Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Dean Del Mastro Finally Goes to the Big House

He claimed he was totally innocent.

When a judge said he wasn't, he said he didn't share her opinion.

But sadly for him, the judge had the last opinion.

And Dean Del Mastro is finally going to jail.  

Former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro has lost his appeal of his election overspending case and been ordered to serve a jail sentence immediately. Del Mastro was convicted in the fall of 2014 for violating the Canada Elections Act during the 2008 election and was sentenced last summer to a month in jail.

And will no doubt be seen shuffling his way to the Big House again...

While his former leader who he served so faithfully, keeps a very low profile...

Or an even lower profile.

No doubt haunted by this question...

And this nightmare...

And as for the Harper Party it now has a new name...

And let's hope that one day there will be more Cons, keeping the Deaner company.

They were the worst government in Canadian history, and now they've got the record to prove it...

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Anonymous said...

I love your CONvict image..... Priceless!!!!!! I am so hooked on your blog... FS

Anonymous said...

Since the scumbag challenged this serious offence, I hope he got the max time allotted for his crime..

Nadine Lumley said...

me too

e.a.f. said...

fun read. this one does look good on the CONS. Now lets see if the MSM will do a little research on the Panama papers to see if any politicians are on the list.

Didn't Harper sign a free trade deal with Panama? think he might have. if so some more of Del Mastro's friends might join him in the "joint".

Anonymous said...

Me three!

Dan said...

Good catch.

David said...

Last year NDP ethics critic Charlie Angus said Del Mastro was picked out of the Conservative caucus "to stand up and speak for the prime minister on issues of ethics and accountability. The fact that Dean Del Mastro is being sent to the crowbar hotel sends a message," he said in an interview with CBC News.

Here's some new lyrics for Sweet Caroline

titled Dean Del Mastro, that Harper can sing:


Dean Del Mastro

When it began, I can't begin to knowin'
But then I know it's growin' strong
Was in the spring
And spring became the summer
Who'd have believed you were so wrong

Hands, shackled hands
Reaching out, shackled feet, touching you

Dean Del Mastro
Bad times never seemed so bad
I'd be inclined
To believe that you are sad
But now I

Look at the jail and it don't seem so lonely
You filled it up for just one night
And when you hurt
Hurtin' runs off your shoulders
Now pack your bag and board a flight

One, just pack one
Flyin' out, don't blame me, just blame you

Dean Del Mastro
Bad times never seemed so bad
I'd be inclined
To believe that you are sad
Oh no, no

Anonymous said...

A month is nothing when you consider the utter contempt he has shown the court during his trial and appeal. He should be made to pay the costs of this collosal waste of valuable court time to serve as a lesson to those whose pompous arrogance makes them claim innocence when fact shows anything but.
The biggest crime here is that this convicted criminal knowingly resigned his seat so he could one day receive more in a year on his taxpayer funded pension than most of us who have to actually work. That is so wrong and has to change.
So for now, I hope Deano's Jail-cation is as unpleasant as possible and humbles the big blowhard into finally showing some contrition upon exit.

e.a.f. said...

I have may doubts the man will ever see "the light" on this ethics issue. Some people believe the means justifies the end.

Now if the guy wanted to "redeem" himself and make some money, he could write a tell all book. I'm sure Stevie Cameron is around somewhere. She did a nice job with "on the take, the Mulroney years". Still own the book, still lend it out. it happened once, it happened twice, when will Canadians learn.

Anonymous said...

I'd actually like to see Del Mastro do some community service rather than be housed in jail on our tax money. Maybe he could pick blueberries in BC... he could do with the exercise!