Sunday, April 10, 2016

Why the Con Leadership Race is Turning Into a Nightmare

The Con leadership race was always going to be a spectacle only a mad emperor like Caligula or Stephen Harper could enjoy.

Especially since it was revealed that some Cons are so desperate they're thinking of bringing back Harper, to try to keep the Reformers and the Red Tories from tearing each other to pieces.

But whether Harper returns or not, the Con leadership race is already turning into a living nightmare.

Or a blast from the past.

With the longtime MP Deepak Obhrai, accusing his own party of trying to turn the Cons into a whites-only club.

Longtime Calgary MP Deepak Obhrai is publicly denouncing his own party for turning into an "elitist, white-only club." Obhrai says the Tories have adopted new rules that financially discriminate against minorities, young Canadians, low-income Canadians and people with disabilities.

Or of acting like bigots. Like they did during the last campaign.

And of course, having Kellie Leitch be the first to throw her cap into the ring isn't going to help matters...

It can only remind Canadians about her disgraceful bigoted behaviour during that campaign.

As well as showing us how much she wants the job, and how low she's prepared to go.

For although Leitch has replaced that barbaric poster with this cheery one...

She has also hired Nick Kouvalis as her campaign manager...

You know, Big Nick. The shady operative who ran Rob Ford's winning campaign, and boasted openly about his dirty tricks.

So you know the Con leadership race is going into the toilet.

And that Maxime Bernier, the buffoon from the Beauce who has also declared his candidacy, can expect to be reminded a lot about this sordid chapter in his career...

And, dare I say it? 

Be forced to ask his former girlfriend if she could ask her former friends to protect him from Leitch and Kouvalis...

And if that isn't disturbing enough to excite even the jaded Caligula.

Or the depraved Stephen Harper.

Then there's fact that of the list of potential Con leadership candidates, the one with the most momentum to take over the whites-only club.

Is the one who wants to be our Donald Trump. 

Kevin O’Leary, popular TV personality, businessman and former panelist on CBC show Dragons’ Den, is a favourite in the Conservative leadership race, according to a poll taken this week by Forum Research. 

In a random sampling of 1,455 Canadian voters on who would be the best leader for the Conservative Party, 18 per cent chose former Tory MP Peter MacKay, while 14 per cent chose O’Leary, followed by 10 per cent for current interim leader Rona Ambrose.

Which can only turn the Con leadership race into even more of a Roman circus. Or a wild farce. And turn off even more Canadians.

Canada is still reeling from 10 years of Stephen Harper’s mean-spirited and undemocratic rule. Are we really ready for a Canada where we could all, except for the very rich, be considered “cockroaches”?

And the even better news?

Remember how I wondered the other day whether Justin Trudeau's political honeymoon was finally over?

Well apparently it isn't.

A new poll by Forum Research Inc. shows 51 per cent of Canadian voters would vote Liberal if an election were held today — producing a super-majority of about 256 seats — or 75 per cent — in the 338-seat Commons. The poll found the Conservatives at 28 per cent — good for about 74 seats — and the NDP at about 12 per cent, which would produce no more than five seats.

And if an election was held tomorrow, you'd have to look for the Cons with a fine-tooth comb.

Or a magnifying glass...

Gosh. How low the mighty have fallen. 

What a mess the Harper Party is in.

And isn't it wonderful?

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  1. For any person to aspire to be the PM of Canada without being bilingual is hubris of the higest order and should be laughed out of Canada.

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    It will be interesting to see how this transforms over the next couple of years. I don't think they've reached rock bottom yet. Watching them just gives me a sick feeling. Just cannot imagine our country now if they had won the last election.


    1. hi TS...I can't see it going anywhere but down. They can't attract good candidates because the Con's chances of getting back to power are practically zero. And once electoral reform is passed, and their donors realize they'll never had the influence they once had, their big donor base will start to shrink. So that will also damage them.
      But yes, can you imagine how horrible it would be if those Con clowns had won the election? It's the stuff of nightmares....

  3. Anonymous12:08 PM

    This whole ReformaCon leadership race is already looking like a triple flusher Simon. Once Dumbo, Kenney and Rempel enter the ring we'll have a veritable who's who of douchebags.
    My prediction: Once the infighting nears the point of the whole party imploding, a dark cloud will descend from above and Jesus Harper will emerge and walk across the tar ponds to save his beloved Frankenparty. And then, we will once again have the pleasure of kicking his sorry ass to the curb, permanently.

    1. hi JD...I dearly hope that scenario becomes true, and that Harper does return. For while I thought Kenney would do them great damage, Harper would blow them from here to the moon...

    2. e.a.f.2:52 PM

      that is so funny. thank you for the scenario. simon,--pictures please.

    3. Anonymous4:02 AM

      You're welcome e.a.f. Levity helped me through the dark Harper years and Simon's oft times hilarious illustrations were and still are excellent fodder to make light of otherwise head-shaking ReformaCon shenanigans. Their leadersdhip race will prove to be no exception.

  4. Anonymous4:16 PM

    For a look at the other side of the coin: What real leadership looks like here is Rachel Notley's speech to the NDP Policy Convention.

    1. hi anon....yes it was a good speech, and I really like Rachel Notley. But unfortunately while I don't advocate the immediate shutting down of the oil sands, I believe in slowly phasing them out, and pipelines would only expand them. So I can't support her demands, but I give her full marks for trying, and I fear she won't get any credit from either side....

  5. I think Ezra Levant should put his name forward for Con leader. He already has his Rebel Media platform, which would be to his advantage. The Con leadership campaign would become a TV reality show even stranger than Donald Trump's! 8-D

    1. hi David...Gawd. How many losers do you want to run for the Cons. And besides have you taken a look at The Rebel recently? It's looking a little thin, and I wouldn't be surprised if it collapses sooner than I imagine. I think Ezra is suffering from severe burnout, after all those foreign trips, and if they can't resuscitate him or fill him with bovine hormones, I fear he may never recover and if he goes they all go....

  6. Conservative Party leadership race heats up with two in and more to come

  7. e.a.f.5:36 AM

    The best thing about the con leadership race will be your drawings and cartoons. loved the one with Bernice on a motorcycle. the one who couldn't remember to take his "confidental' papers with him.

    Still won't be surprised if the give the job back to Steve.

    1. hi e.a.f...well thank you, I have to admit the Con leadership race does inspire me, for it it does promise an incredible lineup of losers, and having Maxime roar back into the spotlight is a real bonus.... ;)