a smear campaign and a Caesar operation and anyone who doesn't see that isn't paying attention.

As for the Tyee, the conclusion drawn in that advertorial speaks volumes about the trajectory that JWR's "allies" want this to take. Maybe she took it out as an endorsement of her own campaign ambitions. Or daddy did. Hey, we're "just asking questions. It would be irresponsible not to speculate."

Anonymous said...

The hysterical reaction of the media reminds me of the atmosphere that caused the tragic Salem witch trials. Once it started it could not be stopped until many innocent lives were lost. I fear something similar could happen here, but what will be lost is this country.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, Pierre never had a gullwing. His Merc was a convertible.

Jackie Blue said...

The Republicans wouldn't tolerate another Clinton leading the country and improving life for the üntermenschen. Neither will the Conservatives abide another Trudeau bringing sunny days to those deemed undeserving. It's "Derangement Syndrome" with the same Pavlovian response triggered by the last name.

The media pats themselves on the back and thinks of themselves as courageous muckrakers speaking truth to power and bringing down "empires." Just look at their catty portrayal of Trudeau as a spoiled enfant terrible, a Joffrey Baratheon, in need of a comeuppance by the pious and humble farm boy from remote Saskapatch. Andrew Scheer as Jon Snow? Other than the fact that he knows nothing, a most absurd narrative if there ever was one! Their language calls to mind some sort of heroic band of anti-monarchist revolutionaries: to tear down the Clinton "dynasty" or the Trudeau "legacy." Who doesn't love a good populist fairy tale where the deplorable commoners feast upon the head of the wicked queen or the entitled prince?

But they're not Robin Hood and his merry men. They're robbers, hoodlums and dirty old men, acting as a vanguard for the usurpers and the Sheriffs of Rottingham. They are little more than town criers for the power brokers and the evil empire.

There is no truth in the news and there is no news in the truth. To coin a phrase? "In Soviet Canada, messenger shoot you!"

Jackie Blue said...

An error in the reporting details. Must have come from an anonymous source. I'll issue a retraction. :P

But the question remains: who would the networks showcase to sing "Goodbye, Canada's Rose" for an event of their own making? And how much would all of Canada's finest tabloids and business-friendly rags stand to rake in by selling the "Trudeau Funeral Box Set" on Blu-Ray and DVD?

Marmalade said...

Everybody has an opinion! Who are these unknown sources who leaked alleged story to the media in the first place?

rumleyfips said...

What makes you think Fife had sources and not just ratfuckers ?

Anonymous said...

That cartoon you made of Scheer saying that the non scandal is “too big to fail” is so brilliant, I almost died laughing. I retweeted it on Twitter, but I wanted to come here and tell you how much I appreciate your work. My advice is don’t waste you time here, nobody reads blogs anymore. Concentrate on Twitter, because that’s where you can be truly appreciated, and become famous. XXX Sammy

Jackie Blue said...

For all anyone knows, it could have been Fake Gerald or the Harper parody account. Wait, Harper is a parody account. A parody of Trump, Darth Cheney, and a direct-to-video Bond villain.

Maybe it was John Barron all along. Or David Dennison.

Anonymous said...

With zombies at the gate its hard not to take on the mantle of zombie fighter but team Canada has to be so much more than than otherwise we have already lost. Somehow we need to crate a force field that confines them to a designated space and not waste all of our energy trying to herd them by pushing back with their own weapons. Normally strong independent democratic institutions should be counted on to protect us but the zombies have undermined confidence in them with the hopes of taking the fight to the streets where they believe they will rule especially after dark. Fight zombies we must but we need to be fighting for earned public confidence in our democratic institutions at the same time. Scheer would love nothing more than see us dive down the Trumpian rabbit hole and attack a former minister of justice.

the salamander said...

.. hysterical .. (the comments)

Simon said...

Hi salamander ...let me be absolutely clear where I stand. This country is in danger of falling into the hands of the racist, misogynistic, homophobic, climate change denying, Medicare destroying Fascist Cons. So I couldn't care less about the fate of JWR or Admiral Norman, or any other fake scandal the Cons might wave about to try to distract Canadians from what they are planning. Thanks to the idiocy of some Canadians obsessed with petty scandals and the drooling of dirty old men I now live in a province run by a third rate Mussolini, and I am not about to sit quietly and allow the same thing to happen to Canada. I regret I don't have the time to answer all comments these days, but in your case this is all I have to say. The only political leader who can hold off Scheer is Trudeau, and that's why I support him...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I'm sorry I haven't had the time to answer your comments, but as usual you are right on. Far too many Canadians are way too provincial and can't seem to understand that what is happening here is the same as what happened in the U.S., Britain, and other countries. They can't seem to see the big picture, or understand why our shabby media are behaving the way they are, or that we are being flooded with fake news or fake scandals. So they are unable to see the danger we face. Just like in Ontario we are also confronted by the actions of many dirty old men who hate Trudeau because he defends the rights of women and LGBT and other minorities, and they would like to turn the clock back to a darker age, where they ruled and all the others understood that they were second class citizens. Well guess what, they are not going to get away with it. Justin Trudeau may not be perfect, who is? But he is a million times more decent and more Canadiab than Andrew Scheer and the only leader who can defeat him. And those who can't see that are either blind, terminally dumb, or filthy Cons...

Simon said...

Hi JD...the way our shabby media have gone wild over a story based on an anonymous source and written by an obvious Con partisan is absolutely sickening. In any other country Fife would be forced to resign after revealing his obvious bias, but in this country he can get away with it, while JWR is practically canonized despite the fact that she was a far from perfect minister, and he actions may have been guided more by spite than principle. It's a 'depressing situation, but all it means is that those of us who who believe in this country and its values will just have to dig in and fight even harder...

Simon said...

Hi anon...yes, there is definitely a stench of Salem in the air. The Con media feeding frenzy can only be described as hysterical, they have lost their moral compasses, and are now flailing around doing their best to serve their corporate masters. Even if that also serving the interests of the lowlife Trumpling Cons. But as I said in my post those zombies will only end up eating their own credibility....

Simon said...

Hi's OK for everybody to have an opinion, but the hypocrisy is staggering. The Cons and the Con media have gone wild over a story based on an anonymous, but other anonymous sources that claim that JWR was not the saint she claims to be are casually dismissed. It's madness and it threatens the country we know and love..l

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips...well after seeing the way he mugged Seamus O'Reagan, and after reading his very Con Twitter page, I'm ready to believe anything. Remember he works for Bell media that wants the CBC killed, Andrew Scheef has promised to do that, so now fill in the blanks...

Simon said...

Hi Sammy.....thank you, I'm glad you liked it. And yes, it seems to be quite popular on Twitter. But as for giving up blogging and concentrating on Twitter I'm not ready to do that. After so many years of blogging I'm rather attached to my little blog, and some of its regular readers whose comments I enjoy greatly. I also definitely don't want to be famous. I'm a pretty shy person, and although I appreciate the support and encouragement I get on Twitter, I'm quite happy toiling away in my little cabin in the middle of nowhere....

Simon said...

Hi RT...I'm not suggesting that anybody dive down some Trumpian rabbit hole and attack JWR. But neither am I prepared to canonize her, not when she is being used by the filthy misogynistic and anti-native Cons to destroy Justin Trudeau and the country I know and love. I have seen what is happening in Ontario, and I am not prepared to see the same thing happen to Canada....

Anonymous said...

Given the issues with the Huawei extradition, the Chinese government has an interest in calling into question Canada's "rule of law" regarding interference in the justice system.

Just sayin'. . .


Jackie Blue said...

BTW, if you ever needed any more evidence that the media is running interference for the Cons.

The M$M character-assassinates Trudeau as kooks threaten to literally assassinate him. Funny how that oil-thug parade got kicked out of the headlines, innit? Something bad happens to JT the Ceeb et. al. will be all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and score a bonanza on the ratings.

How people can deny this with so much actual evidence staring them right in the face -- versus the manufactured outrage nontroversy that has nothing but irresponsible speculation -- is beyond me.

e.a.f. said...

I think the CBC staffer is Vachy Kapella and yes she does come off as a Conservative and not too interested in being unbiased.

In any scandal there is talk of new leadership. Its how they play the game. Yes talking heads from B.C. are going to be touting JWR but if there were a party leadership review these same talking heads would not be supporting JWR. They'd switch to some white guy. In my opinion, the natural successor to Trudeau would be Chrystia Freeland. Now that is some one we have not heard from, like Elizabeth May, she is keeping quiet. good move.

It is doubtful Trudeau is going any where. those who are talking about a Trudeau successor may well be more interested in getting a job working for various campaigns, prior to an election or trying for more exposure for their own career. It being too close to the election, there will be no leadership review for the federal Liberals.

Most of this is much talk about nothing. If Fife started it, perhaps he could be a little more forth coming about who his source is, but of course he gets to stand behind journalists don't reveal their sources. Well if its good enough for Fife and his, it ought to be good enough for the rest of them and that includes the politicians. if JWR didn't appear before the committee, that was her right. These committees frequently have their own agendas. they're soap boxes, lesser politicians can stand on to get attention. attacking a more prominent politician works very well to increase their changes of moving up the food chain.

With any luck this will die a natural death in a few more days. Perhaps these same journalists can turn to something important in the country, like the high rate of opioid deaths, affordable housing in Canada, money laundering via our housing market and casinos, the impact of foreign money in our economy from less than savory sources, or why cities permit the tearing down of decent affordable housing throwing thousands onto the streets, mold in housing on reservations, undrinkable water in communities in Canada. I know, I know, it requires real work. Attacking one or two prominent politicians is so much easier.

Fife has done some good work over the years, but this time I'd suggest its all about politics and greasing the skids for the Cons. speaking of Cons why don't these "journalists" do some work on the Con party and Hamish Marshall instead of attacking Liberals.

e.a.f. said...

Huffington Post is reporting Ford's government has cancelled the sick leave policy which was implemented by the former provincial government. Two sick days per year was just to much for the 1%ers to give up. It cut into their profit margins, by under 1%. Now people will have to go to work ill or not be paid. Wonder why the MSM isn't doing any reporting on that. Oh, right the Ontario Businesses didn't want the new policy and good heavens if the MSM reported on the negative impact of Ford policies.

hinofan said...

I just heard that Mr. Butts has resigned.
Perhaps he and Ms Wilson Raybold resigned because of some other entirely different reason than the SNC Lavalin affair.
Canada is leading the charge for another regime change.
We were one of the first countries to recognise the peculiar proclamation of self presidency of the Venezuelan Sr Guaido.
The US declared as illigitimate the sitting president Maduro who the US has sanctioned such that there is a shortage of food and drugs and normal commerce cannot be conducted.
Kind of reminiscent of US sanctions against Iraq when 500000 children died.
US supported and appointed Sr. Guaido has set 23 February as the date for the entry of US aid shipments into Venezuela.
The elected President Sr Maduro has said that accepting the aid will constitute an invasion.
What will Canada's role be in this?
This foreign policy event, scheduled for Feb 23, should blow all other news out of the water,
Perhaps Mr Butts and Ms Wilson Raybold have seen the future and don't want any part of it.
A Canadian general led the mission that intervened in Libya and look at that disaster.
I would hate to see that duplicated in Venezuela.
Jean Chretien kept Canada out of Iraq.