Friday, August 09, 2013

John Baird and the Hoggy Homophobe

Lordy. It's taken me a day to recover from this stunning sight. I haven't seen such a match up since El Macho met La Cuca in  the finals of the Tijuana Wrestling League.

And I still can't believe it eh?

Was that really John Baird doing the right thing for once? By denouncing the anti-gay repression in Russia? Brother John?

And was that really the old homophobic haggis Gwendolyn Landolt, spewing and farting in his general direction? 

“It really is offensive,” Landolt said Wednesday. “The issue is really why is he interfering in a sovereign country’s legislation? He really has no business to do that. “I don’t want other countries to get what we have here where people’s religious values and traditional values are being pushed aside and giving homosexuals priority,” she said.

“According to Mr. Baird it’s a protection of human rights but it’s not universally accepted. It’s not a Canadian value,” she said.

And sure enough it was.


Still riding her grunting REAL Women of Canada. Still spewing homophobia and anti-feminist garbage out of every orifice. Crazier than ever, and now flirting with genocide.

And presumably with Vladimir Putin...

Because if she shaved more often, or wore tassels on her tits, she too could be HIM.

And what I want to know is why have the Cons genuflected before that grotesque bigot for so long?  That dirty old thing. Why did they ask her disgusting group to help award those tinny Diamond Jubilee medals?

And why even now are they stroking those hatemongers? Or licking them like lollipops.

Representatives from REAL Women of Canada met with two members of Baird's staff Wednesday about the group's criticism of Baird. Asked if Baird's office was offended by remarks accusing the cabinet minister of abusing his office or furthering "his own perspective on homosexuality," Diane Watts, a researcher for REAL Women, described the response as "neutral."

Watts added that REAL Women, which she says has 50,000 members, was "quite happy" with the tone of the meeting.

Instead of condemning them as the filthy bigots they are.The scummiest of all scum. The lowest of the low.

And of course, the answer is because Stephen Harper needs every member of his rabid religious base if he even hopes to win the next election. He needs their devotion and their dollars.

Their values are HIS values...

So he will do ANYTHING to please them.

And so will his hapless stooge John Baird, in his other capacity as the Minister of the Office of Religious Affairs...

You know the OTHER Brother John. Who prefers not to talk about gay things.

And of course the good news is that unless the Cons apply their lips to Gwen Landolt's fleshy buttocks, she could cause trouble.

Mr. Baird’s actions are highly offensive to conservative taxpayers. He cannot and must not undermine other countries’ sovereignty and dignity, rooted in stable family structures and religious faith, in order to impose his own value system on them. Mr. Baird’s actions are destructive to the conservative base in Canada and causing collateral damage to his party.

And anything that causes collateral damage to the Con base, at a critical time like this one, is definitely worth celebrating. Hallelujah !!!!

Gawd. Can you believe it eh? Are we blessed or what?

The old hog came back to service us again.

And screw the Cons. *SQUEAL*

Before her time was finally over...

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  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    These rabid right wingers are very fond of telling people who complain about their morals/values that they should leave Canada and go back where they came from. Calling themselves "Real Women of Canada" of course suggests that those women who do not subscribe to their kind of poison are somehow not "real women" or not "Canadian" or at least not "real Canadian" women.

    Thus we should collectively say to Landolt and her type that they should go to Russia if they love its morals and values, eh?

    As for Brother John, he probably received a tongue lashing from King Steve and was probably assuring these "real women" that he had misspoke.

    Which is why I was really amused when people leapt up in defence of Baird. Made me want to ask these people if they have heard of the song: Never smile at a crocodile .... you can't get friendly with a crocodile ... eh ??

    1. hi anonymous...look I'm glad Baird is speaking out, but I'm certainly not going to praise him effusively for doing what I would expect any Canadian foreign minister to do. And as for Landolt, I'm just glad she finally revealed her true colours. And if she lobs a few grenades into the Con base I might just build a small mud statue to her in my backyard. And watch the rain flussia away... ;)

  2. Anonymous9:39 AM

    So an atheist is the head of Harper's Office of Religious Freedom? I want my donations refunded, now. Come next election, I will be voting for the Christian Heritage party! And I'll be returning my jubilee medal.

    1. hi anonymous... that's funny...that's exactly the same message I sent out tonight to the Con base.

      Dear Conservative Brethren:

      I write to warn you that our beloved Party, and our even more beloved Great Leader, hallowed be his name, have been shockingly BETRAYED !!!!
      John Baird is not only a homo, he's a HEATHEN !!!!
      A satanic influence in the very HEART of our government !!!!!
      Demand that your donations be returned. Vote for the Christian Heritage Party, or stay at home and pray for this country. And of course return your Jubilo Medals, and replace them with Jesus medals. For only HE and our Lord Harper can save us !!!

      My sincere CONdolences, and a secret handshake.


      Yours in

  3. I wonder if Baird or his team asked Landolt and Watts if they and their 50K alleged members enjoyed viewing the photos and videos of the results of their religious faith and traditional values that they're so proud of. One would hope that someone pointed that out to them. I can see Baird coming out shortly, no pun intended, to back track on his for once brave statements? I can't imagine harper putting up with any more betrayal of this base of bigots he desperately needs to hold on to power. If it means throwing gays under the bus, he'll do it.

    1. hi bcwaterboy...yes indeed, it did seem like a rather cozy meeting. And since so many are heaping praise on Baird, I thought it only fair to point out that after the grandstanding came the GROVELLING.
      As I said, I'm glad Baird is speaking out, as any Canadian Foreign Minister should, but I've always felt he could have done much more to speak up for LGBT people in this country, especially bullied kids. But he can't do that because he's in the wrong party. And for Johnny the party comes FIRST...

  4. I submitted the following comment to a discussion on Scott's DiaTribes as to whether Reform should be considered an "enemy"...


    The Reform base is fascist, or at least as close to fascism as you will find throughout our political history. If you have any doubts on the matter, read the media discussion blogs such as Yahoo Canada where such degenerates feel free to voice their hatred of the poor, third world immigrants and refugees, muslims, natives and minority cultures in Canada, French Canadians, gays, feminists, liberals, socialists, environmental activists and enemies of the oil industry, and the list goes on to include everyone who does not embrace the values of Wildrose, the Sun News network and the Freedom Cruise propagandists. They do advocate state violence, repression of dissent, mass deportation of “undesirables” and civil war against Quebec on a daily basis. They cheer on police when they murder a disturbed teenager, or cheer on fascist military and police in Russia when they are giving their boots and clubs to some hapless gay rights protester. Compared to their demented and hateful screeds issued under internet anonymity, the recent hate messages directed at the Ontario Ombudsman by a Durham Police detective are quite mild in comparison. You don’t exchange rational and polite arguments with such people and the arena is not confined to the electoral, you exchange blows and seek to disperse such scum. A good place to start would be to protest at Reform gatherings where the authors of such anonymous hateful screeds are quite likely in attendance ….

    1. hi Rene...My answer as to whether the Reform Harper Party is The Enemy is simple. They declared war on us, and the values of our country, so as far as I'm concerned the feeling is mutual.
      I hate bigots, I hate bullies, I hate ugly ignorance, and they are guilty of all three...

  5. Baird is contemptible. To stay with such monsters. What a twisted, congealed soul.

    And those pathetic, idiotic people! REAL Women probably has 100 members, tops. All lusting and panting after the rancid stephen harper.

    1. hi thwap...Baird is a Con fanatic, a follower of the Thatcher cult, and for him the party comes FIRST. But yes, it is puzzling why Landolt is taken so seriously. "REAL" Women claims they have 50,000 members, but I don't believe it. I agree with you, a few dozen, and that's pushing it. And as even the ghastly Barbara Kay admits, "REAL" Women IS Landolt. Lusting and panting and rancid indeed...

  6. She and her outfit are astonishingly odious. The racist, homophobic roots of RWoC would shock most Canadians who see this group as a pack of rightwing grannies.

    For anyone in this country to come to the defence of Uganda where the crime of homosexuality can net a life sentence is beyond belief. It's a society in which murder of gays is often condoned.

    Why aren't the media exposing the facts behind malevolent outfits like Real Women? Drag them out in the light where they can't survive.

    1. hi Mound...I've been following the activities of Landolt and her horrible group for a long time. About seven years when she wrote a letter to the United Nations apologizing for gay marriage, I wrote a letter to the U.N. apologizing for her. But recently she seemed to have disappeared, so I really was surprised to see her re-emerge and crazier than ever. And yes it's a good question: Why hasn't the media done a better job of exposing groups like hers? But the way things are going I'm afraid it will ber left up to histrians to try to figure that one out...

  7. time for some friday fun


    1. hi Nadine...I'm glad to see that their FB page is being subverted, but what a ghastly group. Anti-feminist, anti-gay, AND with articles from Ezra Levant?
      Yu can't get any lower than that...

  8. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Whoa...whoa...whoa.......what the?......woman are speaking out? Women?! Speaking out?! I thought a tried and true Conservative value was that women should remain silent? Hell, its in the Bible! Why are these women contradicting their own hallowed conservative values? I mean shouldn't they be preggers and barefoot in a kitchen somewhere? What a bunch of hypocrites for sure. And these are the type of people that deride feminists as a bunch of ugly wuglies that never shave their legs. Um ya, unREAL Women.....methinks the pot is calling the kettle black. Here's hoping these idiots move to Russia. I hear the Black Sea waters have youth-restoring qualities (and perhaps some common sense-restoring qualities)......I'm sure they could use it!

  9. e.a.f.4:36 PM

    You mean they are still out there? Thought those 'REAL' women folded back in the 1970s when they weren't getting what they wanted. Recalling their emergence back in the day, it turned out many were simply wealthy women married to insurance executives and such, who were concerned about women being paid for work of equal value. The issue of equal pay for equal work and equal pay for work of equal value scared the shit out of corporate canada. Their response, REAL women.

    Now as to "imposing" our values on other countries, gee why did we bother with Iraq and Afghanistan. It wasn't our business to tell other dictators how to run their countries. Why did Canada participate in the boycott of South Africa back in the day? If we go with "real women's" attitude, we could simply have stayed out of it all. These godless, worthless, shrills need to spend a few weeks in a country like Russia, as an ordinary citizen, who happens to be GLBT.

    If Russia wants to play with the G8 or G20 then it needs to play by the game rules. Implementing laws against BLTG people simply isn't on.

    Now of course there is a little problem for the slimers. The next question will be, if the "non real women" continue this tirade of hate, will John Baird walk away from the slimers? Elections are won and lost on small margins in many ridings. If the GLBT voters in Canada decided to make a statement and turn out to vote for anybody but the cons, it might see stevie looking for anther job.