Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Con Clown Kellie Leitch Vows to Re-Criminalize Marijuana

Just a few days ago Kellie Leitch was blubbering about how sorry she was to have hurt Canadians with her racist barbaric cultural practices campaign.

And her foul snitch line.

But now she's found another way to hurt Canadians.

And send even more of them to jail.

By vowing to criminalize marijuana again if she ever becomes Prime Minister.

"With regards to marijuana, I feel strongly about this," she said. "We know this is a dangerous drug that has a huge impact on the developing child brain and adolescent brain."

"I don't want to see any child put in harm's way by having access to a dangerous drug," she said.

Claiming she wants to protect kids. Even though one of the main goals of legalizing weed is to control it, and keep it out of the hands of children.

Violating the sacred principles of harm reduction, even though she's a doctor, and the Canadian Medical Association has made its position clear.

In a commentary published in Monday's issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, addiction doctors describe the negative aspects of prohibiting cannabis use, such as fuelling the illegal drug trade and the high costs and harms associated with policing and prosecuting people.

And blabbing on sanctimoniously about the dangers of the Killer Weed, while ignoring all the deaths caused by the involvement of criminal gangs.

As well as the fact that her campaign manager Nick Kouvalis was recently busted for driving and drinking.

And she should be more concerned about controlling binge drinking among young Canadians which is a real problem.

Instead of trying to send even more young people and other Canadians to jail, or scarring their lives with a criminal record, like her depraved former leader did...

Who couldn't have been more hypocritical. Or more evil.

Or for that matter, as the Con-friendly Tim Powers points out, instead of condemning her party to irrelevancy.

Conservatives can howl at the moon, as they did in the last election, and stand pat on the criminalization of marijuana, or they can take a strong, mature, proactive role in dealing with this inevitability

The worst thing Conservatives can continue to do is retain their 2015 electoral position. Coming across as a bunch of prudes in poorly fitting blue suits with bad buzz cuts will see them get rolled.

But then the only logical explanation for Leith's reefer madness, must be that she wants her snitch line back.

Boo hoo... 

And the good news?

Leitch will never be either a Con leader, or a Canadian prime minister.

And if she had any decency, which I doubt.

She should end her absurd candidacy, and disappear into richly deserved oblivion.

Before she hurts even more Canadians.

And makes even more of a fool out of herself...

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Dan said...

Strong or mature are not words one would use to describe Kellie.

Lesson? Snitches get electoral stitches.

e.a.f. said...

Yes, but with her "comments' she got her name in the paper and that is what the intent is. She is singing to her base and they still think in terms of "reefer madness".

If she were actually concerned about children, why was she part of a government which consistently didn't put enough money into the health and education of First Nations' children?

All sorts of things are bad for a child's developing brain. A couple of those things are a lack of food, a lack of clean water, a lack of health care. All things which happened on her watch as a member of the Cons.

She most likely wants to send more people to prison so she can have the private American prison corporations come to Canada and she might be wanting to attract donations from them while she is running for the leadership of the Cons.

Anonymous said...

I can see it now Simon, the marijuana snitch line with a typical call being, operator: "You have reached 1-800-ASS-HOLE how can I help you?" Neighbor: "Yeah my neighbor smoked some weed and I'm really scared". Operator: "And what is he doing now sir?" Neighbor: "I don't know he went inside, and he's laughing uncontrollably". Operator: "sir, you will have to peek through his window to ensure he's not hurting anyone". Neighbor: "Okay, oh my God he has a knife and a crazed look on his face! And his hands and mouth appear to be caked in blood!" Operator: "Sir! Please tell me what is he doing with the knife?" Neighbor: "Oh my God, he just sliced off another piece of pizza!" Click!

Anonymous said...

KL is unbelievable!! As an MD she has to recognize the derth of scientific research on effects of pot on human health because of last ten dark years.

I am not a pot smoker, and part of me is a bit concerned about its legalization. However, I am open to both sides. It would appear that the wave is to legalize/decriminalize it. So we will need to do so in a responsible way.

It does disturb me to see photos & video of pot and people smoking it in the media. But, I realize that it's imminent legalization is a reality. There seems to be some medicinal qualities that we need to learn more about. We also need to learn more about its effects on mental health, and establish some guidelines on its safe use. Something like we have for alcohol.

Anyhow, no matter my personal bias, KL will never get under my skin. I guess that's what she is aiming for. However, I am not a brain dead con.

Cheers Simon

GreazedLitenen said...

The hypocracy of these idiots knows no bounds. It wasn't too long ago, Harper Jr. had a pool party at 24 Sussex, where alcohol was served to underaged teenagers and an ambulance had to be called for an alcohol overdosed young female. Where were the indignant cries for protection of our children then? It always amazes me when these bastards try and come across as 'tough on crime Warriors' while they're the first ones to cry for mercy when they get caught doing truly evil crimes, like Harpers drummer. The thought that they believe that an adult human being doesn't have the right to ingest a basically harmless drug, because it goes against their twisted beliefs on morality, is disgusting. I agree with e.a.f., when he says it just a ploy to cater to the prison for profit lobbyists and their endless money stream, but she is also playing it up for their ignorant, old aged, white base.

Simon said...

hi Dan...yes, she is really making a spectacle of herself. She was the first one to announce she was running for the leadership, she assembled a high powered team, and still she is going nowhere....

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....well maybe she does feel the need to reach out to the Con base, and assure them that she may be a woman, but she's no liberal. But yes, she has her priorities all mixed up, and as a doctor that's simply unforgivable...

Simon said...

hi JD...we can laugh about it now, but can you imagine what might have happened to this country if that snitch line had ever become a reality? It would have turned neighbour against neighbour and poisoned our society. Somebody needs to tell Leitch that some mistakes are unforgivable, and that if she thinks she can ever be Prime Minister she is frankly delusional....

Simon said...

hi TS...Leitch's failure to apply the sacred principle of harm reduction, even though she is a doctor, is simply inexcusable. And putting her ideology before science and the health of Canadians an absolute abomination. You should not worry about the legalization of marijuana, since it will help keep marijuana out of the hands of children, and the profits out of the hands of criminals. And I assure you from what I have seen with my own eyes, it is a much safer drug than alcohol. Our emergency rooms are full of the victims of booze, but nobody to my knowledge has ever died from consuming marijuana. In fact I'm willing to predict that when it is legalized nobody will notice the difference, except that there will be fewer Canadians helping to swell our already overcrowded prisons...

Simon said...

hi're right it really is hypocritical. I remember that party at 24 Sussex very well. And I'm still wondering why Stephen Harper wasn't detained for questioning for being the head of a household where a young woman almost died of alcohol poisoning. I believe that if people can avoid drugs all the better. But if they do consume them marijuana is much safer than alcohol, and to suggest otherwise like Leitch or Harper is just reefer madness...