Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The Con Circus and the Return of Stephen Harper

As you probably know, the Con leadership race is slowly warming up, and the orthopaedic surgeon Kellie Leitch has become the first to throw her cap, or a leg, into the ring  

Former cabinet minister Kellie Leitch has become the first official candidate to replace Stephen Harper as Conservative leader, sounding the starting gun on a race that will stretch over 13 months.

And with her record of political barbarism, and the hapless Maxime Bernier due to follow her, the mood at Con headquarters is growing increasingly grim.

With some Con operatives apparently contemplating desperate measures.

Like trying to draft the oil pimp Brad Wall. 

An informal Draft Wall campaign has formed. It will tell him that there is a team ready to run his bid, that money is available and that research among delegates suggests he is seen as the only candidate who can save Canada from prolonged Liberal rule. But in this case, the goal is not just save the country, but to salvage the Conservative coalition.

Even though he claims he doesn't want the job, and he can't speak French.

To try to save the Cons from being slaughtered in the next election, and above all to try to keep the party out of the hands of the so-called Red Tories.

And Peter MacKay...

There is a groundswell of opinion among what might be considered the party establishment that the day after MacKay wins the leadership, the party would split.

And so desperate is the establishment to keep the party in the hands of the western Reformers, and Big Oil, they're apparently even thinking of calling on Jason Kenney.

The suggestion is that, if the Draft Wall campaign fails, Jason Kenney could be persuaded to run, to avoid a Progressive Conservative coronation, in a race dominated by such perceived Red Tories as MacKay, Lisa Raitt, Kellie Leitch and Michael Chong.

Which is like the Republican establishment calling on Ted Cruz to save them.

But does explain why Kenney is in such a frenzy these days, tweeting out a torrent of political and religious messages.

And acting like an absolute maniac, or a pig who smells truffles...

Or the faint scent of power.

But what's even more bizarre, is that according to Ivison, some Cons are apparently even thinking of bringing Stephen Harper back from the dead !!!!

Should Kenney also demur, there is one more name being touted as someone who could defeat MacKay — Stephen Joseph Harper.

The former prime minister’s return is being mooted by serious people, in a political resurrection that would echo that of the current prime minister’s father. “No other candidate could defeat him in the leadership of our party,” said one respected senior Conservative. “It’s the ‘break glass in case of emergency’ option.”

Can you believe it? 

They would break the glass, and bring back the man who destroyed the Cons, to SAVE them.

Is that what Harper was planning all along? Is that why he disappeared? Is that why I keep seeing this ghastly question all over the place?

Does Stephen Harper really believe that people would forget what he did? And that after a suitable absence he could make a dramatic reappearance, and all would be forgiven?

Does he really not understand that it would be sure to end the same way it did last time?

When he mounted on his iron horse and came charging out...

And all I can say is, god I hope so. Let's hope Harper's that crazy, and the Cons are that desperate.

For this Con leadership race is starting to look like a slow motion train wreck.

Or a Con clown parade in the Circus of the Walking Dead.

And if we're lucky, it will resemble the Republican leadership convention.

And we will get to watch the Republicans AND the Cons, blow themselves apart...

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  1. Noddy, you have the BEST blog!
    With pix and movies of our favourite villains!

    1. hi hinofan...why thank you for those encouraging words. But then Noddy and Bump never had to deal with villains like those in Toyland, So I have to thank the Harperites for being such good targets... :)

  2. The Cons are certainly looking a bit desperate. We can pray that someone like Jason Kenny, Peter MacKay or Kellie Leith is selected.

    Oh Leith, I love it. The other parties would not even have to hire actors for attack ads. Just use the snitch line announcement and her refusal to convene an enquiry into the missing aboriginal women.

    Brad Wall and, perhaps, Michael Chong would be a lot more worrying but as objectionable as Wall can be on the oil and gas front neither he or Chong are tainted by being a Harper minister.

    Still if Wall cannot speak French that probably excludes him (How's Chong's French?) unless we suddenly hear that he has enrolled in a Berlitz French course.

    I cannot believe the party would be so insane as to try and bring back Harper but given the Rob Ford fiasco and their seeming isolation from popular opinion they just might be.

    1. hi jrkrideau...yes they are looking desperate, and I'm not just supporting Kenney, I'm his (unofficial) campaign manager in the heathen region of downtown Toronto. For if he does ever get named leader we won't have to worry about the Cons for at least a generation. I think Chong might pose a serious challenge if he was chosen. But he isn't a Reformer so I don't think he has the chance of a snowball in hell of winning...

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    The thought of Jesus Harper's resurrection is hilarious Simon. If they become that desperate I would suggest that instead of using the “break glass in case of emergency option,” try the "break glass and sever aorta" option.

    1. hi JD...well I'm glad you find it hilarious. I on the other hand have had to reinforce the bars on my bedroom window, lest the Harper zombie fly in while I'm sleeping ;)
      But yes, don't you love the "break the glass" line? For it does tell us that they are truly desperate....

  4. No. No one outside of the CPC misses him.

    1. hi Dan...I'd say that's putting it mildly. I've tried everything, including hypnosis, but I can't forget him. And the fact that any of the Cons would seriously think about bringing him back only tells me that they are living in a parallel universe....

  5. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Liberal honeymoon over, as your blog from yesterday hints? Maybe not so much after CPC leadership convention when crazies are back in the news and Canadians are reminded of the nightmare of last ten years...


    1. hi TS...I did leave that as an open question. Because with the numbers Trudeau still enjoys, there is clearly still a lot of heat between the sheets, and the honeymoon continues... ;)

  6. e.a.f.2:20 PM

    always did think that is how it would end, bringing Harper back. he resigned. the party didn't kick him to the curb. It is not fantasy. its a real plan B.

    Having a Red tory take over the party would not make the oil companies, the Panama Paper crowd, or reformers happy. On the other hand a "real" red tory would not be bad for the country. I say this, with the intent of having a viable 3rd party.

    Whether we like the Cons or not they represent a large number of people in this country. Its a democracy and they need a place to place their vote. if they become disengaged from the process we are all the lesser for it. There are those who will never go to the federal Liberals or NDP, so they do need a home. A Harper home is not a good place. A true P.C. could work.

    If there is no opposition to a ruling party, they will eventually turn into what they opposed. if there is strong opposition, be it Con or NDP or a combination, it keeps every one honest or as close as you get to it.

    i.e. 8 yrs from now J.T. decided to spend more time with the family. New leader turns out not to be so great. No opposition to deal with it, you have a problem. We are a 3 party country. We need to have 3 strong, viable parties. (that is not to say I'd like a P.C. party running this country, just to be clear)

    1. hi e.a.f....knowing how Harper loves power, and how he considers the Con Party to be his, I actually wouldn't be surprised if when he sleeps in his coffin during the day, that old vampire still dreams of returning. But sadly for him I don't think that's going to happen...

  7. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Not a moral compass or any ethics to be found in any of them. They should all be sitting where CONvict Del Mastro is right now!!!!! FS

    1. hi FS...nope, they lost their moral compass long ago, if they ever had one. And that's what makes them the Cons. I honestly believe that a gang like that one must have committed a lot of dirty deed that have yet to be uncovered. Which is why I still dream of a full public inquiry into their years in power...

  8. I would never discount the stupidity of Canadians to someday facilitate Harper in a return to his being prime minister. It sounds an outlandish proposition, but we are a tempermental and outlandish people. lol

    1. hi Omar...OMG please don't say that. Because if the Canadian people ever brought that political thug back to power, you know where you would find me. i.e. somewhere in Scotland... ;)

  9. Simon says: "Does Stephen Harper really believe that people would forget what he did?"

    People won't forget what Harper did if they keep referring to this 9 part article:

    Parts 1 - 9 The Stephen Harper Non-Answer Generator

    "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
    -- George Santayana

    1. hi David...hmmm...I see you have been stirring up trouble on other sites. ;) But good for you, the non-answer generator was the perfect machine to deal with Stephen Harper's outrageous habit of dodging the truth or just plain lying...

  10. Did Harper attend Rob Ford's funeral?

    1. hi David...I don't know, but I doubt it. Ford and Harper were not real friends. And Harper just used him, discreetly, like he tried to use all around him...

  11. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Stevie is gone and won't be back, at least for a very long time. Just too many skeletons rattling around in closets for the Con-vict to return to the public spotlight.Regardless of how weak and myopic the light might be!

    In 2015 theTyee published a list of 70 Harper Con assaults on democracy and the law.In reality there are likely many more such as dealings with SNC on privatization of our nuclear facilities, the 2 billion pension money investment in fracking and pipelines with the help of Wolf Infrastructures a little known private company.
    Thankfully he is gone,just unfortunate all of his disciples did not follow him.Then again a successful retreat requires a dedicated rear guard and he sure covered all of the avenues of attack before leaving.

    1. hi RT...yes, I can't imagine he will ever be back. As I said above, I wouldn't be surprised if Harper dreams about a triumphant return. But it wasn't just his policies that offended so many Canadians, it was his whole ugly persona. So it's not going to happen...

  12. There are no Red Tories left in that party. Mackay is milder wingnut compared to Kenney and others. It will be a free gongshow watching this race unfold.