Sunday, April 24, 2016

The New Donald Trump and Ted Cruz's Scary Attack Ad

Donald Trump has been on his best behaviour recently, as he tries to change his tone to try to look more presidential. 

Donald Trump defended Saturday his method of striking a different tone at rallies than he does behind closed doors with party officials. 

"When I'm in a room, talking, you're one way, when I'm out here talking to you people, I've got to be different, alright. I mean I can say basically the same thing," Trump told the crowd in Waterbury, Connecticut.

But that hasn't stopped him from going after the man he calls Lying Ted Cruz. 

And his Canadian connection. 

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Saturday resumed a line of attacks aimed at rival Ted Cruz's birth in Canada, saying that he came "straight out of the hills" of the country.

Trump was talking about Cruz when one of his supporters in the audience appeared to shout out, "Rafael!" referring to Cruz's given name. "Rafael," Trump repeated. "Rafael! Straight out of the hills of Canada!"

But then who can blame him?

When Ted Cruz has been running scary attack ads like this one against him?

And the scariest part of that ad?

The way it portrays Hillary Clinton

Because where there's smoke there's fire. Fairly or unfairly almost sixty percent of American hold an unfavourable view of her, and just don't trust her.

And should the shadow of scandal envelop her, and if Donald Trump can moderate his image, both him and Cruz could conceivably beat her. 

And plunge the whole world into darkness.

Democrats should support Bernie Sanders who makes less in one year, than Clinton makes in one Wall Street speech. And polls show could defeat both Trump and Cruz handily.

And who at the very least, even if he loses the nomination race, can help keep Hillary honest. And help make her a more left-wing President.

And Bernie should ignore those who are urging him to quit.

And keep his campaign going all the way to the convention...

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Anonymous said...

Anyone but Hillary...

e.a.f. said...

any one but a republican.

As to getting Americans to vote for an "honest" person, I'm still not sure that will work.

Many decades ago and far before my time, two men were running for Govenor of Florida. One ran on the platform he was honest, had little money in the bank and drove a Volvo. the other ran on the platform he was wealthy and didn't care how he got his money. the wealth candidate simply asked, who do you want; some one who can't make any money or one who can. the wealthy one won.

In my opinion not much has changed since the 50s/60s in the U.S.A. it is still the glorification of wealth and the ability to acquire it. Do Trumps supporters care he bankrupted businesses? No, they just like this display of wealth.

Trump's remarks about out of the hills of Canada, shows how little Trump knows about Canada. His remarks are to compare us to the "hills" of Appalachia, etc. Without calling Cruz, white trash, that is what he is alluding to.

David said...

Republican Craig Dunn would only vote for Trump if Satan was the alternative candidate

Anonymous said...

Wow, a highly targeted attack ad within an attack add,the HarperCons should ask for their money back unless they tried to save a few million and purchased economy versions.The RepublaCons have spent millions of their own as well as taxpayer dollars over the last year trying to frame Hillary as an untrustworthy criminal related to the Benghazi incident and other security breaches.Its unlikely she will be indicted for any crimes but the various sagas will sure make great attack ads when the time comes.If Trump can stay in the race it seems that the election will be a showdown between the middle to lower income (mostly white) working class in Trumps corner and nearly everyone else including the 1% in Hillary's.It seems the 1% can tolerate increased government spending on social programs as long as it does not infringe on their personal and corporate economic freedom with respect to tax laws, free trade and crony capitalism.Sanders seems to be the only one running an issue oriented campaign rather than pitting one group against another.His support is growing as more of the liberal minded working class realize that Hillary cannot represent them and keep the status quo for the 1% at the same time. Trump is not an option for this group at present but that could change if they are forced to choose between Hillary and perhaps a seemingly less bigoted Trump who claims to champion all of the working class.Terrible choices ... instant chaos versus simmering chaos.