Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Great Fall Offensive

Well he's back in his bunker of his dilapidated mansion. No doubt desperately trying to erase the memory of his disastrous Great Escape Tour.

Or recharging his batteries for The Great Fall Offensive. When the Lord or lightning providing, he will arise from his political deathbed as a Great New/Nouveau Leader and crush his enemies. Especially Justin Trudeau.

But it's just not working eh?

Trudeau is more popular than ever. 

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau appears more likely to become prime minister after admitting to smoking marijuana while being a Member of Parliament, a new poll suggests, as more Canadians say they are supportive of relaxing drug laws.

The Liberals have surged to 38% support from voters in the latest Forum Poll for the National Post, while the Conservatives have slipped to 29% and the NDP trail at 22%.

Peter MacKay is looking like an idiot. Again.

A law professor has accused Justice Minister Peter MacKay of misleading the public by saying Justin Trudeau broke the law by smoking pot. While it is illegal to grow, traffic or possess marijuana, smoking weed is not a criminal offence.

And sooner or later Harper's going to have to explain why when so many Canadians want the drug laws relaxed, the number of convictions for marijuana possession have gone up 41% since he came to power.

Which should make him even more unpopular. Or make him look even more like a maniac. A man who would jail more and more Canadians for no sane reason...

A man who would shutdown Parliament against the wishes of most Canadians.

A decisive majority of Canadian voters are opposed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament this fall and delay a return for MPs and Senators to grill the government over the Senate expense scandal, a new Forum Research poll suggests.

So he can hide from the opposition and the media. So he doesn't have to answer any questions about Mike Duffy, Nigel Wright, or Pamela Wallin.

Or any questions about his association with Michael Sona.

An Elections Canada investigator alleges he had reason to believe that Michael Sona admitted he was involved in misleading robocalls in the 2011 federal election and also alleges that the former Conservative Party campaign worker had hinted he didn’t act alone.

Or explain why just like in the robocall scandal, the senate scandal too is missing a paper trail. 

The Privy Council Office, the bureaucracy that serves the prime minister's operations, reported in June it did not have a single document of any description related to the scandal involving senators Mike Duffy, Patrick Brazeau, Mac Harb and Pamela Wallin or others involved in the controversy, including Harper's former chief of staff Nigel Wright.

Because this is Harperland, where if there is no record, it never happened. Where an Access to Information request isn't worth the paper it's written on, because there is no information. A place where they gut censuses, close down research stations, and muzzle scientists.

A place where a government acts like a MOB.

And the truth is what he says it is...

Even if it's all a Big Lie.

Oh boy. As you know I have had an ominous feeling this summer that something cataclysmic is about to hit us.

And this doesn't help.

For who knows what might happen?

But although I'd rather not think of that, or the foul Harper regime. I'd rather just sit on a beach with a friend from Montreal, and soak up the last glorious weeks of summer before it slips away...

What I do know is that Stephen Harper is now so desperate he will do anything to cling to power. I know that in a few weeks he will launch The Great Fall Offensive.

And I know that that we must be ready. For it will be the beginning of the FInal Battle For Canada.

The sinister Cons must be defeated, before they turn Canada into an Orwellian nightmare. Or make us live forever in their foul darkness. A leader who would muzzle or erase the truth is too dangerous to remain in office.

And for the sake of decency or just simple SANITY.

We MUST get our country back...

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bcwaterboy said...

Simon, while I think Justin has handled the marijuana issue well, his biggest challenge and the yellow brick road to 24 Sussex is going to hedge on going after harper's main strength. In every single speech harper defaults to creating jobs and growing the economy, this is the tag line that must be removed before 2015 is a win for Justin. It's time for him to destroy the false image that harper has created, he has neither created jobs nor grown the economy and it's time to point that simple fact out to the Canadians who support him because of that one line. Christy Clark stole the line and road to victory in BC, with her entire campaign based on lies. Why opposition parties don't see that escapes me.

Steve said...

When he takes off the toupee, you will know he is finished.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Simon? Harper has signed a deal, with the Communist China Army. We know Harper is also giving our vast resources, in our High Arctic to Communist China. Harper will need no military up there.

There is also the Enbridge pipeline, that Harper can now force through. The Red China Army will be able guard their pipeline. Petro-China offered to build the Enbridge pipeline.

With Harper's FIPA deal with Red China means? Communist China will be in a takeover of Canada, for a minimum of 31 years. We all know we will never get rid of the Chinese in this country. Harper is also giving our farmland to Communist China. There will be thousands and thousands of Chinese brought over here. China will take our food crops to feed them here and back in China. China has polluted much of their farmland and 40% of their water.

Read about the Red China Army and the blood diamonds. This is Mugabe's darkest secret and the treachery of Communist China. That is the country, Harper is handing Canada to.

Steve said...

I think we may have seen the first of the fall/fail Allision from Alberta bringing out the old gateway fear. We are going to hear nothing about bad pot till 2015.

e.a.f. said...

Simeon, the toupee is not coming off. However, he can be defeated in the next election but the other parties need to get their game going. Harper talks about jobs, when in fact there haven't been a ton of new jobs in this country. He needs to be exposed for the increase in the number of people in prison, the rise of poverty amongst chidren, etc.

The reason stevie slime and the slimers may well want stiffer stences is because American private prison corporations want to do business in Canada. However, these companies like a "full house". Stevie slime is laying the ground work for a profitable move to Canada. In some American states private prison companies want "guarantees" they will have a "full house"; they lobby for stiffer sentencing laws". Why? Because they make more money.

Stevie slime wants rid of those "troublesome" public sector workers who work in the prison system. If he can privatize prisons, then the companies are happy--perhaps even naming a few cons to their boards of directors. He can fire all the government workers working in prisons, replace them with min. wage workers, and get rid of the union which represents them. Part of privitization is getting rid of public sector unions. They frequently support "progressive" movements.

It maybe that stevie slime will loose the next election because a lot of 25 somethings go out and vote alogn with their aging baby boomer grandparents so people no longer have their lives ruined because they had some pot with them. It would be fitting. The "dope" who got thrown out of office by "dope". Works for me.