Sunday, April 17, 2016

Brian Pallister is Caught Stretching the Truth. Again.

Two days ago I told you how Brian Pallister, the PC leader of Manitoba, had been found to be spending a LOT of time in sunny Costa Rica.

And had lied about where he was during the height of the 2014 flood.

Well now it turns out that he wasn't entirely honest about his holdings in that Central American country.

And sadly for him, he appears to have been caught stretching the truth. Again.

The New Democrats allege Brian Pallister’s holdings in a Central American country are much larger than he has let on.

Recent revelations about offshore holdings funnelled through Panama by politicians around the world prompted demands from the NDP and the Liberals for Pallister publicly release his tax return. He replied that all he owns in Costa Rica is a single property and a bank account with $2,300 in it.

“Yesterday, media reports from Costa Rica and company records indicate that he has two holding companies and three properties in the tropical country,” the NDP said in a news release. “Late last night, a PC spokesperson indicated that he actually has four properties and two holding companies.”

And that's in addition to his $2 million home in Winnipeg.

The one with the seven-car garage...

And then of course there is his homophobia, and his grotesque misogyny.

He opposed a women’s right to choose (Ottawa Citizen, May 15, 1998). He ridiculed as “frivolous expenditures” and a “waste” studies that examined the bullying of teen girls (, January 16, 2002). 

 He floated plans to end Employment Insurance benefits like parental leave and compassionate care (Montreal Gazette, June 12, 2004). He made important statements about women in the House of Commons: “She isn't quite sure if she's coming or going” and “You might be a doctor or a nurse; improve your chances by stripping first” (HOC Hansard, December 9, 2004).

Because he is crazed religious fanatic...

And to think that in just 48 hours he could be the new Premier of Manitoba.

The Tories are poised to win a majority government on election day, results from a new poll commissioned by Postmedia suggest.

"What looked like a simple majority last week now looks like a super majority," said Quito Maggi, president of Mainstreet Research.

And really what can I say that I didn't say in my last post?

If Manitobans elect that Con clown, they'll be the laughing stock of the whole country.

Don't do it Manitoba, save your honour. and vote for someone better...

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Anonymous said...

Go ahead and do it Manitoba! Get what you deserve! When this idiot trashes your economy and destroys what little you have left of a national reputation, we can always move you right next to the Canadian answer to texas and put you beside oilberta.
That way, if we need a giant area to contain ultra-dangerous right wing idiots with a YUGE wall, it'll be just that much less work and also less expensive too, also! ;-)
I can't believe Canada is actually in the shape it's in to even consider some of the guys they do now as "electable" material. God Help Us!

jrkrideau said...

Let us not forget Myron Thompson. The Reform/Cons have a history of recruiting outstanding candidates.

Lorne said...

It's funny that you should post on this topic, Simon. The other night I was talking to a good friend who lives in Winnipeg who has a journalist's nose for stories, and he was expressing grave doubts about Pallister's claims about what he has been doing in Costa Rica. Thanks for shedding light on this. I have sent a link to your entry to my fiend.

Anonymous said...

Seven garage doors! Is that a house or a parking lot?

e.a.f. said...

If the other parties are getting the information about Pallister out there and the voters elect him, then they get what the deserve. The may not like the NDP, but Pallister is not the way to go. On the other hand, if Pallister starts what we might expect him to do, it will create a lot of jobs for lawyers. there will be a lot of legal work and the judges can just follow the example of the Supreme Court of Canada, over turn, over turn, over turn.