Saturday, April 16, 2016

Linda Frum's Ghastly Assault on the Governor General

Linda Frum is one of the worst Con hacks in the Senate. And she's always getting into trouble on Twitter.

Two years ago she caused a scandal, and made herself look like an idiot, by suggesting that Elections Canada shouldn't encourage Canadians to vote.

In an obvious and absurd attempt to help her good friend Stephen Harper, who was counting on suppressing the vote to help him win another majority.

And now she's going after the Governor General.

By suggesting that the decent David Johnston acted in a partisan manner, when in a recent CBC interview he praised Canadians for the way they handled the refugee crisis and the niqab controversy. 

"Look at the outcome of those two, quote, crises," Johnston said. "Look at how Canada has managed the Syrian refugee crisis in an exemplary way.

"And look at the debate with respect to the niqab. I think Canada showed its strength, that that should not be, should not sidetrack us from who we really are."

"I continue to worry about any initiatives that would cause us to be small-minded, and to lose that sense of A, inclusiveness, B, fairness, C, equality of opportunity," Johnston said, while warning against any sense of complacency.

When in fact Frum herself is an ugly partisan beast, who is always retweeting garbage like this... 

Stephen Harper's bigoted election campaign was an absolute disgrace...

One that shamed us in the eyes of the world.

The Governor General has the right "to advise, to encourage and to warn" the head of government.

And as this release from Rideau Hall makes only too clear...

As part of their responsibility of bringing Canadians together, governors general play a key role in promoting national identity by supporting and promoting Canadian values, diversity, inclusion, culture and heritage.

Gov. Gen. David Johnston addressed this topic in a non-partisan and apolitical way by focusing on Canadian values and identity. He did not weigh in on public policy.

All he was doing on that occasion was standing up for our Canadian values.

And as some of the responses to Frum's foul tweet also make clear, she is the one who should be ashamed of herself.

For she wouldn't recognize decency, or our Canadian values, if they jumped up and bit her.

Linda Frum, just another Con hack.

And one more good reason the Senate should be abolished...

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  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I wonder which is the biggest liars...... A politician or a preacher?????? For instance...Dwayne Ball.......... A hike in HST......not on my watch.....then boom.... The Newfie budget........ Not only an increase in HST but an added head tax just to screw the Newfies a little bit more!!!!!!!!! Who is Linda Frum anyways........ She looks kinda frummy and irrelevant!!!!!!! A has been sorta girl!!!!!!

    1. hi anon...Linda Frum only got to be a Senator for her fundraising work on behalf of the Reform Alliance Party and the right-wing Israel lobby. And she is without a doubt the most aggressive yapping Con in the entire Senate....

  2. Supposed Liberal Warren Kinsella also stomped on the GG's nuts in a blog post on Johnson's Syrian refugee comments. That Kinsella shares similar views to someone like Frum speaks volumes about just who and what he is.

    1. Anonymous8:36 PM

      I'm always amazed at these so-called "liberals", always seemingly making public forceful sneering condescending declarations about how inherently "stupid", liberals always are...

      Like Warren Kinsella and many others in the con 5th column.

      The so-called "liberal" "left-wing" media - run owned and completely controlled by the radical fundamentalist right-wing media, strangely have to always be schizoidally accusing themselves, of being "left-wing", Carl Jung would have a field day with...

      Classic Collective Schizophrenia, on a macro scale...

      Someone should have look into, for various obvious reasons...


  3. Not just another Con hack, Noddy. Someone who values a great statesman and environmentalist.
    Stephen J Harper oily bird watching tours coming soon to Fort MacMurray at the Tarsands Visitor Centre.

    1. hi hinofan...thanks for the video. I had forgotten Frum's involvement in the Hula Valley Bird Sanctuary. But now that I've seen it it looks like an excellent place to send our weird bird Harper... ;)

  4. Let's hope Frumm keeps it up. The more evidence that the Cons are crazy cannot hurt.

    One does have to question what she thought (assuming thought) that she would achieve. It's good to see Cons are maintaining their normal link with reality.

    1. hi jrkrideau...well they are only acting like that because they are frustrated and desperate. But it's no excuse for trying to smear David Johnston. I have actually met the man on a couple of occasions through my family, and his connection with McGill University, and I can testify that the man is thoroughly decent and a good Canadian...

  5. Anonymous11:01 AM

    What idiot made her a senator in the first place?

    1. hi anon...Stephen Harper made her a Senator for her fundraising efforts, and her work with the right-wing Israel lobby. And also I imagine for having been an ideological fanatic stretching back to her days at McGill when she ran some kind of right-wing magazine...

  6. e.a.f.1:29 PM

    What is funny about this is,, the G.G. is a Con appointment and not all were happy with his appointment, thinking it was partisan on the part of Harper. Now Frum attacks him, oh, well must be party leadership time.

    Some may believe the G.G. ought not to have an opinion,. The position does tread a fine line as a representative of the Monarchy, in a Constituional government system, so we have to ask our selves would the Queen have made similar remarks? In my opinion, she might have thanked the country for the work it did regarding a specific event. In Canada, I don't believe the G.G.'s comments were out of line.

    1. hi e.a.f...Smearing a man like David Johnston is a low blow. Only the guilty could imagine that he was singling out the Cons. He was talking about the way our country reacted, and praising the way we did not let bigotry shatter our Canadian values...

  7. Anonymous4:35 PM

    How does an english dominion that still worships the monarchy consider itself a constitutional government? As in ROYAL Canadian Armed Forces, ROYAL Canadian Mounted Police, HMCS warships, etc. And a g.g. that serves as a liaison between our sovereign masters and our "democracy".
    D'Oh! hat tip to Homer...

    1. hi anon...well don't ask me, I'm not a loyalist. And I'm hoping somebody will take all that royal bullshit away and replace it with CANADIAN. Our general recently went back to wearing maple leafs on their uniforms instead of pips, and the sooner all our soldiers do the better. I have no hatred for the monarchy, I just think that we should be proud of being Canadians...

  8. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Isn't it odd that someone who we thankfully hardly ever hear from, is suddenly spewing her veiled xenophobia on us. Thanks for showing your true colours Linda Frum, another failed Harper senate appointment.

    1. hi JD...I don't know what motivated Frum to smear the Governor General. But it is a cowardly move since he can't properly defend himself. And Frum couldn't be more of a partisan Con beast....

  9. Senator Frumjob: Partisan? Moi?

    Patrick60 says:
    How did Barbara Frum spawn the likes of David and Linda?