Sunday, April 03, 2016

How the MSM is Trying to Marginalize Bernie Sanders

I haven't the slightest doubt that when future generations look back at the 2016 race for the White House, they will easily understand that Bernie Sander's campaign was the most historically significant.

For having heralded the beginning of a second American Revolution. 

But if you read or watch the way the American MSM is covering the presidential nomination campaign, you'd never know it.

For it's almost all about Donald Trump.

They just can't get enough of him. And the more outrageously he behaves the more they love him.

Because that's show business, he's a performer, and ratings are everything.

But what's even worse, is the way the corporate media is all but ignoring Sanders, and his call for real change. 

And as Robert Reich writes, spreading the message that he cannot win. 

Last Tuesday, Sanders won 78 percent of the vote in Idaho and 79 percent in Utah. Three days before that, he took 82 percent of the vote in Alaska, 73 percent in Washington, and 70 percent in Hawaii....Since mid-March, Bernie has won six out of the seven Democratic primary contests with an average margin of victory of 40 points.

Yet if you read the Washington Post or the New York Times, or watch CNN or even MSNBC, or listen to the major pollsters and pundits, you’d come to the same conclusion as my friend. Every success by Bernie is met with a story or column or talking head whose message is “but he can’t possibly win.”

While trying their best to marginalize him.

Early on, the prestigious Columbia Journalism Review noted that Sanders’ candidacy had been ignored by the mainstream media “as nearly as they could a sitting U.S. senator who entered the presidential race.”

Even though Sanders could still win, and momentum is on his side...

By any measure, the enthusiasm for Bernie is huge and keeps growing. He’s packing stadiums, young people are flocking to volunteer, support is rising among the middle-aged and boomers.

But then we know why the media is acting like that:

The major media have come to see much of America through the eyes of the establishment. That’s not surprising. After all, they depend on establishment corporations for advertising revenues, their reporters and columnists rely on the establishment for news and access, their top media personalities socialize with the rich and powerful and are themselves rich and powerful, and their publishers and senior executives are themselves part of the establishment.

Because we saw the same thing happen here during our election campaign...

And the good news is that despite the best efforts of Paul Godfrey and the Con media we still defeated Stephen Harper and his foul regime.

So I'm sure the pathetic attempts of the MSM in the U.S. to marginalize Sanders and his supporters...

Will only make them work even harder to get his message out:

Believe in the future...

The days of the greedy, grubby one percent are numbered.

And this land is your land...

Join the struggle for a better America and a better world.

Join the Bernie Revolution...

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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping they do.

Anonymous said...

Robert Reich is 100% correct.The powers that be which includes the media don't want Sanders or Trump anywhere near the Whitehouse.I also doubt Obama wants Clinton there either.
So we have to wait and see what the FBI hands over to the Justice Dept and what Attorney General Loretta Lynch does with it.
I still see Clinton being offered a deal like a pardon,to withdraw if charged and replaced with Biden and Elizabeth Warren.
I see Jeb Bush endorsed Cruz.If he is the candidate I predict he will pick Bush as his running mate.
Buisness as usual.
As for Sanders.I suggest that you check and see what he voted for as the senator from Vermont.
Buisness as usual.
Yes Simon.US politics.Dirty deeds done,but costing roughly 5 billion dollars by the time November rolls around,not so cheap.

Anonymous said...

While I do not believe in the fictional guy in the sky........ Looking at that mugshot of Godfrey I can see how there could be a Satan...... That evil, nasty, self serving, lying, lack of a moral compass, waste of human flesh, can only come from the very deep bowels of this earth!!!!!!!!! Godfrey and Trump...... The evil twins!!!!!!! What amazes me is that there are actual women at Scum Trump rallies??????? Sorry but sometimes we women only have ourselves to blame!!!!!!!!!! We can only hope the media helps dumb Trump the way it helped Hitler Harper........ Come on America.... Dump Trump like we dumped Hitler Harper!!!!!

lagatta à montréal said...

By the way, the water in the background of that video is Lake Champlain, not far at all from here.

Here is a pretty view half way between Burlington Vt and Montréal:

lagatta à montréal said...

Here's another video from Bernie:

Anonymous said...

MSM? That's being kind. In the US, like minded progressives such as ourselves refer to them as Corporate Media. I think that is more accurate. CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox, MSNBC are huuuuuge mean mother@#4%ing corporations with vested interests in Wall Street and the present corporatist system of exploitation. The last thing they want to see is another FDR (that's Franklin Delano Roosevelt), the greatest and most progressive president ever, in power to upset the cozy parasitic and exploitative economic system the elite have constructed for themselves.

Hillary Clinton is a moderate Republican. She is not progressive. Putting her in the White House will ensure more of the same for the other 99% of Americans who still cling to the now dead so-called "American Dream."

Anonymous said...

Certain Liberal hacks in Canada have jumped on the "Bernie can't win" bandwagon too, despite not having evidence to back it up. It's a pathetic when one's biggest selling point is always "choose the second-best in order to stop the worst." It is depressing that this tactic keeps working on weak-minded voters. Multiple generations lower their standards until we end up with the worst situation anyway.

Anonymous said...

Clinton has been making deals for Corporate Media for so long they think of her as an employee, and they will do anything they can to protect their gravy train.

Bernie as President will upset many C-suite media types... hence the Sanders' coverage, or lack thereof.

e.a.f. said...

The American media is a big business and train wrecks always sell more air time, etc. The news is focused on Trump, I believe, not so much for what he represents in terms of policy but rather because people stop to look at car wrecks, etc.

Just have a look at all the tackie reality shows. People are watching them. Watching Trump is just a new reality show. The media can sell more advertising at higher prices with Trump stories than with Saunder's stories.

In Canada we managed to defeat harper and his cons. In the U.S.A. the first fight is within the party and then on the national stage. Now it could be if Saunders doesn't win the nomination, he could run as an independent against, who ever represents the Republicans and the Democrats.

Voting is easier in Canada. In the U.S.A. the states establish the rules for voting and there are some such as Alabama which said you needed State picture identification which was current to vote. then they closed almost all of the state offices where you obtained the identification. After an out cry, the State government sent out "mobile" identification offices. To date they have managed to provide identification to less than 30 people. So we know how that voting is going to go. Its similar in many Republican controlled states. So if you are old and don't have a current drivers license, you don't vote. Aren't well off enough to own a car and drive, you don't vote. out of date I.D. doesn't count. Your military I.D. doesn't count if its not current. Birth Certificates don't count. the list goes on.

it may not matter who is running for which party it will come down to which party has the most voters and in some states that will be Republicans. The polls say Clinton or Saunders can defeat Trump, but is that based on people who can vote or just people expressing opinions?

As to Cruz winning the nomination, that could be worse than Trump. Cruz is very clear where he stands on GLTB rights: they won't have any. If Cruz is President and the Republicans hold the Senate, expect a few million political refugees from the U.S.A Cruz will work towards ensuring women do not have "choice". Creationism will be taught in the schools. Cruz is about turning the social/scientific clock back to 1950.

it may not matter who is the President, it will be the party which controls the Senate and Congress. We have only to look at Obama's terms, where the republicans held the majority and not much has been passed.

Anonymous said...

Corporate Media Gatekeepers Protect Western 1% From Panama Leak

e.a.f. said...

Not all of them. They have released one Canadian name, a lawyer, who is married to a federal senator. there are 140 Canadian names in the documents. (CBC)

A vacation in Germany at a newspaper might yield some information. To fund the project, we could have a poll, guess which province has the most people in the PANAMA files?

Given the files go back 4 decades, who knows what we will find out about B.C. The Guardian has already published one story regarding a Hong Kong company which bribes a Hong Kong General Secretary with $25M. those 3 went to jail, but one of the bribers was associated with Li Ki Shing. For those of us in B.C., we still wonder how he got to buy the Expo lands for $50M. Sold the first lot to another developer for $45M.

Might want to check some of the Australian press for details. they wrote the article for the guardian.

Some guestimate each province may have lost a billion in tax dollars. Not a small sum,