Sunday, March 04, 2018

Michelle Rempel and the YouTube Bully Channel

We don't hear much from Michelle Rempel these days. Ever since her political sugar daddy Stephen Harper faded to black, or blue, her paint has been peeling off too.

And she's not happy.

Once she was a rising star, or at least that's what the Con media said. And she was in the news all the time

But these days she gets very little face time in Question Period. 

And her Twitter feed is a shadow of what it once was, mostly because she has blocked so many Canadians from reading it.

In what must be the most extreme case of digital political self mutilation (DPSM) this country has ever known.

And all of this has made her even MORE unhappy than she was, when she lunged for the Con leadership, and fell flat on her face.

Which required a lot of time, and no doubt a lot of wine to heal... 

Because she's a sommelier you know. Hic.

But now Rempel is back, with a new/nouveau plan that she hopes will make her famous again. 

And she's reaching for the top, on her own, personal, exciting, real Michelle Rempel, YouTube channel. 

But sadly, as you can see from the garish look of her video posters, it's not just bad it's SCARY!!!

A horror show of a channel, with the kind of videos that one will give you nightmares for days. 

Or make you sleep with the lights on eh?

And the reason they are so scary, and so ugly, is that Rempel who once made nice noises about fighting bullies, has become a ghastly bully herself,

Just another Con spewing foamy toxic Trudeau hate out of every orifice.

Let me give you an example. The other day a jet lagged Trudeau was forced to react to Donald Trump's sudden and insane decision to impose punishing tariffs on steel and aluminum products.

And according to the New York Times, he handled himself well, by sending out a strong and clear message. 

It was yet another slap in the face from the bellicose best friend and neighbor to the south.

But as the news settled on Friday, Canadians took another breath and hoped that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the army of cheerleaders he has deployed to charm American officials since President Trump was elected would cajole the United States back from the edge of a trade war. 

Rather than erupting in rage, Mr. Trudeau — ever conscious of how much his country’s economy relies on the United States — remained calm and firm, counting off the reasons that Mr. Trump’s move defied economic sense.

But that's not how Rempel saw that message. So much does she hate Trudeau that not only did her warped mind visualize it this way...

Which made Rempel look like a four-year-old.

Worse, she used a momentary stumble by our jet lagged Prime Minister to mock him viciously in this ghastly video.

And then as if that wasn't bad (or boring) enough, she started musing about introducing a motion of non-confidence to force Trudeau to resign. Immediately.

Can you believe that? Has she no morals? Has she no decency?

And sadly the answer is no. No she doesn't doesn't.

So much did she adore her fallen leader Stephen Harper...

That she lost her moral compass a long time ago.

And became a bully just like him.

You know, I loathe bullies, and I know one when I see one...

Rempel is just ridiculous, but Andrew Scheer is dangerous.

Don't let that creepy religious fanatic and his bigot bullies take over this country.

Or we will regret it for the rest of our lives...


  1. Having problems posting!

    1. Hi Chuck...You don't have problems posting. It's just that I moderate comments so they don't get published until I can get to my computer, which depending on where I am can take a few minutes or a few hours. So comment away, you are cleared to land...

  2. Anonymous9:48 AM

    What a load of garbage this article is. You say you loathe bullies apparently, but your statements in this article show otherwise. Canadians already have something in the prime ministers chair we will regret for the rest of our lives.

    1. Jackie Blue12:56 PM

      Simon isn't bullying anyone, con. Mockery of bullies is not itself bullying. It's self-defense. Rempelthinskin has clearly demonstrated that she can't handle even polite criticism of her inane ad-hominem attacks on Trudeau, by the fact that she blocks everyone on Twitter who doesn't provide the "feedback" that she likes. Not to mention, this Ham-handed digital blitzkrieg has the fingerprints of suspects Marshall and Levant all over it. Who, it should be noted, are still very much involved in laying down the cards for the Saskatchewan Candidate. Canadians had something in the PM chair from 2006-15 that they will regret for the rest of their lives. The only way they will again is if his name is Andrew Scheer or really anything other than Justin Trudeau. The only chair Wee Andy belongs in is the one at the back of the class for indefinite timeout.

      Go look at the kind of viciousness that the cons and their knuckle-dragging thug mob have directed at Justin Trudeau and literally everyone in his family -- including his children, his depression-sufferer mother, and even his deceased younger brother. Perhaps you've even posted some of it from Uncle Vlad's basement boy harem in Russia? THAT is bullying. The racist fail by the cons in conflating half a million Canadian Sikhs with "terrorists," THAT is bullying. The rampant Islamophobia that Levant and the cons have been spreading all over Canada like a bunch of maple-flavored Fox News fanatics, THAT is bullying. The homophobic insults thrown at Trudeau, calling him "Justine," "Fruity Trudy," "flaming Christmas fruitcake," "Twinkletoes Trudeau," "Princess Pink Socks," "Prime Menstruator," and the dog-whistle "drama teacher," THAT is bullying. Even Bono and Leonardo DiCaprio now have a glimpse into the kind of monstrous bullying that takes place all over Trudeau's Twitter account, which has effectively been turned into a bathroom graffiti wall by trolls such as yourself who deserve to be charged with vandalism. But Trudeau doesn't even block those, even though I think he really should. Hiccups McHiccupface blocks everyone but the echo chamber inside her own soused head.

      Nothing Simon said here is bullying. You're projecting again like cons always do, as I always say worse than an IMAX theater showing 4K YouTube clips on the surface of the moon. Your mama called to tell you, don't watch Michelle Trumpel's channel with the lights off and your pants down, or you'll go blind...

    2. Hi anon@9:48...I don't bully anyone, and I've been fighting them since I was thirteen. I do however mock bullies, because (a) it bothers them and (b) they deserve it. As I mentioned in my post, Rempel used to say she was against bullying, and I was impressed and thought she might be part of a new and better generation of Cons. But sadly it was just an illusion, and she's just just as bad as the rest of them...

    3. we regret Harper to the depth of Diepee the assault where everyone died
      and I would sign up for that if it meant I could get rid of Harper.

    4. lagatta à montréal8:18 PM

      Simon, I know you don't bully anyone, but I do wish you would tar Ms Rempel with her loathsome views and not with allegations of substance abuse.

  3. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Deer SHiman./ I dont am a boolly has yoo stink I ham; I hardy eever drinck responsibilly an don't licke wen you seeI doo. Im onlee have 1 er 2 dinks er bottles maybee so im nut as think as yoo drunck I am. pleesh stop meeking fun to me...gulp...oh sheet;fahk fahk fahk yu made mee git red wine un mi noo wite blowse annd now I cried and u bad...wahhhh...zzzzzzzzfartzzzzz...

    1. Dear Mishell...I'm having Chicken Harper pie tonight, followed by Scheer on a donut, what wine do you recommend would go well with both of them? And please don't say Alberta plonk again, because the last time I used it I had to get a new frying pan. And as for the Kenney Baby Duck, the last time I served that to my guests we all had to spend three days in hospital. So as much as I like watching you get drunk and talk shite on YouTube, I'm afraid it's like your political career, three strikes and you're out...😨

    2. love polls that drink, its so Churchill. The guy who invented
      the concentration camp and gas warfare bombing, wait for it
      the Kurds. Gotta drink alot to justify all that, even if you are a lord.

    3. No question but that Churchill was racist - including anti-semitic - belligerent and anti-labour. Just that the other guy was considerably worse in all those respects!

  4. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Simon, why are you driving traffic to Rempel's YouTube channel by embedding her turds? I was enjoying a peaceful Sunday morning until I came across her video on your blog! Please, I get more than enough Con talking points from the news media without Rempel's amateur-hour vlog.

    1. HI anon@11:00 AM....I know, I agonized about that, and I should have said just watch the first two minutes, and not the whole thing. I know I was practically in a coma by the time it was over. So sorry about that. But I thought it was important that everyone should know how low Rempel has fallen....

  5. Anonymous12:54 PM

    We're going to really pump out the propaganda now. If you think Russia interfered in the US election, that's child's play compared to what we have planned for yours.

    1. Jackie Blue1:58 PM

      So you admit it was Russia. Well that does it, Boris. This is an act of war. Get your sorry, trouble-making ass back to Moscow and leave Justin the fuck alone.

    2. Hi anon@12:54PM...OK that's fine, as long as you know that I intend to flood Russia with anti-binge drinking public service announcements. Also, since Dr Zhivago is one of my favourite movies of all time, could you include a little balalaika music with your propaganda? Thanks...💂🏻

    3. Hi Jackie...unfortunately Boris is probably a Bernie from Tumbleweed Alberta, sitting on his porch with a shotgun and shouting insults at passersby. He probably grew up calling the progressive parties "commies" but now he's so addled he doesn't know what he's saying. And all I can say is if the Putinocracy does try to help the Cons, they will only give us even more ammunition to defeat them...

    4. Anti binge-drinking ads (and anti-smoking ads) would be a favour to Russia, where the men have life expectancies worthy of far poorer and less developed countries. It is very, very sad.

  6. Anonymous4:06 PM

    That has to be the worst YouTube channel I have ever seen. I tried to watch another video but I couldn't it was just too boring. I don't know if she is drinking heavily, but she sure sounds like she is. I can't see this horror movie having a happy ending...

    1. Hi anon@4:06...Yes, I'm afraid I don't see a happy ending either. Andrew Scheer has no time for women like Rempel. He favours people like Rachael Harder the religious fanatic he has seated right behind him. So as long as Scheer is leader Rempel will just be spinning her wheels. Sad...

  7. I watched QP for the first time in several years. It radiated Trudeau hate even from the Star correspondent. It was a very sick demonstration of the free press. According to the panel we should have lowered our corporate tax rate
    immediately to deal with the Trump debacle. What voice are we speaking in?
    It was an hour of fucking Trudeau up the ass while giving blow jobs to Mr Strange.

    1. Hi Steve...I appreciate the point you're making, and I agree with you, all this talk of reducing our taxes to match the Trump tax cuts is crazy. But could you do me a favour please and clean up your language a bit. I don't use vulgar language in my posts, and I expect others to do the same. Thanks...

  8. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Simon, you should have warned me! Watched one of Rempel's videos and now my YouTube preference "you might also like" screen has Con syphilis. I had to go through several screens to get to my normal likes including NUM XL training videos or the physics behind maple syrup evaporators. Tried to get rid of them by searching for "Scheer asshole" but the Trudeau hate propaganda just came back worse than ever. Where the hell are the doctors and the condom dispensers in all of this?
    Seriously though the Hamish Rebels are simply writing a simple script, using question period as their video set, and then doing some editing with some subliminal photoshoping, voice overs and the publishing it on a half dozen interlinked YouTube sites. The YouTube push "you might also like to subscribe to ..." does the rest. The irony is YouTube pays them per click on the traffic generated. The first four days of this month earned Rempel $528. The site was founded in 2011 and a dud with essentially no views until the syphilis bug figured out how to push viewers her way. Combined traffic generated on the sister sites is enough to suck in main stream media including CBC who are too lazy to do their own research... if 100000 people are continuing to watch this crap its good enough for us! Steeper33 a Trudeau bashing site has 2,000,000 views per month while others that bash more than Trudeau such as The Conservative Network and the Rebel have around 8,000,000 views per month each.
    What I cannot figure out is where the hell is the Liberal Party of Canada... not the Liberal Government but the party. It does not take a genius to nullify the spread of the disease, just the some high profile counter videos to break the click chain. They don't have to follow them into the gutter,just a little education and lots of condoms! There is still time but the Liberal party is either incredibly out of touch or has a death wish. Your blog in video form with some animation would be enough to slow the disease but there is nothing on YouTube except for the occasional Rick Mercer rant.

    1. Anonymous11:05 PM

      Rebel cooks its views, Russian style. It is not the views, but rather how they are dragging the unacceptable into the mainstream.

    2. hi RT...I know, I know, I'm sorry. But you can imagine how I felt when I stumbled across Rempel's YouTube channel. I just HAD to share it with EVERYONE !!! ;)But seriously, you raise and excellent question, where is the Liberal Party of Canada? And why aren't they doing more to counter this foul stream of Con propaganda. I realize that Justin likes to float above it all, and is too decent to want to fight the Cons in the sewers they inhabit. But these are dangerous times, fake news is everywhere, and it needs to be attacked wherever it rears it's ugly head. And yes, we do need to make more videos, for I don't know if you have noticed but YouTube is crawling with Con videos. I'll take my video machine out of storage, and see what I can do...