Saturday, March 17, 2018

The National Post Goes After Justin Trudeau. Again.

When I last checked out Paul Godfrey, Postmedia's Big Boss, he was cursing Justin Trudeau, and demanding money to bail out his sinking operation.

And his frantic employees were running around, or splashing around, desperately trying to please him.

Which is the only way to explain this story.

Which is just another grubby attempt to keep the mummified story about Trudeau's Aga Khan's island vacation alive.

By demanding he tell the Con media more about this year's March break vacation. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office is again sharing few details about his vacation this week, though questions about how the prime minister spends his private time have caused problems for the Liberal government in the recent past.

As if this wasn't enough.

On Thursday, officials in the prime minister’s office would say only that Trudeau is “spending private time with his family in Florida,” but would not elaborate on what he’s doing or with whom.

As if the trip hadn't been cleared by the Ethics Commissioner.

Trudeau’s office made clear that unlike in the past, this time Trudeau cleared his trip in advance with the parliamentary ethics commissioner.

And as if the highly photogenic Trudeau family doesn't have the right to try to escape the clutches of the paparazzi.

Unlike the very un-photogenic and totally boring Andrew Scheer...

For whom that' a problem.

And how absurd is this?

As for Trudeau’s current whereabouts, though U.S. President Donald Trump called Trudeau a “very good guy” on Twitter Thursday he apparently stopped short of extending the prime minister his hospitality. Ahmad did confirm that Trudeau is not currently staying at the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida — and “he’s not planning on being there.”

Justin and his entire family having a nice restful vacation at Mar-a-Lago?

Why would he do that? When by standing up to Trump he's making him look smaller...

And making himself more popular.

Following his misadventures on the India subcontinent, Justin Trudeau has to restore his once-lustrous international image. Donald Trump is his ticket.

Mr. Trump thinks he has Ottawa boxed in on the trade file by playing the linkage game. As in, either pony up at the North American free-trade agreement negotiations, Mr. Trudeau, or you’ll be bludgeoned with steel and aluminum tariffs.

But in fact Mr. Trudeau has the upper hand and it is getting stronger.

I mean really. Andrew Coyne should be ashamed of himself for helping to spread fake news...

Doesn't he read his own paper?

How low will he go to please the ghastly Godfrey?

Or the American hedge fund that owns Postmedia.

And why didn't the Postmedia gang ask Andrew Scheer about his scandalous vacation in London...

Where he claimed to be working on a free trade deal, but wasn't.

But then Coyne tweets from early morning to very late at night. 

He never seems to get out.

So maybe all he needs he needs is a vacation himself...

To relieve some of the pressure he's under.

In fact, wouldn't it be nice if we could send him, and John Ivison, and all the other Con media hacks who are corrupting our democracy with their naked bias.

On a vacation to remember...

The Con media ladies and gentlemen. 

Please give them a round of applause.

And then please help stop or sink them.

Before they sink our country...


  1. Post Media is re publishing the Star Opinon/news pcs now. Thats how bad it is. There is no not fake news left.

    1. hi Steve...yes I saw that poll and others, and I find it hard to believe that a goon like Ford could become the Premier of Canada's biggest and most powerful province. It's madness, and I only hope sanity can prevail or this country may never recover...

  2. Jackie Blue2:31 PM

    That idiot Loonie Coyne can't even read. "Three words"? Mar-a-Lago is one word, unless Ghostmedia's reserves are so vacant they can't afford hyphen keys on their antiquated word processors. Which makes me wonder how he's able to keep tweeting so incessantly as to make Mr. Modern-Day Presidential Troll himself look low-energy and sad. Does he plug in his machine to a potato battery or farm out the labor to a roomful of lab monkeys in Vladivostok? Perhaps he makes generous use of Colombian... caffeine products! With lots of powdered sugar! Hey, I'm just asking the questions, of course. I'm just starting a conversation. Inquiring minds want to know...

    The glue-sniffers at Paste-Eater Media ought to go on a permanent vacation to the New York luxury hotel called Bellevue if you ask me. Plenty of comfortable padded rooms and a custom-fit plush "bed jacket" for them to change into, with 24-hour on-call staff to make their stay very memorable. Or pay a visit to the VP's summer retreat at Mother Pence's Bates Motel. One way or another, the newshounds -- or is that boozehounds? -- ought to spend an indefinite hiatus in some sort of rehab facility. Their paranoid, fact-averse delusions and constant obsession with Trudeau's whereabouts and activities make them sound more like celebrity stalkers than credible journalists. They're addicted to their own supply of fresh, hot, steaming bullshit. One whiff of that intoxicating scent of ego and they're hooked on the gateway drug. So much winning. The Charlie Sheens of North American political "news."

    'Course, the wary cynic in me worries that they won't quit the habit until they go driving under the influence and chase the whole family into a tunnel at 100mph. Although, in the case of Canada's low-rent tabloid hacks, a repeat of Diana might be fortuitously avoided by the possibility that they're so insolvent they can't even afford a fleet of rickety Yugos or a box of disposable Kodak Fun Savers. So instead they're reduced to churning out piss-poor fan fiction from the darkest corners of their uncreative collective imagination. Perhaps Penny Dreadful Coyne expanded "Mar A Lago" minus the punctuation in the hopes of getting paid by the word. Lying, failing, crooked fake news. Sad.

    1. hi Jackie...I don't know how Coyne manages to spend his entire day tweeting. And I can only guess that like others at Postmedia he is also losing his grip on reality. It's not like we're demanding that the National Post be turned into the National Liberal, all we want to see is a little more balance. But then, most of the bias is coming from those who were around when Conrad Black founded the Post and turned it into his instrument to make Canada conservative. With a convicted felon as their living saint, no wonder they are in trouble...

  3. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I have written to my MP to demand that not one penny of taxpayer's money be used to bail out Postmedia. It would be in my opinion like rewarding fraud. Postmedia is a Conservative propaganda service, and if it needs money it should get it from them.

    1. Anonymous6:43 PM

      I will do the same as you. The idea of Paul Godfrey getting any money from tax payers is unthinkable. Die Postmediia die.

    2. hi anon@3:23 PM and 6:43 PM...excellent. That makes at least three of us. ;) It's sad that Canadians have to resort to such measures, but the Con media leaves us no choice...

    3. Make that 4 of us!

    4. Anonymous11:32 AM

      5 of us!

  4. Jackie Blue3:48 PM

    Postscript: Simon, I thought you should see this. Postmedia is so pathetic they're even editorializing headlines about canine passengers victimized yet again by airline misconduct.

    Figures they called him a bad dog; after all, he ran around at an airport named for a titan of the Liberal Party. If the crate got damaged at Pierre Trudeau International and Fido escaped from his cage there, the Ottawa Citizen would probably label the poor creature a terrorist. And if PMJT had an airport named after him, well, not only would the furry fugitive be branded a terrorist -- they'd call him a drag queen, or sound their, eh, "dog whistle" and call Fido a "drama teacher."

    They're getting ratio'ed in that thread too. Most everyone is taking the side of the pup, including the well-known American journalist Yashar Ali. You could say that, literally, Postmedia has really gone to the dogs.

  5. hi late and still lamented lab had more air miles than most people. So any of those dog plane stories sends a shiver down my back. But then Postmedia on most days is nothing more than a trashy tabloid. And he combination of that and its right-wing slant makes it almost unreadable...

  6. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Loving these comments. Time for a Canuck coup! Sick of this bashing the only leader in recent years trying to repair the damage done by conservatives and their media shitpies.