Friday, March 09, 2018

Justin Trudeau and the Taming of Donald Trump

Justin Trudeau has always known how to handle Donald Trump better than any other world leader, with the possible exception of Vladimir Putin.

He knows how to use his charm to disarm him. He knows how to avoid the grip of a bully.

He knows how to return the favour, and squeeze Trump's tiny hands like a rubber ball.

And yesterday, Trudeau was tested again.

When the increasingly desperate Boss Trump ordered his shrinking mob to trigger a  trade war that could bring down the global economy.

And our young prime minister was able to talk him down, at least temporarily, in brilliant fashion. 

As even the Con fluffer John Ivison is forced to admit.  

When the history of this Liberal government is written, among its major achievements will be the bad things it prevented from happening.

On Donald Trump’s threatened steel and aluminum tariffs, the Trudeau government has skillfully leveraged the network of contacts and allies built up over the past 18 months to secure Canada an exemption.

Forced to admit that Trudeau's phone call halted the beast in his tracks, by threatening to take his message to Canadians.

The pivotal intervention seems to have been Trudeau’s call to Trump on Monday night. Trudeau told the president that he is planning to visit every steel town in Canada in the coming week, where he will reinforce the message that Canadian steel is made in Canada by Canadians.

And expose Trump as a lying maniac, day after day, after day.

Unfortunately, because Ivison is after all a member in good standing of the good old boys Con media club, he had to throw in this bone for his bosses.

For whatever reasons, Trump listens to Trudeau and the two have an easy-going, unthreatening relationship reminiscent of the school bully and class dweeb. The prime minister has shown admirable self-restraint in his exchanges with the mercurial Trump and Thursday was the pay-off for abasing himself before the alpha dog president at the White House last October.

Calling Trudeau a "class dweeb" even though he most certainly is not. 

He's a Canadian standing up for our values in the quiet, polite, but firm manner that reflects who we are, and makes us different from the Americans.

A decent, classy leader who can under certain circumstances, mix it up in the corners...

And use force to punish the Cons.

OUCH !!#@

But doesn't go around insulting others, and has never debased himself, unlike Andrew Scheer...

The creepy religious fanatic who hates Trudeau so much, and loves Trump so much, he could never be trusted to lead this country.

So where was Scheer yesterday while all this was going on?

Grabbing a quick photo-op with Theresa May on his Great Embarrassment Tour.

And pretending he's working on a free trade deal with Britain, when May and Trudeau agreed to one last November.

And what does the Con media have to say about THAT?


This CBC panel last night discussed Scheer's trip to London, gave it rave reviews, and never once mentioned that Scheer is acting like a Con artist...

While the hideous host Rosemary Barton felt she needed to tell the nation that " it's so easy to like Andrew Scheer."

Great eh?

And then they wonder why we call them the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation.

And what were others in the Con media saying?

Forget Trump, that woman friendly budget, or that trade war, that fake India story isn't OVER !!!!!

When in fact is so over it's not funny.

And all I can say is that Justin may not be perfect. Who is?

But he is a real Canadian, standing up for our real values.

He's not easily bullied.

And we are lucky he's our prime minister at a dangerous time like this one...


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    I know right! After reading Justin's twitter feed this morning (which I always do religiously), and his biography for what the hundredth time, and typed his name under google news to get my daily fix of articles, I'm Justin time (forgive the pun) to comment how much I love him on all the progressive blogs I follow. YAY!

    Now who's with me?

    1. Anonymous1:27 PM

      I'm with you! Another glass ceiling shattered to day. The Cons will be hyperventilating by nightfall.

    2. Jackie Blue1:47 PM

      Eh? Not sure if satire. I'll just leave this here in case you do actually need something of substantive policy achievements to counter what appears to be mockery of Trudeau supporters' fondness for him. Evidently you seem to think this is teenage fan-crushing rather than appreciation for the good things he's done for his country.

      Amid Brexit chaos, U.K. comes at bottom of the G7 growth league, as Canada takes the lead - The Guardian

      Canada close second to Switzerland in survey of best countries to live - The Globe & Mail

      Canada's infrastructure projects take off, while Trump's plans sputter - The Washington Post

      Anti-Trump tech workers are ditching the U.S. for Canada - Vanity Fair

      Up, up, and away: Canadian pot companies are hitting up American stock markets - BuzzFeed

      Gee, it sounds like economic forecasters are crushin' on Justin too. But the crooked, failing, lying fake-news media just wants to bully him over his wardrobe choices, call him a "dweeb," and rave about how "likeable" is a man who keeps in company with right-wing terrorist recruiters at Rebel Media. But, but, but, Hitler loved his dogs and was a vegetarian too!

      In the war between the pink socks and the jackboots, support the pink socks.

    3. Anonymous10:33 PM

      Yes Justin should be respected as he is a much stronger and giving person than most of us. After years of enduring nasty Con inspired personal political propaganda its almost incredulous that he hasn't engaged in even a little Trumpian style deflection and revenge. Following years of nefarious political skulduggery the opportunities are nearly limitless. Perhaps warm up by putting Harper and Wright in the hot seat by reopening the Duffy bribery case, then on to the felon Carson and the multi million dollar University Of Alberta oil boondoggle, The F 35 double books ... whistle blowers anyone we pay well. Trudeau has the authority and power to make life very difficult for the Cons but he doesn't. Many of us know the answer to that question but it would be wasted on those convinced it is a sign of weakness.


    4. Hi anon 11:37 AM...well I must say I'm impressed by your enthusiasm. You should join the Trudeau Youth. There's always the Scheer Youth I suppose, but they're all over fifty, they're all religious fanatics, and they're all REALLY boring....

    5. hi RT....No politician in modern Canadian history has been attacked as viciously as Justin Trudeau has. And because he's too decent to reply in kind, the Cons try to portray that as weakness, and attack him even more. My first instinct is to go after any Con that attacks me, and terminate the problem with extreme prejudice. ;)
      And yes, as my Mum keeps saying, Justin is such a good example. But him and the Liberals do need to put on the gloves and give the Cons a taste of their own medicine. Or those filthy beasts will end up crawling all over them...

    6. hi Jackie...thanks for that list of Trudeau's accomplishments. The Cons have always tried to portray him as too dumb to then his own shoelaces, or claim that he's done nothing. When in fact he's done more to make Canada a better place in two years, than the depraved Harper regime managed to do in ten.
      And yes, as you point out, socks are always better than jackboots....

  2. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Thanks Simon, the dirty Cons are running all kinds of disgusting stories about Justin Trudeau, including one from the Daily Mail that has a fake picture of a drag queen that they claim is Trudeau but in fact was swiped from some blog. And guess who posted the Daily Mail story? David Akin. You were the first to take aim at the Con media, and now look how low they have fallen.

    1. Jackie Blue2:19 PM

      At some point he really should file a libel suit against them. This borders on a hate crime. Even if he was gay, who gives a shit? This is what passes for policy analysis? It's Infowars-level crap. The only things they have to "attack" him with are homophobia and, now, racism-by-proxy over the traditional garb in India. They're fueling right-wing radicalism and are no better than the scumbag Levant himself. As election season heats up, I'm sure there will be plenty of phony headlines about Justin holding séances at mom's house to contact the spirit of Wilfrid Laurier, while Sophie operates a child trafficking ring in the basement of a Tim Horton's. Trash, all of it trash.

    2. Hi anon @1:46 PM...Yes, I saw that Daily Mail story, and it was disgusting. But what it only makes even more clear is that Justin is now the progressive leader that all the right-wingers of the world like to attack. Which means he must be doing something. I've got some thought about why the Con media is so aroused, that I hope to share with you this weekend...

    3. hi Jackie...Ever since they began their rabid anti-trudeau campaign years ago, the Cons have always tried to feminize Justin. When they're not claiming he's Fidel Castro's son. They have used him to promote their rancid misogyny. But he should be proud of that, for that makes him the voice of the new generation, and the voice of a better future...

  3. Jackie Blue2:00 PM

    Simon, David "Quit Yer Belly" Akin is getting ratio'ed on Twitter for linking to a Daily Fail article that calls PMJT "the most preposterous politician" and justifying it as a "credible source" because, get this, it reports 12M readers per day. That's it. Quantity over quality. He's blocking everyone who points out that it's a garbage Murdoch tabloid, the "news" equivalent of McDonald's junk food, and that the editor-in-chief is a die-hard Brexiteer. (A plot to disrupt the E.U. which, it's being pointed out, had Russian involvement. Seems Comrade Andrei Scheerovich finds it all too convenient to ignore that, eh?)

    The Fail is too trashy even for Trump (which is really saying something), as Melania won a libel suit against them for calling her a prostitute or something to that effect. But this is what your country's fake-news media considers to be fellow travelers and quality journalism: a tabloid so full of lies and salacious accusations that even a Trump drew the line. It's not even considered valid for WIKIPEDIA, that's how loaded with crap it is! He might as well have linked to the Weekly World News. Batboy could do better journalism than anyone in Canada these days.

    Most people in Canada don't take these idiots seriously, do they? I mean even that Ivison piece is written so poorly and with so much unnecessary snark that it comes across as a D-grade assignment for a high school newspaper, a veritable "Slam Book" à la Mean Girls. There's no news in your news. It's all just petty editorializing by class dweebs who are jealous of the valedictorian.

    Like Mike Royko said, no self-respecting fish would want to be wrapped in it.

    1. Anonymous5:20 PM

      Jackie, David Akin is one of the scummiest members of the Con media. He used to work with Ezra Levant at Sun TV news. He'll do anything to smear Trudeau, and should be working for the Daily Mail or the Rebel

    2. David Akin is a Con media hack. The Daily Mail is a disgusting. The two go together like horse flies and horse shit. Akin should be ashamed of himself, but his obsessive Trudeau hate makes that impossible. He could have been a contender, he could have been a journalist....

  4. Anonymous7:31 PM

    When are the traitors from the Con media going to criticize Scheer's trip to London? He has no right to act like he is Prime Minister and pretend he can work out a deal. That's fraud and the police need to question him when he returns.

    1. hi anon @7:31 PM ...I don't know if the police will take an interest in Scheer's vacation. But the progressive parties should demand to know why he was traipsing around Britain making it sound that he, not Trudeau, was the prime minister.As well as claiming that he was laying the groundwork for a trade deal, when others have been working on that for months. It does sound like fraud and we do need some answers...

    2. Anonymous12:10 PM

      It appears that harper and manning are still pulling the strings of their puppets.

      On the same day that scheer announced his grand tour to Britain, jason kenney starting peppering his announcements with references to when he becomes Premier of Alberta and has continued to do so.
      I can only assume that the puppet masters have told their protégés that if they continuously refer to themselves respectively as the Prime Minister of Canada and the Premier of Alberta (in their wild dreams) that the people will vote for them.....
      Unbelievable - yet here we are.
      I hope they are both bitterly disappointed.

  5. e.a.f.7:36 PM

    I'd suggest Ms. Freeland is the real hero here. O.K. he is the P.M. but Ms. Freeland has been doing all the work. she and her team have been talking to all the required American players and they have gotten the message.

    It was interesting to watch Ms. Freeland at the photo op during the latest NAFTA discussions. The two boys, Mexico and U.S.A. wanted her in the middle for the picture. Ms. Freeland, not so much, nice work how she re arranged all of that.

    Ms. Freeland is most likely the toughest member of the Cabinet.

    1. She is also one of the most compromised on a tough file. These are Harper people in the Trudeau tent.

    2. hi e.a.f....yes, I should have mentioned Freeland's excellent work, I was going to and then I forgot. But she is just the kind of tough negotiator we need to deal with Trump, and hopefully she'll inspire the others....

  6. I used to watch At Issue, Power and Politics etc., but Now I know what is going to be said before these so-called Pundits open their mouths....find it all very one-sided! SAD!