Saturday, April 30, 2016

Will the Gay Marriage Issue Tear the Cons apart?

For almost ten years Stephen Harper never ceased to show his contempt for gay Canadians.

He voted against every gay rights bill that came before parliament. He cut off funding to all LGBT groups.

And he never changed the party platform that calls for same sex marriage to be banned.

But now with their convention only weeks away, that issue may be coming back to haunt the Cons.

And could even tear them apart.

A social policy showdown could be in the works for next month’s Conservative party policy convention. On one side: a bid to further entrench the party’s stand against same sex marriage with a resolution to protect “the rights of Canadian workers who believe in the traditional definition of marriage from employment discrimination on the basis of their deeply held religious beliefs.” 

On the other: efforts to get the existing policy banning same sex marriage dropped altogether.

With the raging bigots and anti-abortion fanatics at Campaign Life Coalition warning the party to support their position. Or else.

The party can’t afford to lose its base of social conservatives, said Jack Fonseca, program manger with Campaign Life Coalition, which recently published a list of six pro-life, pro-family resolutions it says will be debated at the convention in May including the same sex marriage one. 

 “It would be disastrous for the CPC to alienate its large social conservative base and tell them they don’t want them, don’t care about them and don’t care about their values,” Fonseca said.

While others argue its time for the party to become more inclusive.

“There’s opposition, I’m not going to deny it,” said Eric Lorenzen, a member of LGBTory. 

 “But we do think we have broad support. I think the party wants this to happen.”

And the way I see it the Cons can't win.

If they drop the ban on same sex marriage they could lose much of their social conservative base, which in their present state would just about finish them off.

And if they keep it they will never modernize the party, never attract more than a handful of young Canadians. And shoot themselves in the foot or the future.

You know it was a real drag to have to live for so long under a Con regime and a depraved leader who stealthily discriminated against gay Canadians, just for who they are or who they love...

But that love has powered the gay liberation movement from one victory to another, even in the face of overwhelming odds, and the foulest bigotry.

And of course you know how I feel about bestial bigots like Stephen Harper and the porky Jason Kenney who treated LGBT Canadians like they didn't exist.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney blocked any reference to gay rights in a new study guide for immigrants applying for Canadian citizenship, The Canadian Press has learned.

Or weren't fully human...

So if the same sex marriage issue helps tear the Cons apart.

It will be more than worth it.

And we'll all have something to celebrate...

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  1. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Imagine CPC taking an ethical stand on anything. Don't think it will happen. Not in their DNA. Maybe the last of the Harper legacy (CPC) will fall by the wayside. It does seem inevitable.


    1. hi TS...Unfortunately for the Cons they put all their eggs in the basket of their rabid base. And counted on the Liberals and the NDP to split the vote to power them to victory. Now they need to expand their appeal, and they can't do it without losing their base. Harper did enormous damage to his country and his party, but we can repair the damage while I don't think the Cons can...

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    The sooner this unholy alliance between the RefromaCons and the Red Tories self destructs the better off all Canadians will be. As we are seeing with Trumpism in the US the longer it goes on the greater the fallout for everyone when the inevitable occurs.Like a snake oil salesmen that can always attract a crowd by telling them lies,the trouble begins once the disillusionment starts to set in and the crowd become vulnerable to follow a competitor with newer lies that embodies the reasons for the failure of the older lies. Each iteration has the potential to suck in more people ... those that still believe the older lies and those that believe the newer ones. Collectively they are still a part of the same circus.

    1. hi RT...I'd be a strong supporter of the Red Tories if that didn't mean the hopeless Peter MacKay. But I am hoping for a real bloodbath. And I am cheered by the fact that Jason Kenney, who got only six percent support in a recent poll, is no longer a serious contender for leader, and judging by his Twitter feed is slowly going crazy, or crazier. At this point the only candidate who could lead the Cons out of the wilderness is one who had absolutely no connection with the Con regime. But what decent candidate would want to jump on that ship of fools?

  3. Those of us who've never had the slightest intent of making our unions legal also have much to celebrate, as these changes mean more rights for all.

    I think it is also important to expose the more subtle bigots such as the well-spoken "medical ethicist" Margaret Somerville, who has always expressed her opposition to women's and LGBTQ people's rights, as well as the right for all to choose a dignified ending of life if that is our choice. And all those who claim merely to be defending families while playing down the homophobia and sheer hatred at the core of their campaigns.

    1. hi lagatta...well I'm not married either, although if I returned to Quebec I might have to do that because as you know common law couples have almost no protection. As for Margaret Somerville there are few social conservatives I despise as much as her. It used to drive me wild to see how much media airtime she got in her role as "ethics specialist" when in fact she is just a religious fanatic and a believer in Catholic natural law. Fortunately I haven't seen her for a while, so her ghastly star is finally fading...

  4. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Fonseca's claim that the Cons would lose their SoCon base if they accepted gay marriage is just bluster. Where else are the SoCons going to go? The Liberals? The NDP? Not bloody likely.

    Bible-pounders are inherently conservative. Their main concern is protecting an ancient hierarchy of privilege which sees majority-culture straight males on top and everyone else subservient to them.

    But the genie's out of the bottle and rights related to marriage, sexual freedom, reproduction and families will continue to expand. The Bible thumpers will rant and protest, but believers will adapt slowly to these changes as they have to others, such as the acceptance of inter-racial marriage. Eventually, they'll accept the new normal and claim that's what makes Christianity so much more civilized than other religions. LOL!

    1. They could go to the Christian Hertiage Party.

    2. hi that LGBTory said many Cons are probably prepared to drop the ban on same sex marriage, but because the party depended so strongly on its rabid base, now they are being held hostage by it. They will have to reimagine themselves as a more centrist party, but at this point I can't see how they are going to be able to do that. Also remember this is becoming a more secular country, and the base is shrinking as death claims some of the Con's most faithful followers. I never could understand why thermally values crowd was so against gay marriage, when far from weakening the institution it is actually strengthening it. And of course Christianity is supposed to be about love not hate...

    3. hi Gyor...during the 2011 election I actually prepared a pamphlet urging Cons to join the Christian Heritage Party, and listing a number of reasons about how the Cons had betrayed their base. So if the Cons do drop their anti-gay platform you can be sure I'll try that one again... ;)

  5. I'm curious as to what the basis of the "traditional definition of marriage" is.

    1. hi UU4077...marriage has taken many forms during the course of human history. So those who attack gay marriage are only using the so-called traditional definition to attack gay people.It's nothing but a veiled excuse for bigotry. And as I said in my post, in the face of love it doesn't stand a chance...

  6. I do like that cake cartoon. Thanks.

    1. hi rumleyfips... yes, it's a sweet one isn't it? I've acted as Cupid for a number of my straight friends, and their happiness is my happiness. that's the way it should be for all of us, and those who would try to turn it into something ugly, are really ugly themselves and beneath contempt...

  7. e.a.f.10:13 PM

    Loved the cake cartoon! it really represents today's ideals about marriage. Happy married people wanting other people to enjoy the same joy they have.

    Now the t-shirt wasn't bad either. I've seen it before except its the last line I really like. the attitude is great.

    Now as to the Cons and the issue of every one being able to get married. Don't think it will split the party, but one side is going to be leaving, slowly but surely. it depends upon how many extremists make it to the convention. Those who support marriage for everyone will most likely be more reasonable and not want to destroy their party. The only female/male marriage people will stop at nothing to have their own way. One side will recognize the party is supposed to be bigger than one idea and drift off to another.

  8. hi e.a.f.. I'm glad you liked that cartoon, I had forgotten I had saved it in my files years ago, and was happy I could finally use it. As for the Cons, it might not split the party, but it could put a dent in their rabid base, and they can't afford to lose any of them....

  9. e.a.f.3:48 AM

    in all likelihood the party will become the party of the rabid base. Others will leave or just loose their interest in politics because they don't have a place to park their vote. It is possible the party may split and then there will be the rabid and the reasonable.