Friday, March 23, 2018

Doug Ford and the Tin-Pot Northern Trump

I'm always glad to get back to Canada, even after the shortest trips abroad. Especially  at this time of the year, when if you bundle up it almost feels like Spring in The Great White North.

And at Sugar Beach in my neighbourhood, if you've got a good imagination, you can almost dream of summer.

But this time it seems different, there's a chill in the air, and I can't help thinking I must be crazy to be living in Ontario.

Where, as I'm sure you know, a scary ape is running wild.

And even though the Fordzilla is a nasty brutish beast, many in the province where I live want to make him the Premier of a majority government.

Believing he would be more "accountable." than Kathleen Wynne, and that the economy sucks.

When in fact Doug Meat Loaf Ford has only ever been accountable to his crime family. 

In the 1980s, anyone wanting to buy hashish had to know where to go. And in central Etobicoke, the wealthy Toronto suburb where Mayor Rob Ford grew up, one of those places was James Gardens.

The biggest thing he has ever run was that alleged drug dealing operation. 

"Most people didn't approach Doug looking for product. You went to the guys that he supplied. Because if Doug didn't know you and trust you, he wouldn't even roll down his window," Justin said.

And the economy isn't sucking, it's booming. 

Ontario’s economy is growing at a healthy clip, outpacing all G7 nations, according to the province’s second quarterly public accounts.

But sadly, with all that fake news, it won't be long before the whole world starts wondering whether Canada is about to elect a tin-pot northern Trump.  

Or whether the people of Ontario are too dumb to realize the threat they are facing.

Mr. Ford’s sweep in as quiet and stable a place as Ontario points to a broader global crisis from which apparently there is no escape. Conservatism is no longer a political ideology in the recognized sense, but a repository of loathing and despair. 

It’s where people thrust their hatred of modernity — of globalism and multiculturalism and technocratic expertise, but also of the democracy that fostered those systems in the first place. 

By giving high office to buffoons, by choosing thugs as their representatives and by reveling in nastiness for its own sake, the Conservative brand now is principally a marker of contempt for political order itself.

Too dumb to realize that the enemy is at the gate.

Which reminds me...just down the street from where I live there is a tunnel that street cars enter to get to Union Station.

And all the signs in the world can't stop one idiot driver after the other from driving into that tunnel, getting stuck, and blocking it.

Which is why this cartoon reflects exactly how I feel...

There is no cure for that kind of ignorance.

You vote for an ape, you get what you deserve.

And the good news?

There is still a lot of time for sanity to prevail.

And if or when the beast goes down.

It's going to be better than King Kong....


  1. What politicians cant say is they are not great business people. The task of goverment is in conflict with profit. Efficency is where goverment falls down.
    The reason being there are so many people to pay off. Thats a fact of life. Watch game of thrones, goverment is the biggest gold mine in the world and everyone is hauling out gold 24/7 when their turn comes.

    1. hi Steve...I don't share your cynical view of politics. I demand better. And all I know is that neither I, nor any members of my family, would allow a man like Doug Ford to enter any of our residences. And the thought of Ford as the Premier of Ontario is almost enough to make me vomit...

  2. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Welcome back Simon!! I wondered where you had gone, and was worried you might have been riding your motorbike again. ;)
    We are going to need everybody if we are going to save Ontario and Canada from Doug Ford and his ugly Ford Nation.

    1. hi anon...thank you, I'm glad to be back, and I'm sorry I didn't leave a note explaining that I would be away for a few days. And no I wasn't riding my motorbike ahem. I was in sunny Florida, meeting with my brother to discuss a project we are both working on. But yes, we do have to get our act together if we are going to stop Cons like Scheer and Ford. And all I can say is I'm ready...

  3. Anonymous7:55 PM

    That cartoon is brilliant, and so true. How anybody could vote for a man like Doug Ford is beyond my understanding. I am very afraid that Canada is becoming more and more like the United States.What a terrible time we live in.

    1. Hi anon...I'm glad you liked that cartoon. It had a special meaning for all the people who live in my neighbourhood and are frustrated with the way some bozos keep blocking our way to Union Station. But let's hope a lot of other people see it, and think twice about voting for Ford. The man is unfit to hold any kind of public office, and he would make us the laughingstock of the world again...

  4. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Ford is such a thug he deserves to be locked up in a zoo rather than a jail. How an alleged big time drug dealer could even run for Premier is unbelievable. Every time he opens his mouth he sounds more like a moron than a leader. I'm willing to predict that if that animal ever gets elected he will end his term behind bars.

    1. hi that's a good idea. Put Ford in a cage and charge people to see him, for you're right that's where he belongs. As for your prediction, if you leave a man like that in charge of a budget of $800 billion, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he gets into trouble very quickly...

  5. Anonymous12:46 AM

    James Gardens, I wonder if Drug Ford will open a pot dispensary there for old times sake. I think he'd much prefer to see that G&M story go away as I'm sure he still steams, growls or generally grunts over it. Suck it up Doug, there'll be more to follow.
    Given that he wasn't a street level dealer and cocaine's explosion into the mainstream during the eighties, I suspect there are far more disturbing skeletons in Doug's closet. Book deal anyone???
    The NYtimes article with the quotes that you highlighted Simon is a great description of what Conservatism has become and the irony of that last image once again proves that you cant fix stupid.
    What galls me is that Wynn is so unpopular that whoever they run against her will likely win and the best the Con's can do is Doug Ford. Sad.

    1. hi JD...With all our tax dollars at his disposal Dougie wouldn't have to sell hash in James Gardens anymore. But I can see him trying to get a cut of the legal weed action, and that's frightening enough. Like you, I particularly liked what Stephen Marche had to say about the destructive nature of the Cons. For when you think about it, that's all they ever do. Try to think of anything Stephen Harper created during his almost ten years in office, and there is nothing there. We are dealing with modern day barbarians, and nothing less than the survival of civilization is at stake....