Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Shabby Con Media and the Fake Scandal

When the Globe first published its anonymously sourced report alleging PMO interference in the SNC-Lavalin case, the media made Jody Wilson-Raybould look like a martyr.

Praising her to high heaven, for daring to stand up to the Trudeau government they hate so much.

And drawing a direct line between her alleged refusal to interfere in the case, and her removal as Justice Minister.

But then to their great dismay no doubt, the picture suddenly became murkier.

When it was revealed that Wilson-Raybould may have been removed for other reasons.  

The reality is she wasn’t being moved because she was universally loved and doing a bang-up job. 

She was being moved because she had become a thorn in the side of the cabinet, someone insiders say was difficult to get along with, known to berate fellow cabinet ministers openly at the table, and who others felt they had trouble trusting.

And those who dared speak, albeit anonymously, claimed that she wasn't exactly a good team player.

Those who did spoke of a woman who went through staff at a breakneck pace (she has had four chiefs of staff in three-and-a-half years), and only showed up to meetings when she felt like it.

And might even in a fit of pathetic pique have attempted to bring down the roof on her party.

Several Liberals approached Friday said they were confident the story came from Wilson-Raybould herself.

Only to bring it down on herself as well.

For as legal experts have pointed out, if in the role of Attorney General she had felt unduly pressured into granting SNC-Lavalin a Deferred Prosecution Agreement or DPA, it was her legal duty to RESIGN.

But she did not.

And since whatever happened, or whatever was said or wasn't, nothing changed, and the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin continues.

I'd really like to know what exactly is the scandal?

The fact that SNC-Lavalin lobbied the government to discuss those criminal charges?

Hardly. Not when the future of the company and the fate of thousands of workers were threatened by a criminal conviction that would have prevented it from bidding for government contracts for ten years.

Not when Andrew Scheer was also lobbied. 

Even if old big nose forgot to tell us about that.

And since the government had every legal right to discuss the issue around the cabinet table.

Senior government officials confirmed to The Globe and Mail on Friday that discussions were held with Jody Wilson-Raybould when she was justice minister and attorney-general on options in the case of SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., including shelving a corruption and fraud prosecution to help workers who could be affected if the company were convicted.

Indeed to not do so with so many good jobs at stake, would have been criminally irresponsible.

And if Canada's top prosecutor has the right to continuing prosecuting SNC-Lavalin. 

Canada’s top public prosecutor is staunchly defending her prosecution of Quebec engineering giant SNC-Lavalin on corruption charges, saying her office must remain independent from political interference and judicial supervision.

Even though the only individual charged by the RCMP left the company seven years ago, and the company has bent backwards to clean up its act.

And since nobody is stopping the public prosecutor from continuing down that road.

Surely the government has every right to prevent this hollow "scandal" from being turned into a political circus. 

Current Justice Minister and Attorney General David Lametti said there has been no evidence to justify a committee investigation into whether or not Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or anyone in his office tried to have former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould abandon the prosecution of a case against SNC-Lavalin.

Which begs the question, why when there is absolutely no sign that Canadians give a damn about this so-called "scandal," are so many in our shabby media trying to make it sound like this is the biggest scandal ever?

Why are the Postmedia boys like John Ivison and Andrew Coyne blowing up that nothingburger like their lives depended on it?

And the answer is because like so many others in the Con media, it does... 

For which the sleazy Scheer can only be grateful, as you can see in his beady eyes.

But can only further discredit our shabby Con media in the eyes of decent Canadians.

And make people like Warren Kinsella look absolutely desperate.

And even more ridiculous.

As for Andrew Scheer, I don't think this fake scandal will do him any favours either.

For as I mentioned the other day, he is already known as the uber divisive Con and serial liar who spends every day of the year attacking Justin Trudeau.

This fake scandal will only be seen as more of the same...

And stands to do his party more harm than it does the  government.

Especially in Quebec, where the Con's chances of picking up any extra seats has now been reduced to almost zero.

Which all things considered, in a story about laws and lawyers.

Can only be seen as the most fitting poetic justice...


Jackie Blue said...

Fife, Adler, Akin, Solomon, Cousin Coyne, and the other bobblehead morons who pushed this "Crooked Hillary" crap owe Justin Trudeau a public apology. At the very least, a public retraction of the non-story that nearly destroyed the man's career. If anyone should resign in disgrace, it's them. Kinsella, meanwhile, deserves a fucking libel suit brought against him for this and the Gropergate BS. And JW-R needs to get her damn ego in check. Not only would she have brought the roof down on her party, but on the entire COUNTRY, effectively condemning everyone in Canada to the horrors of a PM Scheer. As though that would be any better for reconciliation or any other issues she claims to care about.

Now is the perfect time for the Liberals to take off the gloves and open an inquiry of their own into Scheer and Marshall's fake news factory. If the Cons can't quit shitposting like a bunch of teenage basement-dwellers or gossiping like high school mean girls and come up with actual adult POLICY, they need to GTFO.

I haven't slept in three days and I'm sick of Scheer's stupid rubber face. I can't wait until he's back to waiting tables or selling insurance policies and getting the phone hung up on him. Lying, failing, crooked, dopey loser! SAD!

Anonymous said...

I think we need to calm down about saying Wilson-Raybould is the anonymous source. It could be more nefarious than that. Con media is trying to drive a wedge through the Liberal party. Let’s hold off our attacks on her.

Anonymous said...

This country is becoming a madhouse. Nobody cares about that shit. The Government should tell the Con losers to fuck off. Period.

Anonymous said...

If Kinsella’s hero Jean Chretien could see what Warren has become he’d kick his ass right out of the door, and tell him never to come back. He says he’d not partisan, but he’s a Con now, and he should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

So Lametti says there's no need for an investigation. Sounds about as convincing as Harper claiming there was no need to look into the Duffy affair. Where there's smoke, there's fire and some pants in the PMO are definitely going up in flames.

e.a.f. said...

Quite Agree with that! For those of you in the east, you may not be familiar with Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould. She comes from a distinguished First Nations family in B.C. Her Father, Bill Wilson, is a very well known and respect First Nations leader and there is "film at 11" of him representing First Nations at a meeting with you guessed it, Pierre E. Trudeau. Bill Wilson is one of the early leader of First Nations fighting for First Nations rights and land. He joins people like the late Frank Calder, the first elected First Nations person in the Country, sitting as an NDP MLA in B.C. Leg.

Some describe Ms. Wilson-Raybould as "hard to get along with". No she's not. She just speaks her mind, like her father did. She comes from a family of hereditary chiefs. If you're First Nations, and achieving a law degree and back ground as Ms. Wilson-Raybould has, you're not a push over. You can't be.

e.a.f. said...

Was just watching the news, well its snowing on Vancouver Island, and what is CTV reporting? ANDREW SCHEER MET WITH SNC LAVALIN ALSO. Scheer didn't mention that. He went on about insisting Liberals appear before some sort of committee. If he wants the Liberals to go, then he ought to be prepared to "come clean" about his meeting with SNC Lavalin also. What was that meeting all about?

Winsella needs to get over himself. NO ONE CARES WARREN. Trudeau, Jr. made P.M. and he didn't need your help, nor did he hire you. You're too old to be part of his crew. times change. You were the "young gun" back in the day, now you're an old man so try to age gracefully.

What the newspaper, who first reported on this, is trying to do is any one's guess. Perhaps they and Scheer hoped to cause dissention in the ranks? Perhaps create some sort of scandal for the federal Liberals? who knows, but in due time I'm sure it will all come out. I believe its the Star who is reporting SNC Lavalin met with Scheer and if memory serves me correctly, that is not the paper which reported on the SNC Lavalin story to begin with. Perhaps we will hear dueling bangos between the two papers.

We might want to just all stop writing and casting aspersions or suspicions on an number of federal Liberals. It only serves the purposes of the pee pee party and the Conservatives. its interesting to note we haven't heard from Elizabeth May. it may be the media hasn't asked for her opinion, but she may have wisely refrained from commenting.

Anonymous said...

A good firm "Shawinigan Handshake" might snap him out of his Con pandering, or not. We need to remember that these so called journalists, at the direction of their corporate masters, are in full attack mode on the Liberals in the lead up to the election. Bringing down JT is the prime objective and to the winner go the spoils.
If they want a real story on what is corrupted these days they need only to look within themselves and what is expected of them. Then, look in the mirror and try to recite the journalism code of ethics without laughing out loud.

Jackie Blue said...

Or as Jean Chrétien famously said, "a proof is a proof, and when you have a good proof, that means it's proven." But other than "some argue," where's your proof? Poof!

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I can understand how you feel, but please don’t let the Cons get you down. I know they’re racists, misogynists, anti-Muslim bigots, homophobes, and climate change deniers. And the Con media tries to make us believe that most Canadians are on their side, but they’re not. One of you is worth more than fifty of them. And that’s why we are going to beat them. So sleep soundly like I do, and dream of the great day when victory is finally ours...😴

Simon said...

Hi anon...I’m not saying that Jody is the anonymous source, I’m just linking to a story. But while I was so happy when she was appointed Justice Minister, I will be very disappointed if those reports turn out to be true...

Simon said...

Hi anon...I see you are in a feisty mood. And I don’t blame you, The situation is maddening and our Con media is enough to make anyone angry, But as I told Jackie, we are going to beat those Con Trumplings, the day of victory will be a sweet one. And I’m personal planning to party for at least a week, or maybe a month..🥳

Simon said...

Hi anon...yes I must say I can’t believe the way Kinsella is behaving. That tweet of his was almost scary, it was so crazy. I’m afraid his bitterness has blinded him. But sooner or later he’ll realize what a mistake he’s making, and he’ll be sorry...

Simon said...

Hi anon...How many times do I have to tell you Cons, there is no need for an investigation because there is no scandal. There is no smoke because there is no fire. I realize you and your Cons want to destroy Trudeau so you can introduce Scheeria law, and turn our country into a brutish misogynistic homophobic jungle. But I’m sorry it’s the 21st Century and your time is over....

Anonymous said...

Sure Jackie. Did you believe your president too when he claimed, “I have nothing to do with Russia. I never did”? You have his word, that means it's proven, right?

Gyor said...

Simon, dude, its seems very clear that she is being thrown soulessly under the bus by the Liberals to protect Prime Minister Gerald Butts.

Why are the Liberals refusing a probe, but smearing her from the shadows? Its stinks to high hell.

I'm no Tory for the record.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives are happy to forget rule of law when it comes to scoring political points. Scary.

rumleyfips said...

Well anon, Harper's attack on Duffy was a real bitch hunt. He was criminally charged form having his dog die.

rumleyfips said...

Kinsellouts reformatory conversion is surprising. He hates Trudeau but I think his real jealousy is directed to Butts who has a job he feels is his by right of longevity. Either that or he is desperate for cash .

jrkrideau said...

No clearly not. A real Tory—not the current shower of Cons—were pretty sensible people. Pity that they, if not extinct, are on the extremly endangered list.

Anonymous said...

The justice minister is a political appointment and obviously subject to "public good" political considerations. There are barriers in place in the form of written directives to prevent unjustified political interest from creeping into the actual justice department consisting of career appointed prosecutors. No directive was issued and no tampering such as replacing the lead prosecutor or reorganizing/defunding the department has been claimed. The whole story is nothing but Con propaganda trying to vilify normal cabinet discussion as something sinister inspired by monetary kickback. If we follow the money the only real winners is SNC as it is likely that all the smoke will provide SNC with a valid legal argument that the justice department is politically compromised and they cannot receive a fair trial ... case dismissed! Scheer has to know this but political propaganda Trumps the public good.

mike said...

Not once have I seen anyone consider the White Privilege factor which may be the reason Jody Wilson-Raybould wanted off the SNC file and maybe out of that Ministry altogether. Her DNA contains a 500 year genocide of 100 million Indigenous People and her immediate family put in Residential Schools. In examining SNC's corruption in foreign countries she would have seen their colonialism against First Nations Peoples. Perhaps she felt she could not give an unbiased judicial opinion on that file. Why hasn't this blog, the media, and other White People acknowledged this possibility?

Jackie Blue said...

Nice try Anon 1:30. Except we Yanks know enough from 25+ years of Clinton and Obama Derangement Syndrome and projection from Gingrich's Old Pantywaists to know what a Schmeer campaign looks and smells like. Trump's crimes and those of his corrupt and idiotic henchmen would fill an entire bookshelf. A library. The paper trail would encircle the planet a thousand times. People are already behind bars and there's more to come. No, this is "Trughazi" and the eternal quest for the Holy Grail of WMDs. A big old arugula-and-Dijon nothingburger cribbed right from the playbook of the Maple RepubliCons' inbred cousins to the south. Don't you have a pizza parlor on Mars you should be investigating, Roger Kinsella? Shouldn't you be running along to an appointment to get that tattoo of Harper sanded off your..... "back"?

Anonymous said...

The Con propaganda machine is obviously not worried about the consistency of the story line. A short time ago it was all about Trudeau directing justice to settle the Khadr lawsuit. No questions about his authority to do so or what justice recommended... just he was responsible and a weak terrorist sympathizer for doing so. Now the story line is not about issuing a directive but he has no right to discuss any criminal matters with the minister of justice. One day he is fully responsible the next day its a crime. Wonder how long JWR would last in a Harper or Scheer lead cabinet instead of a traditional Con flunky like P Mack. Just imagine her telling Scheer she decided to settle with Khadr in order to save the tax payer the cost of prolonging a case they were going to loose or perhaps that she was opening an investigation into who bribed a senator, the Pierre Poutine affair or the Porter / SNC tangled web. Perhaps the reasons behind their ridiculous loss rate on supreme court challenges. The list is endless and an independent thinker like JWR would not have lasted a day much less 3 years. Wonder how many would see the irony of her giving recommendations on some of these hot button justice issues in a cabinet meeting with some of the Cons best including Scheer or Harper seated around the table. Simon can you accommodate?

Steve said...

The facts are facts. The justice position is a political one. We do or do not go after people named in the Panama Papers based upon politics. It hits both sides.
SNC laval is an international player who played sleaze to get third world contracts. Do they still do like they do? Why not compare them to Bechtel of or Halliburton. Would Harper, or Weak Andy have done anything differant?

What I have not seen reported is what is the fucking outcome? Did something change in the prosection?

Steve said...

are you serious? White privilege. History has been written by white people. This is not privilege this is power. There is a king of the castle GAME of Thrones real politk that exists, and always has. How about the white privilage that Robert Mugabee enjoyed, or Nelson Mendala, or Barrack Obama.
Its called power, and it has no colour but green.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve
Exactly, was there any tampering with the prosecution. If Canada wants an independent justice minister the position should be on the ballot. As we have seen with Dougie and many others the supposedly independent selection committees charged with making non political civil appointments such as the chief of police can be tampered with.

hinofan said...

Just a smokescreen to divert attention from Canada's outrageous actions and sanctions towards Venezuela and the "rule of law " detention of the Huawei executive also due to sanctions, this time against against Iran.
The world is mad on sanctions so much so the US is sanctioning our steel and aluminum as a "threat to THEIR national security"!
And they are buying our oil at rock bottom prices, exporting more than Nigeria and Libya to Europe and have Canada duped into securing Venezuela's oil for them!
Incoherent foreign policy!!
Freeland should be fired and Wilson Raybold should be appointed in her least Russia has no sanctions against her!!

Jackie Blue said...

Hinofan... Trump put sanctions on Canadian steel and aluminum because Trudeau is a threat to his PERSONAL security. Freeland is a factor because of Putin's animosity toward her, but Trump's "policymaking," if you can call it that, has SFA to do with economics and everything to do with Trump. His base hates Trudeau because of assumed homophobia, while Trump himself hates him for the same petty reasons as you-know-who: he has better hair.

That said, we don't know what Scumbag Steve was up to during that clandestine meeting at the WH. And probably never will. My guess is this is the rollout of a stealth coup from the walking disease vector that never really went away. He's not known as Stephen Herpes for nothing.

Jackie Blue said...

RT: Now Norman's slimy defense lawyer is jumping on board the Lavelin fiasco to accuse the PMO of meddling with the case. And the lying M$M just reports it as fact.

This is such a fucking setup. It's like a chain of firecrackers all timed to explode at once and deliberately targeting Trudeau. This really reeks of a stealth coup. I'm so disgusted. These self-serving con men are sadistic and they make me sick.

hinofan said...

Stephen Harper, because of Canada's role in Libya is a war criminal in the same league as Tony Blair, a similar US patsy for his role in the invasion of Iraq.
Unfortunately our Justin has been sucked into the same vortex with the "Lima Group" and Venezuela.
The US empire and its dollar is in decline.
3 common factors: Saddam , Gadafi and now Maduro threaten to price oil in currency other than US dollars.
Canada, integral part of the US empire, is being coopted in the protection of US imperial hegemony.
Further, 80% of the world's mining companies are listed on Canadian stock exchanges.
Veezuela has immense mineral resources, especially gold.
It is unfortunate that the Empire is not declining gracefully but I don't think hair and homophobia have much to do with it.
Trudeau and Trump are just figureheads, temporarily a little more relevant than Queen Elizabeth whose regal visage graces our non gold backed, discounted against the US dollar, Loonie.
Pay off your student loans and get down to the Canadian Mint shop and buy a few grams of gold!

Nunya Busi said...

This article is fake news and assumptions- nothing more. Trudeau is shit, CPC is shit, Max is shit- ya'all are corrupt and need to understand there is no gold they sold us out and your the lemmings that walk with them over the cliff..#WAKEUP