Saturday, August 24, 2013

Peter MacKay and the Con War on Marijuana

Holy Jahbesus. You'd think Peter MacKay would be the LAST person to accuse anyone of smoking their credibility by getting high. 

Justice Minister Peter MacKay says Justin Trudeau’s credibility is “up in smoke” after the federal Liberal Party leader admitted smoking marijuana around the time he voted in the House to increase penalties for pot possession.

Not after using Con Air to go fishing, sticking us with the bill, and then blowing smoke out of every orifice eh?

And certainly not when EVERYBODY knows that people with glass bongs, shouldn't throw stones, or accuse others of being hypocrites. 

OMG. Just look at him !!!!!!!  Is that the future Con Minister of Justice and Jails? Or the Future Minister of Binge Drinking?

Is that what he calls setting an example for young Canadians? And is that why he doesn't seem to understand that unlike marijuana, heavy drinking is a REAL problem?

While the only REAL problem with marijuana in this country is the number of convictions for simple possession. Up 41% since the Cons came to power. With more than 405,000 arrests in the last six years, and more than ONE MILLION Canadians arrested for possession since The Great War on Marijuana began.

Gawd. How much booze do you have to chug before you can't even recognize injustice, or INSANITY?

But then they don't call him Dumbo for nothing eh?

And he isn't the only Con hypocrite...

So is Great Batty Boozy Leader Maniac. Sending out the wrong message to young Canadians. Before throwing them in jail, for no good reason.

It's evil, it's insane, it's depressing. But here's the good news: I don't think Justin Trudeau's position on marijuana, or his recent admission, are going to hurt him. I think they will help him.

Because while the marijuana issue may appear to be a minor one, no issue has the power to symbolize change more than it does. It's not just institutional, it's generational. Time is on Trudeau's side, and so are a lot of Canadians.

Whatever you think about federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, his position on pot - that it be legalized and regulated - is more in tune with the times than the hardline stance of Harper and his Tories.

Even the police are pushing for change.

And since most pundits are predicting that the next election will be a clash of personalities, rather than one of policies, Trudeau's marijuana position, and his honesty, could be what sets him apart from the others.

To me, it looks like Trudeau won the day. Reaction to his revelation will break down based on how you feel about having a toke at a backyard dinner party. If you think that’s normal, Trudeau looks cool. If you think it’s terrible, you’re likely not in his pool of potential voters anyway.

The NDP, under Mulcair, has allowed itself to be flanked by Trudeau on marijuana, which likely wouldn’t have happened under Jack Layton. If you think it’s stupid to lock people up for growing or smoking weed – as most Canadians do – Trudeau has made a pretty good pitch for your vote.

It could motivate huge numbers of young Canadians to vote like they never have before. And if enough older Canadians vote the same way for the same reason, the marijuana issue could very well help make Justin Trudeau the next Prime Minister of Canada.

And leave Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay looking like something out of Reefer Madness...

Or just old Con reactionaries and hypocrites whose time is almost OVER.

Because the times they are a changing eh? And if you don't go with them, you WILL be left behind.

Just ask this religious group. Once they were singing Jesus is My Friend.

Now they're singing a different toon...

And of course, it being the weekend, I'm singing along with them eh?

Let's smoke those Cons out of power.

Have a great one everybody !!!

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Anonymous said...

Relax, Simon.
Trudeau won't be P.M. and pot won't get legalized. You and your lazy, whining generation of apathetic do-nothings have insured Canada of 40 more years of Conservative government.
Thanks and get over it.

Anonymous said...

smoke some dope like JT and most of the rest of us or just be a dope like harper and his holier than thou, often corrupt dopey ministers.


e.a.f. said...

So Trudeau Jr. likes a toke. Who cares. At 64 it would be nice to think we can finally civilize our country and not send people to jail for weed. that has ruined a lot of lives.

If people want to grow and smoke it, that is their business. As long as they don't get behind the wheel of a car, I'm fine with it. If it were legalized, it could be taxed! Prohibition was repealed because they American government needed the tax money. Eventually the same will happen with weed. It will also save a ton of money not having to police it, send people to trial, or jail. Best of all it is going to take a lot of money out of the pockets of organized crime. Let legitimate farmers grow the stuff and be done with it.

The money saved can be used to deal with other crimes, like meth labs, white collar crime, politicians taking money they shouldn't, big corporations ripping off the public.

Simon said...

hi know I really have no time for older Canadians who spend their time putting down the young. It's simply pathetic, and says more about you than it says about them. As for the marijuana issue, as I said in my post it's a symbol of change, and should not be underestimated. Your calcified mind may be incapable of understanding that, but there is a real appetite for change out there, and it may very well make Trudeau Prime Minister...

Simon said...

hi Cathy...I'm not advocating drug use of any kind. If you can get high on just life that's ideal. But what I am saying is that I consider marijuana a far better and safer drug than alcohol, and I'm sick to death of the hypocrisy...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f... all Trudeau is saying is that he has tried the drug in the company of adults like I imagine about 80% of the country. It's no big deal. What does bother me is that so many people are having their lives ruined for nothing. Decriminalization is an urgent first step. And like you I see many benefits to legalization. Not the least of which would be taking the profits out of the hands of criminal organizations, and ploughing at least some of them into things like medicare and social programs. What we need is a serious, fact-based discussion instead of fearmongering and ignorance...