Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Duffy Verdict and the Cowardly Con Losers

Nobody really expected Stephen Harper to comment on the Mike Duffy verdict. Not after the way the trial judge blasted the sleazy behaviour of his monstrous PMO.

And he didn't. His office didn't even respond to media requests for a statement. 

But he wasn't the only Con running for cover.

They all were.

Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose was not in the House of Commons and top former cabinet ministers who were on hand, such as Jason Kenney and Peter Van Loan, exited by back doors rather than face reporters seeking reaction to the ruling. 

Former cabinet member Michelle Rempel, usually a garrulous and open MP, offered a terse "no comment" as she sped past the microphones.

Except for the ghastly Candice Bergen who came out swinging, and talking crazy.

Or honking as only she can....

"I would respectfully disagree with people, including the judge, who somehow thinks that we were all told what to do at the PMO," said Bergen.

"It was the narrative because Mr. Harper wasn't the selfie king at all. He wasn't in GQ (magazine)," said Bergen. "He wasn't talking with all of you (news media) folks as much as you probably would have wanted. The narrative then was he's controlling, he's a dictator. That was the narrative. It wasn't true. He was a strong, strong leader."

In the manner of a maniac, or in her new role as the Groupie in Chief of the Stephen Harper Fan Club.

Not to be confused with this fan club of which Great Pimp Leader is now a member...

But the way they are all reacting does make you wonder how many of the Cons remain secretly devoted to him.

For while some of them are discreetly signalling that they want to put as much distance between themselves and Harper's foul policies.

And as you know Kellie Leitch wants us all to know that she's really REALLY sorry for fanning the flames of bigotry...

As Susan Delacourt points out, that's only because she and the other Cons lost the election.

Because if they had won, their reaction would almost certainly have been very different. 

What a different week this would have been in Canadian politics if Stephen Harper’s Conservatives had won the election last fall. A judge’s withering indictment of the Prime Minister’s Office would have been immensely more damning, while a Conservative member of Parliament probably wouldn’t have gone on television to tearfully regret what she did during the 2015 campaign.

We'd all be living in Leitch's nightmare.

Would she have been as sorry if the announcement had helped the Conservatives win the election? Probably not. In fact, that dreadful tip line would probably be up and running by now, filling up with nasty messages of neighbours reporting on neighbours with thinly veiled racism.

The snitch line would be humming.

And the former PMO pitbull Jenni Byrne wouldn't be moaning about the decision to use the niqab as a blunt political weapon.

Earlier this year, a few months after the Conservative defeat, former campaign manager Jenni Byrne revealed that she had not wanted the party to turn the niqab into an election issue. Byrne’s regret, though, was purely tactical — it hurt the New Democratic Party, and the Conservatives needed the NDP to be strong to help defeat the Liberals. 

Again, had the niqab gambit worked, we can probably assume that Byrne would be satisfied with that dark turn in politics last summer.

She'd be going after them...

As only she can.

And what's so striking is that months after he led them to disastrous defeat, only a handful of Cons have openly criticized Harper policies, and none  of them have dared criticize him.

Which can only suggest that it is indeed still his party. 

No matter how merrily Rona Ambrose dances...

And the good news?

Until they can make a clean break with their depraved former leader and his policies, they'll always be his party. And never go anywhere.

Harper doesn't have to say anything about the Duffy trial, because it helped defeat him.

And the judge's scathing verdict has already tainted his legacy forever...

But yes, imagine if him and his foul Cons had won the last election.

What a nightmare we would be living.

And aren't we lucky we defeated him?

And the Duffy trial did have a happy ending...

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Unknown said...

The lights have been turned on and the cockroaches are scurrying for cover Simon.

Anonymous said...

At least we didn't have to listen to the whole ReformaCon troupe defend their inglorious leader. They chose to cut and run like cowards so thanks folks.
However, Candy Bergen has shown us that she has totally lost touch with reality with her defense of El Harpo. A strong, strong leader?? As in odour? And then she couldn't help herself by trying to smear JT with her ridiculous selfie king tag. Today's youth are into that and JT doesn't ridicule them for it, he embraces it. So go ahead and insult at your peril Candy. You're an out of touch old hag who should go hide in the closet with Stevie because I think he really needs a hug right now, and not just from Ray.

Simon said...

hi JT...yes they don't seem to realize that by running like cowards, they are only showing their guilt and condemning themselves. As for Candy Bergen there is a reason I portray her as a Con hog, with apologies to Miss Piggy. I'm afraid she never recovered from the shock of not being chosen interim leader, and is merely squealing her disappointment...

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