Monday, April 11, 2016

Who Knew Harper Is Now Working For The Republicans?

As soon as I saw that picture of Stephen Harper a few months ago, posing for a selfie outside a Shake Shack in Las Vegas, I was almost sure I knew why he was really there.

Not to soak up the sun, or stuff himself with the Shack's crinkle cut cheese fries, or its almost legendary frozen custard.

But to pay his respects to this creepy Republican billionaire.

Sheldon Adelson, the casino king, the uber Israel supporter, and one of the Republican Party's most generous sugar daddies.

And sure enough, now it seems Harper got a personal invite to Adelson's mega mansion...

To apparently offer some advice on how to bring the warring Republicans together. 

While the RJC spring meeting is traditionally a celebration of Adelson, with politicians of all stripes venturing to the Venetian to pay homage, this year’s was different. 

On Thursday evening, Adelson hosted some of the organization’s top officials at his palatial mansion. While former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper discussed how fractured parties can unite, Adelson listened but said little, according to three people who were present. 

And since Michael Harris alerted me to that story, I thought you might want to read what he had to say about Las Vegas Steve, and the desperation of the Republicans.

Harper’s contribution to this Republican glitzerama was to sing for his supper with a speech about how to unite divided parties. You get some idea of how badly split the Republicans really are when they ask a guy like Harper for advice about healing divisions. Steve is a gold medalist in the sport of apple-of-discord throwing. Since entering public life, he has tossed it into any organization he found himself associated with, in an effort to dominate.

For it's always good to remind Canadians that Harper was the most divisive Prime Minister this country has ever known.

And any claims to the contrary are fraudulent.

And it is also necessary to remind them about Great Failed Leader's multiple political personalities, and who he really is...

Harper has always had multiple political personalities. It’s just that a lot of people either never knew, or have forgotten.

In his earliest days, Harper succumbed briefly to “Trudeau-mania”. Then there was Harper the Progressive Conservative. Next came Harper the Reformer. After that he was Harper of the Canadian Alliance; finally he morphed into Harper the Conservative Party of Canada member.

Behind it all, like the Wizard of Oz concealed by his curtain, is Harper the Republican.

And this is a good question too:

It appears that Canada’s one and only Tea Party Republican politician has found his natural home in the Nevada desert. I wonder if this was a paid gig.

Because it would tell you something about how low Harper has fallen.

And needless to say I have my own questions.

Why was he really in Las Vegas rubbing shoulders with all those billionaire bagmen?

Is he just a paid whore for the Republican Party, or is he trying to raise money for some kind of Harper Foundation? One with close ties to Israel, as I have heard rumoured.

What party and what country was he really working for all those years?

And of course, aren't you glad we defeated him?

Who was that monstrous RepubliCon?

That tool of the One Percent.

And how did he ever become Prime Minister?

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Anonymous said...

"Is he just a paid whore for the Republican Party"
"What party and what country was he really working for all those years?"

Only too obvious. The only two countries heil harper is/was ever guilty of working FOR was/is the u.s. and zion. He is guilty of working against the best interests of Canada along with his crime cabal. he will not, however, ever be brought to justice by the ruling regime here in Canada because they are now also in the process of carrying out his fine economic and political agendas, with some personalized tweaks, of course, and, as they say, if you live in a glass house, you really don't want to start throwing stones, ay? Another bush/o-bomb-a style scam right in our own country, under our very noses and in broad daylight. Another utter masterpiece of a psy-ops dependent on our ignorance and naivety and it is again working perfectly. It never ends....
Sunny ways your'll/we'll see....

Anonymous said...

He's not just an indoor Republican. Harper was in fact a Tea Bagger type Republican. There is a big difference. It's a lot like the difference between a Weimar foot soldier and an SS officer. while both were odious one was monstrous by comparison.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading that he was mingling with the GOP years ago. Some kind of indoctrination vehicle for university students.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading that he was mingling with the GOP years ago. Some kind of indoctrination vehicle for university students.


Unknown said...

Harper is a committed Neoliberal. He spent 9+ yrs. destroying Canadian democracy and selling out Canada's sovereignty to the global neoliberal elite. He tried to destroy the Nation Building created by previous PM's. I can't believe that this tyrant was our PM. As he gave the finger to the Canadian majority, including during the election and operated in secrecy, he consistently in his policies went against Canadians. Harper had a conscious agenda. Neoliberalism, domestically and globally. It's left now to see if the liberals will continue with that agenda.

Dan said...

It shouldn't be a shock at all. In the US, groups opposed to government run Healthcare used a few Canadian Reformers as 'expert witlesses (sic)' on the horrors of universal healthcare. Also they used the Reform playbook to take over a mainstream right wing party.

e.a.f. said...

Harper is good at bringing people together. His kind of people. He managed one way or another to destroy the red tory group and turn it into a Reform version of the Conservative party of Canada. How he did that, may be of interest to Republicans.

They may also be interested in his experience of divide and conquer, how to marginalize people and give the 1%ers a hand up.

When steve first started running I recall rumours he was using Republican election strategy types to help him win. Now I guess he has decided to return the favour.

Did he speak at the meeting for a fee? who knows, My guess, not so much. He'd do that for free as part of his "religion" based on the money god. These 2 guys have a lot in common and their views on "bennie".

I do hope Steve and his gang did not sign all those "free" trade deals for free. To sell your country out, I understand. Doing it for free, not so much. So lets see what those new 100 auditors at CRA find. Hey they found a lot of other politicians and their families. The Swiss have even seized a major painting.

Anonymous said...

That Adelson is one creeepy looking dude Simon so it's no surprise Harper is drawn to that. Being uber rich is the ultimate reason on why he's there. It is a testament to Harper's legacy of worshipping the likes of Adelson while the rest of us were merely a means to his ends.
I hope whatever's left that is good in the Harper base will finally see him for what he is and who he kneels to.

Anonymous said...

They will find out who the real crooks were like Revenue Canada Ministers back in 1989!!!! when they tax people on court orders rather than actual money received from child support!