Friday, April 15, 2016

Meet Brian Pallister the PC Leader of Manitoba AND Costa Rica

Brian Pallister is the Progressive Conservative leader of Manitoba.

And in just four days he is widely expected to be elected as the new premier of that province.

But now there seems to be some confusion.

Will he be the new leader of Manitoba or Costa Rica?

For he does seem to spend a LOT of time in that country.

Since his election as a Manitoba MLA in September 2012, Brian Pallister has travelled to Costa Rica 15 times, spending 18.2 per cent of his total time in the Central American country.

Public records show Pallister spent about 240 days either en route to or in Costa Rica. His latest trip there was from Jan. 31 to Feb. 10 of this year.

Although there seems to be no doubt that he is a shameless liar.

Pallister was away during the height of the 2014 flood.

Later that year, when asked by the Winnipeg Free Press about where he was during the flood, Pallister responded, "I was at a family wedding in Alberta in July; the first week of July was when the unprecedented rainfall occurred one day in parts of western Manitoba."

When asked today, Pallister's spokesperson said the wedding actually took place June 28.

Can you believe that? 

And to think that I used to believe that all that could be held against him, was the fact that he is a crazed theocon who hates gay people and women. 

In the 1990s Brian Pallister quit the Progressive Conservative party because he thought they were becoming too “whiny” and “bitchy,” a party with “PMS” (Globe & Mail, December 8, 2000) .

Pallister proceeded to fight against same-sex marriage, calling it a “social experiment” (HOC Hansard, March 24, 2005). He opposed a women’s right to choose (Ottawa Citizen, May 15, 1998). He ridiculed as “frivolous expenditures” and a “waste” studies that examined the bullying of teen girls (, January 16, 2002).

Calls non-Christians "infidels" and hates Halloween...

And when asked about his reactionary position on climate change is capable of reacting violently.

A video shot Monday afternoon appears to show Manitoba PC leader Brian Pallister in an altercation with a young protester, allegedly grabbing the youth's phone right out of his hands.

During the commotion, the frantic voice of someone identified as a member of Pallister's staff is heard pleading: "No! Hands off! No no no! Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian! No! Brian, Brian!"

And he's going to be the next premier of Manitoba?

Don't the people of that province understand how bad that would make THEM look?

One can only hope that they regain their senses.

And send that lying theocon bully back to the place he clearly belongs...

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Anonymous said...


I just went on the Winnipeg Free Press and read the comments to this story.

Seems neither the Lib or NDP leader aren't well liked and this loon may indeed get in.

Anonymous said...

I come for the drawings and stay for a read :). Do u make them yourself simon?

e.a.f. said...

Oh, well if the people of Manitoba want a change, he is certainly going to give it to them. From some of the quotes, they might also have a lot of Charter challenges.

I'm not clear if he is the leader of the Official Opposition. if he is, then those days are a few too many days in Costa Rica. If he isn't the leader of the opposition then who cares where he is. Of course the real question is: WHAT IS HE DOING IN COSTA RICA all that time??????

jrkrideau said...

"No! Hands off! No no no! Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian! No! Brian, Brian!"
Sounds like something from the local dog park.

Good to see the Cons are maintaining their quality.

Simon said...

hi anon...yes according to the latest polls Palmister is heading for a landslide. Good for Costa rica, and too bad for Manitoba...

Simon said...

hi anon...well now I'm crushed. I KNEW people weren't interested in what I write !!!!!
But yes I do make those silly little creations and I'm happy you enjoy them... ;)

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...I'm not exactly sure why he spends so much time in Costa Rica, but you can be sure that he doesn't take his work to the beach...

Simon said...

hi jrkrideau...yes I got the same impression. No Brian down boy, you can't attack people !!!!!