Friday, August 02, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Great Surrender

He likes to pose as a patriot. Or go on and on about standing up for our sovereignty, in the True North strong and Conservative !!!!

He has bombarded us with propaganda about the War of 1812, to show us how we beat the Americans eh?

But now that the Americans are threatening to invade us again, it appears that Great Patriotic Leader is preparing to surrender. 

According to the RCMP memo, Washington is demanding that its police agents operating in Canada be entirely exempt from Canadian criminal law. A U.S. agent who, for instance, shot and killed a Canadian while on Canadian soil would not be subject to a Canadian court.

Will all of this reduce Canadian sovereignty? Of course. Will this federal government balk at giving so much away? Don’t count on it.

And I'm sure not only because he wants to keep the trucks rolling across the border, but also because he is desperate for Obama to approve the Keystone XL pipeline...

But Obama is ignoring him, or laughing at him, and just keeps raising the stakes.

U.S. President Barack Obama pointed to the global climate implications of approving TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline during a wide-ranging Capitol Hill meeting on Wednesday with Democratic lawmakers.

"He pointed out this is a global issue, even more so than an American or a Canadian issue," Cardin said.

Which means that if Harper wants his pipeline he's going to have to come up with something like a carbon tax in a hurry to prove he's serious about global warming.

And since Harper and his Cons have spent the last year attacking the NDP for their non-existent "job killing carbon tax" if he does give in to Obama not only will he look weak, he'll look like an absolute IDIOT.

And if he doesn't get the pipeline he will also be blamed, for acting like an environmental terrorist for so many years, siding with the loser Republicans, and souring relations with the United States.

The ongoing Keystone morass has become so politicized that questions of whether Barack Obama’s rejection would damage Canada-U.S. relations have been supplanted by questions of how much damage has already been done during a protracted decision-making process which remains unresolved.

At a time when he's never needed the good will of the White House so badly.

And of course if he does allow the Americans to invade us and violate our sovereignty, he'll look like an absolute STOOGE.

So one way or the other he can't win. And we can't lose.

Golly. You know when I first heard the Con Carbon Tax Operetta as the last session of parliament was beginning I found it rather irritating eh?

But now I have to admit I find it quite entertaining...

Yup. Obama is laughing at him. Hey Harper how about that carbon tax? And those FIFTY jobs?

Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!

Soon Canadians will be too.

Great Patriotic Leader is shrinking before our eyes.

It was a pathetic show.

But his last act is almost over...

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  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I must admit it is funny watching Obama play 'rope-a-dope' with Harper. However, the idea of American agents running around Canada, not subject to Canadian law, is not very amusing.

    Nonetheless, now that the match is nearing the final stages, it is clear to one and all that Harper is clearly outmatched by Obama. In fact, it is clear that Harper is so talentless that he should never have been in the match in the first place.

    But I'm hoping Harper can stand for at least another couple of rounds because, as a Canadian, I find it satisfying and entertaining.

    1. hi anonymous...I know what you mean about the Obama-Harper wrestling match, which I also have to admit I am finding quite entertaining. But yes, isn't it supremely ironic that Harper spent years as an environmental terrorist, only to have his lack of any face saving green credentials jeopardize his precious project? He satisfied his fatal lust only to screw himself ROYALLY...

  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Has anyone read of this. Harper gives a speech in New York at the, Council of Foreign Relations. Sept 25/2007. Harper is in favor of the NAU.

    NAU pushed by big business.
    May 18/2011

    P.M. Harper officially endorses NAU.
    Oct 3/2005

    There is an abundance of literature on the subject. True or not, I don't really know.

    1. hi anonymous...I have read more about Harper than most, and I only wish more Canadians had informed themselves about his background before they gave him the power and the majority he craved. For when they finally appreciate the extent of his madness they will be horrified...

  3. It is indeed curious to note that Alberta Reformers are seeking economic salvation for Canada, in the event of rejection of environmentally unfriendly resource extraction plans by the representatives of US corporate interests, who have their own dilemnas, projects and interests to consider, by aligning Canadian trade, development and resource extraction perspectives with those of the Peoples Republic of China. Leaving aside the "sociological" disputes over so-called socialist nomenclature by numerous left wing splinters and sects on the fringes of the NDP, there is very little progressive content to such joint Harper-Stalinist schemes.

    Thus you have curious contributions by fringe group "socialists" who claim the major obligation of socialists in Canada is "overwhelming solidarity" with the Peoples Republic of China, presumably including their Harper endorsed foreign investment and resource extraction schemes, going so far as to argue that " in China, unlike in the United States or Canada, almost every anti-state force that claims to fight for social and political rights– from “pro-democracy” groups, to Falun Gong, to pro-Dalai Lama forces – are either openly anti-communist or otherwise subordinated to Western imperialism. ... If Western leftists, on the wrong basis that China is 'capitalist', support those forces who under the guise of 'democracy' want to weaken the PRC proletarian state, they are only going to encourage counterrevolutionary factions within the CPC." And thus we have crazed left wing sectarians arguing against minority rights for cultural minorities or democratic freedoms in China because such movements are part of some counterrevolutionary imperialist conspiracy. Our theoretically unsophisticated Alberta Reformers don't labour under any such sociological delusions as to the "inherently progressive" class nature of the Chinese state, they know fellow capitalists, exploiters and kindred spirits when they meet them. Alberta Reformers don't call for "imperialist intervention" in China because they don't see the need to crush their partners in imperialist exploitation of world resources, but they do actively and constantly call for violent state intervention in media discussion blogs against their perennial favourites, the "welfare state leeches" in Quebec, natives or muslim immigrants...

    We can leave such abstract and curious exchanges as to what extent, nomenclature withstanding, "socialism" endures in the Peoples Republic of China and to what extent capitalist counterrevolution has triumphed to the sectarian political economy types and "sociologically inclined" splinter group theorists. Our Albert Reformers, not known for any theoretical sophistication or for any appetite for studies in sociology, political economy or any of the social sciences - those who routinely boast of their ignorance and equate state subsidized daycare with communism - do know who their friends are and who their enemies are. They have even gone so far as to publish a list of their enemies and it is doubtful that the leaders of the Peoples Republic are included in such list. The so-called Communist leaders of the Peoples Republic of China are thus considered trusted allies of the most socially and politically backward sectors of the Canadian electorate, those who engage in cult worship of police and military, who advocate imperialist intervention worldwide, that is with the exception of their favoured investor and trade partner - China - on whose behalf they are willing to ignore all sorts of environmental, labour and human rights abuses.

    1. hi Rene...all though I had a very brief Maoist phase as a freshman at university, due to my hero worship of Dr Norman Bethune, I have never had time for fanatics of any kind. Or those who would put dogma before reason or humanity. And as for the right-wingers in this country, I did study biology, but monkey science was not my speciality... ;)

  4. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Simon, I love you, but a little critique on the above attire? (The Cons deserve nothing so honourable.) As much as I appreciate the British (and many were Americans looking for a BETTER LIFE) and Native colonies winning against the Yanks in 1812/13, the York explosion being part of it, and the burning of the original wooden Grand River (Brantford) Bridge, to keep the US OUT, and as much as I hate the way the British abandoned their (our) Native allies, those British uniforms are part of my heritage. We won a hard battle in Quebec as well, but I admire Quebec's determination not to be assimilated. It seems to me forced assimilation or death is genocide.

    1. hi Linda...well I am only portraying Harper as he no doubt would wish to be portrayed. As a heroic figure, unlike the loyalist Christopher Harper the first Harper in Canada, who went so crazy with power he had to be removed from office for "vindictiveness beyond reason." But yes, those uniforms are also part of my heritage. The republican and the Scotsman in me abhors them, but my mother is English so what can I do? ;)

  5. Anonymous4:36 PM

    And further more, we won. The North won. We won. They can't accept it, but WE WON. And... Get off my lawn with your armaments. Im unarmed but we will take you down. You are pestilence.

    1. hi Linda...OK now you've really done. Now you're on the NSA list and I'll have to pretend I don't know you... ;)

  6. Harper will let them in as long as they let him dress up in their uniforms and play with their guns.

    "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most *)(&(*&( of them all?"

    1. hi sassy... It's bad enough having to go through U.S.customs and be given the evil eye by the sinister operatives of The Great War on Terror. Or be forced to remove your shoes etc etc. But having them run around unconstrained by Canadian law, and patrolling OUR side of the border is the absolute limit.
      And yes I do love that scene when Great Ugly Leader says "Mirror mirror on the wall. Who's the prettiest of them all? " And the mirror says not you and then shatters... :0

  7. Anonymous8:04 PM


  8. Anonymous9:22 PM

    WE are THEY...they SUCK......C'MON...

  9. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Simon? I love that I can come here and say what's in my heart. YOU ARE MY PEOPLE.