Wednesday, March 14, 2018

David Akin and the Ugliness of the Con Media

David Akin has always been one of the shabbiest members of our grotesque Con media.

Once he used to inhale Ezra Levant's farts at Sun TV News, until the farts caught fire, and it went down in flames.

But it seems old habits die hard, and now he spends his days looking for any excuse to attack Justin Trudeau.

And I mean ANY excuse.

Like making it sound like Trudeau was responsible for the mini gaffe of that tiny flag which was replaced long before the royal couple arrived. 

Or somehow forgetting that the person responsible for greeting royal visitors is the Governor General, not the Prime Minister.

And although that Con stooge was finally forced to admit this:

He never bothered to apologize, just like he never apologized for promoting this ugly turd of a story.

Fresh from the rear orifice of the trashy right-wing tabloid the Daily Mail.

Which was nothing but a hate mongering rant complete with this fake picture it claimed was Justin Trudeau...

But although the story was picked up by every Trudeau hater in Canada, when the obvious truth was revealed: 

All Akin did was blame the Daily Mail.

And never took responsibility for spreading that hate mongering story in the first place.

Which only shows what a coward he is.

But then again why should we be surprised?

When Akin has been cheerleading for the Scheer team forever...

He thinks Hamish Marshall who Scheer hired from the hate mongering Rebel is a "nice guy."

And his bias has always been painfully obvious...

And all I can say is, what I have been saying for a long time:

The naked bias of our Con media is corrupting our democracy. They have managed to damage Justin Trudeau but that's no feather in their chicken caps. It's an assault on all the decent Canadians who support him for all the right reasons.

Akin and others like him must be shunned and boycotted until they are brought to their senses, or brought to their knees.

Write to their bosses and tell them you will cancel your subscriptions unless those stooges are fired.

And of course in the case of Akin, urge them to send him to the place where he really belongs...

The Con media are Con scum.

And enough is ENOUGH...


  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I can confirm that photo of Trudeau in drag is real. I took it. Stop making fake Twitter accounts and spreading lies Simon.

    1. Hi anon@1:03 PM...oh yes now I remember. You're the guy with the Con blue velvet dress, and the flashing neon beehive. I swear you looked almost as fabulous as your fellow closet queen Jason Kenney. Now get lost loser....

  2. Anonymous1:39 PM

    How I feel about David Akin...

    1. Hi anon@1:30 PM....Akin and the other members of the Con media will get away with it, only as long as Canadians allow them to get away with it. No democracy can survive if the media cares more about reflecting the views of its corporate masters than it does about reflecting the views of the citizens they are supposed to be serving. It's as simple as that, no balance no democracy...

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Well said Simon, and ignore the Con trolls. Akin and Andrew Coyne and others in the Con media have shown their contempt for Canadians, they are corrupting our democracy, and they deserve to be denounced.

    1. Hi anon@3:07 PM....Thank you, and don't worry about the trolls. I deleted three comments from them today for being too vulgar or too homophobic. And I really enjoy doing that, so the more the merrier.­čś╝
      As for the Con media, as anybody who has followed this blog knows, I am not one to attack the media without reason. And the reason I am now is because I believe that they have gone completely overboard and are twisting or distorting reality to try to bring down Justin Trudeau and elect Scheer's Cons. After ten years of Harper I am not about to look on passively and see my country lost again....

    2. they are also including the star solid Doug slugs.

  4. Anonymous3:31 PM

    It's pathetic that someone who's won awards in the past for their work has now devolved into a trashy tabloid journalist. By spreading the Daily Mail garbage he has effectively dissolved any vestiges of journalistic integrity that he may have still had.
    His ongoing attacks on JT will no doubt please his Postmedia master Paul(Skeletor)Godfrey and the Con base but for those that matter, we shake our heads in disgust.
    I doubt writing Postmedia will have any effect on Akin's standing there Simon, however, I've seen a more reserved Akin on Global newscasts and lo and behold he's their "Chief Political Correspondent". Perhaps a well written piece on what their CPC is doing on social media and his clearly biased reporting may garner some attention.
    I've sent Mr. Waksman my concerns and while I was there I sent Akin a brief comment as follows: Dear David, After seeing how you were spreading the fake news story from the tabloid Daily Mail I've concluded that you are now perfectly suited to a career with the National Enquirer. Best of luck!

    1. Hi JD....It is sad to see a once semi respectable journalist like Akin become a Con doggy and become so transparently biased. And what makes his behaviour so bizarre is that unlike others like Andrew Coyne and John Ivison, Akin works for Global not Postmedia. The only explanation I can think of is that he was always a Con. If he wasn't he wouldn't have worked for Sun TV News, which if you can remember was little more than a branch of the Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation. Whatever the reason, his behaviour is disgraceful and cannot be excused...

  5. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Hallelujah. Finally somebody calls out David Akin for peddling Con propaganda. It was disgusting to read that Daily Mail story, and then see Akin who brought that hate pornography to the attention of Canadians, not even have the decency to apologize. Simon is right, that Con should be working for Ezra Levant.

    1. Hi anon@3:47 PM...peddling hate pornography is a good way to describe what Akin did by promoting that trashy Daily Mail story. Did he not read it or see that picture before he promoted that article to Trudeau haters all over the country? The Cons are always trying to feminized Trudeau because of his support for women's and gay rights. And I will not stand for it...

  6. @yvonne4tn4:17 PM

    Thank you Simon for writing this. Everyone should be shouting this from the roof tops. We can not allow our Canada to disintegrate the way the United States has because of the false and misleading press.

  7. Hi Yvonne... You're right, everyone should be shouting this from the roof tops. So now I am too, and although I have a very quiet voice, I hope that all our voices can make a difference. The latest polls show the Cons are now almost as popular as the Liberals, and that can only be explained by the torrent of abuse those Con media stooges have aimed at Justin Trudeau, while giving Scheer and his gang a pass, or repeating their fake talking points....

  8. Good grief! The UK's Daily Mail is their equivalent of the US's National Enquirer. And Akin, along with our local talk radio host, Andrew Lawton, thinks it's an important media source?