Friday, April 29, 2016

Stephen Harper and the Secret Society

Well no doubt Stephen Harper is waiting anxiously to see whether his lawyer's letter on the Duffy trial has convinced Canadians that he acted honourably.

And helped repair his soiled legacy.

But since we know he's doomed to disappointment.

I'd be fascinated to know what he might tell the members of his favourite secret society, when he pays them a visit this weekend.

The secret ultra right-wing society, or Con version of the Illuminati, Paul Wells writes about here. 

The Civitas Society will meet this weekend at the Delta Ottawa City Centre to mark the 20th anniversary of its founding. I have friends who will attend, but because I am not reliably conservative I’m not invited and my friends are keeping mum about what they’ll discuss. Civitas’s website bills the group as “a non-partisan ‘society where ideas meet’ ” and specifies that the ideas in question are “conservative, classical liberal and libertarian.” 

Beyond that one is left to guess: without a log-in and password, you can’t get any more information from the website.

The secretive society where it takes fifteen people to approve your application, all meetings are closed, and members are sworn to secrecy.

And where in 2003 Stephen Harper made an infamous speech where he revealed what kind of legacy he was after.

In 2003, Harper used a speech to Civitas to launch his bid to reform Canadian conservatism. He was already the leader of the Canadian Alliance, but that was of no particular use to anyone, and he wasn’t yet sure the rival Conservatives were worth a merger. But whichever party carried the standard for Canadian conservatives, Harper had strong opinions about what it should stand for.

And his hidden agenda...

“Serious conservative parties simply cannot shy away from values questions,” Harper said. “On a wide range of public policy questions—including foreign affairs and defence, criminal justice and corrections, family and child care, and health care and social services—social values are increasingly the really big issues.” 

When he talked about family, what did he mean? “Banning child pornography, raising the age of sexual consent, providing choice in education and strengthening the institution of marriage. All of these items are key to a conservative agenda.”

Which should have been a warning about what he might do if he ever became Prime Minister.

And the warning for us today is that Canada has dozens of secretive right-wing groups like Civitas, which have grown exponentially during the Harper years.

And now extend their tentacles into all levels of the establishment and the media.

I’m told Barbara Kay, the National Post columnist, will be there, and that Conrad Black generally attends. Its founding directors included Ted Byfield, Michael Coren and Ezra Levant, and the genesis of the group is generally attributed to author William Gairdner, who has been urging me politely to tell you about his new book, The Great Divide: Why Liberals and Conservatives Will Never, Ever Agree. Consider it done, Bill. On the Civitas website you can spot photos of Andrew Coyne, who used to work here, and Brian Lee Crowley, who runs an Ottawa think tank.

For if you scroll to the bottom of this L'actualit√© report on Civitas you might recognize some of those faces.

Google translation here.

But still not know that the ghastly climate change denier, and Sun columnist Lorne "Grunter" Gunter is a past president of Civitas...

Because like other members of that sinister cult, Gunter doesn't go around advertising that fact. Or revealing their secret handshake.

And since Civitas, which was founded by the Austrian philosopher Friedrich Hayek
is at the heart of the neo liberalism conspiracy, that's what makes them so dangerous.

Their agents are everywhere, even it is rumoured in our own blogosphere, and most Canadians don't even know it.

Which should serve as a warning that even with the Cons out of power, dark forces are still plotting to change our country beyond recognition.

And bring down Justin Trudeau...

Who they hate with a passion that borders on insanity.

They are Stephen Harper's most dangerous legacy.

And we will not be safe until we have exposed their activities.

And buried their foul philosophy along with their depraved leader...

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, and not surprising given the circus of the last 10 years. Amazing that some believe that deceit and manipulation will get them anywhere. No substitution for good will and honest work. Then they wonder why it all came. crashing down. Mmm.


rumleyfips said...

Do they meet in a treehouse or do they have a fort under the kitchen table ?

Anonymous said...

It brings to mind a quote from one of my personal hero’s John Kenneth Galbraith, “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”
Hope your leg is healing quickly and you have a fun weekend!
a jane from the jane gang

Anonymous said...

Someone sent Paul Wells a copy of the Civitis meeting agenda which he posted.Some interesting stuff.. A debate on the success of the Harper government (yea or nay), "Trump and Trudeau How did this happen?",Revisiting the end of history and the clash of civilizations(sounds a little like the end of times but not surprising for the ReformaCon crowd). The whole agenda seems like a massive exercise in useless navel gazing however these people are well connected and dangerous as they have the resources to disseminate large volumes of misinformation and disinformation to promote their selfish destructive beliefs.