Monday, April 25, 2016

Rona Ambrose and the Kids in the Short Pants

As I've mentioned before, it's one of the enduring mysteries of the post Harper era.

Why does Rona Ambrose keep insisting she's the leader of the New/Nouveau Conservative Party?

When the talking points and the propaganda that pours out of Con headquarters seem so horribly familiar...

So I'm glad to see that even some in our Con media are asking the same question I ask myself.

Are the kids in the short pants still running the Harper Party?

I fear the kids are back. 

I mean the infamous Kids from the PMO, or more precisely, the youthful zealots who dominated the Prime Minister’s Office of Stephen Harper. 

These were the sycophantic 20-somethings who terrorized MPs, harassed cabinet ministers and bullied the national media – while standing ready to take a bullet for their leader.

You know, Harper's little monsters...

The ones who terrorized this country for so long, and raped its values over and over again, in the service of 
their depraved leader.

Because if you examine the evidence closely, it seems to suggest that while their master left in a hurry, those freaks are still there.

First take the e-mails going to faithful party members seeking continued donations to pay the salaries of these earnest party hacks. Some of these missives are nothing short of bizarre, such as communications director Cory Hann’s prediction of an imminent spike in the GST.

According to Hann, “They (the Liberals) say that suggesting they’ll raise the GST is ridiculous. But we know they want to do it. How? Because we’ve heard it from their MPs before!” Sounds like conclusive evidence to me.

The freaks who to back up their bizarre claim that the Liberals are planning to raise the GST, are running this ridiculously short clip on their video site.

No doubt so they can remember what they did to Michael Ignatieff...

And use that political pornography to whip themselves into a frenzy, and pleasure themselves indecently.

For they are the scummiest low life bullies this country has ever seen.

And the good news? 

They're also really, really dumb.

Then there was the plea for Conservative supporters to donate more of their money to the party because otherwise the Liberal government will spend it. Kind of makes sense – if you walk it around the block a few times.

And they keep making one mistake after the other. 

Like forgetting that the more they attack Justin Trudeau as only they can...

The worse they look, and the more popular Justin becomes.

Or as they recently did, have Rona Ambrose claim over and over again that the Liberals are going to bury us under a MOUNTAIN of debt...

Only to have the Parliamentary Budget Office predict that the Liberals are going to end up with a small surplus.

And leave the hapless Ambrose looking like an idiot...

But then of course, that is the best news.

Because as I've pointed before, as long as those little monsters are still running the PMO.

And running Ambrose...

The Cons will continue to disgust the Canadian people.

They will go nowhere.

And will only make it easier for us to destroy them...

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Anonymous said...

I think one day you should do a comic with the crown on Trudeau's head. He did inherit Canada from his father after all.

Anonymous said...

Have to love the fact that one of the first things Trudeau did when he came to office was ask for c v's to fill these and other political positions in Ottawa. Hiring by merit, great concept.

Those kids from Harper era were just little brown shirts from University of Oil Calgary. Glad they're gone.


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite "are you kidding me" moments from El Harpo came when he sent his little douchebags out to fake protest at one of JT's rallies, signs and all.
It was yet another example of Harper trying to dupe us into voting for him based not on sound, honest critique of his opponent but on his ability to twist the truth and deceive those incapable of independently seeing through the mounds of bullshit.
And now as you thankfully point out Simon, Rona is nothing more than the same old morally bankrupt ReformaCons who attack endlessly due to a lack of any useful ideas to better this country.

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