Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Con Propaganda Machine's Latest Assault on Justin Trudeau

It seems a long time ago since the days when the Cons were bombarding us with their foul attack ads.

Attacking Justin Trudeau over and over again, with ads that always ended by claiming that he's "just not ready."

Until the day he proved he was indeed ready, and crushed them beyond recognition.

But their ghastly propaganda machine survived the onslaught, and is still grinding out the same old garbage.

Now in their latest ad, the Cons are trying to distort what happened when Justin charmed the world by explaining quantum computing to a group of reporters.

Still trying to distort reality, and still lying like thieves.

Trying to make it appear that Trudeau was trying to dodge a serious question about ISIL.

And running this absurd statement worthy of Big Brother, on all their other internet platforms.

When in fact as Colin Perkel, the reporter who asked the question, clearly pointed out in the story he wrote that day. 

Justin was just having fun, and he didn't dodge anything. 

The prime minister then went on to answer questions about the Islamic State and the Supreme Court ruling on Metis rights among other weightier matters.

So I'm glad to see the Liberals aren't letting those ghastly Cons get away it, and are firing back in this manner.

By gently mocking the Cons, and making them look like idiots.

But of course the Cons are worse than that. 

They're still the sleaziest gang of liars and political pornographers this country has ever known. They're still the scum of the earth.

They're still their filthy master's dirty little monsters...

And the truth will not be safe, and this country will not be clean.

Until the day we have buried them all in the garbage can of history...

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Omar said...

Smart money would have said the CPC take a break from this sort of thing. But they prove over and over again, 'smart' is in short supply when it comes to the brains (haha) that run the party. With this sort of tactic they dug themselves a pretty nice hole to wallow in during their decade in power. Then of course they double-downed and burrowed even deeper during an election that buried them. And in the months since they just keep on digging! Well, I say let them continue their farcical mining! Outside of their idiotic base, Canadians *know* what's what.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government will not decriminalize marijuana before moving to fully legalize the drug next year, even if that means Canadians who smoke pot end up with criminal records in the meantime. Another promise broken. Rewind some of his election speeches. Pure fiction it turns out to be!!!!! Funny how the sudden delays on this issue now that he got our votes!!!!!! Voted for Change....Got the Same!!!! Hope you post this one Simon, you seem to be getting soft on anything negative towards the current lying Liberals that I voted for!!!!!! They can certainly talk the talk but I see no actual walking as yet!!! And yes six months is plenty of time to get "something" just one little thing accomplished!!!! Instead of "just not ready"..should be "just not doing anything" unless it is self serving!!!!! Where is the mental health changes...or are they just for his Mom and Wife. He loves to talk about his Mom and wife and their mental issues but screw the rest of Canadians!!!!! Starting to show the same pathetic, nontransparent leadership as the last morally depleted Regime!!!!! Goes to show that while not all lairs are politicians.....all politicians are liars!!!!!

Simon said...

hi Omar...the stunning thing is that their propaganda hasn't changed a bit. It still looks and sounds like it always does. And even though their incredibly long and expensive campaign against Justin Trudeau couldn't have been a more epic failure. And long before the election was in fact shown to be hurting the Cons more than Justin. But what stuns me the most is the way the Cons lie so blatantly and so shamelessly. I've never seen anything like it, and it offends every bone in my body. But then as we know, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result is the stuff of madness. Or in the case of the Cons, extreme desperation....

Anonymous said...

Nobody but a total idiot like the fords or cherry would ever take the cons seriously at this point in time. Their followers are sort of like a cancer surgery that didn't get all of it the first time. Not an immediate threat but definitely not to be ignored for fear of metastasizing again. Maybe we can use their pet project C51 to tap all their phones and install hidden security cams in all of their homes/work places just to keep an eye on them. They thought this kind of behavior was just peachy when they concocted that monstrosity of a bill (and the liberocons helped vote that piece of filth into existence) so let's use it as it was intended and keep an eye on the treasonous cons and liberocons that are even now threatening the very existence of democracy in Canada with the tpp thing and all their other anti-democracy ruses.
A shame that we voted for change and all we got was the same shit with more sugar coating. See wynne, mcguilty, horwath, mulcair, trudeau, dionne, etc. for verification of this statement but take off the hero-worshipping rose colored glasses first.

Anonymous said...

That's a great way for losers to keep on losing. When you're in the hole... stop digging.

You're right about the PostMedia, Corus radio talkers, parroting the party line. Yesterday Tasha Kheiriddan and Kate Harrison were lamenting the inability of the Cons to appeal to the youth of today, and they're Cons!

Start by treating other people with respect and dignity. Anything less is offensive, as you say Simon. Respect the institutions of the country and their office holders. There's plenty to criticize the Liberals and Trudeau about, even at this early stage of their mandate, but the Cons don't seem to be able to break their old habits and their obsolete views.

Maybe they should consider the evolution of Don Cherry as he's condemned the anti-gay slur by Andrew Shaw yesterday. When a belligerent loud mouth retrogressive like Cherry can move on so should they

Steve said...

Does anyone have a rational answer to ISIS. A group many think is a CIA front funded and supported by even some of our NATO allies?

Anonymous said...

And Duffy walks???
Beat all the charges???
judge one of heil harper's appointees maybe???

goat said...

Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe I can gloat a bit here, I called it in my comment to your blog on 9 December 2015 at 7:05 pm
"Duff's going to skate."

I'd still like to buy you a sasparilla, or whatever.


Anonymous said...

Last time I ever come to this blog Simon. You never post my comments, guess you're scared of anyone who disagrees with you. This blog is nothing more than a far left hate site. As least Ezra Levant believes in free speech unlike you.

jrkrideau said...

Does anyone have a rational answer to ISIS
Yes, unfortunately, Russia. I don't like it but Putin is right.

e.a.f. said...

The only one who needs to answer some serious questions with serious answers is Stephen Harper et al.

The Cons have been discredited and had best give it up for awhile. Not many will be interested in their attacks following the judges ruling regarding he Duffy trial.

Anonymous said...

Now let's not compare apples to oranges. Simon has ethics. Levant is just a self serving hog. Are you paying your subscription to Levant to he can continue his bigot rants? Levant always will need people to pay his way. He is a fine example of a waste of flesh!!!!!!!!