Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Con Porker Cheryl Gallant Disgraces Herself. Again.

It's been just over a month since the ghastly Con hog Cheryl Gallant last disgraced herself.

By using the memory of the murdered soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirillo to peddle Easter hams at a fundraising event.

And using his death to smear migrants and refugees as terrorists, and attack Justin Trudeau. As only that porky bigot could.

Well now she's made a fool of herself again.

And attracted more attention to herself for all the wrong reasons. 

This time, Gallant is making some bizarre claims after a Citizen article revealed that some funding for Cyclone maritime helicopters as well as the Integrated Soldier System Project (ISSP) was being delayed because of the Liberal government’s new budget. She accused the Liberal government of failing the Canadian Forces and putting troops at risk in Afghanistan.

By accusing the Liberals of having caused the unnecessary deaths of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan by selling off our Chinook helicopters. 

One problem with that statement. It was Brian Mulroney’s Conservative government that sold off Canada’s Chinooks to the Dutch. The false claim that it was the Liberals who sold the Chinooks has been repeated over the years by a number of Conservatives, including Chris Alexander and Peter MacKay.

And compounding that old Con lie, by also accusing the Liberals of endangering our troops with their decision to cancel the so-called Integrated Soldier System Project.

“The same question can be asked of the Trudeau Liberals over their decision to cancel the Integrated Soldier System Project,” she told the Commons. “That uniform is designed to protect the lives of individual soldiers. As a personal armour protection system, its immediate purchase has become more critical with the politically motivated decision to withdraw Canadian air cover from soldiers deployed against ISIL in the Middle East.” 

Gallant also said the ISSP is a “uniform” that will “protect Canadian soldiers from chemical and radiological weaponry.”

When in fact as you can see here the ISSP is not a uniform or a personal armour protection system...

According to the news release issued in the summer by the Conservative government, the Integrated Soldier System Project “features a radio, a smartphone-like computer to run battle management software, a global positioning system and a communications headset.”

And Gallant doesn't know what she's talking about, even though she's the vice chair of the Standing Committee on National Defence.

And really what more can anyone say? 

Except when will somebody bounce that Con porker off that committee before she endangers us further?

And where is that monster ham when we need it?

The Harper Party Cons, looking more like losers with every passing day.

And heading for oblivion...

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Anonymous said...

I foresee Cheryl blaming her staff again for her own stupidity. Rona
really needs to get her henhouse in order Simon. It's either Rempel and her boozy tweets, Candy is Dandy Bergen praising the tattered Harper legacy, or Cheryl coughing out her monthly hairball.
Just when the good folks of Pembroke thought it was safe to go outside, along comes Cheryl with mouth wide open and head quite empty.

Anonymous said...

I amazes me how much of the overburdened, over taxed, REAL hard working Canadian tax dollars that go to pay for this ADULT DAYCARE on the Hill!!! I wonder if there is yet another "Retreat" planned compliments of the taxpayer!!!!!!! Two in six months, and I thought a free lunch from the Boss a few times a year was cool!!!!!! Whether it is the current Regime (that I voted for), or the morally depleted shadow Regime.... their talk does not certainly match their walk!!!!!!! I do believe the moral compass on the hit is in bad need of repair!!!!!!!!!

David said...

Gallant's short blonde hair-do reminds me of those worn by some femme fatales in 1950's pulp fiction magazines. 8-D