Saturday, August 24, 2013

Stephen Harper's Great Escape Tour Ends Disastrously

Well, as you know, the idea was to get as far away as possible from the ghastly Senate scandals. And the media.

And to try to repair Stephen Harper's tarnished image with one sunny photo-op after the other...

But it all went terribly wrong. Old Duff followed him all the way. ..

So did Pamela Wallin.

And it all ended today with a horrible scuffle, and a foreign reporter getting mugged. 

A Chinese reporter was hauled away by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s RCMP security detail Friday after he grabbed a microphone and tried to ask Harper a question during a news conference at a mine in northern Quebec.

The Cons looking like the Sopranos or the Russians. Who would do ANYTHING to prevent journalists from asking questions.

And Stephen Harper's plans to sell us out to the Chinese...

Temporarily hitting an iceberg.

Or worse...

And lastly but not leastly, one more Con Communications Director jumping ship.

Just days after the news broke that PMO media wrangler Andrew MacDougall would be hanging up his lasso at the end of the month comes word that Government House Leader Peter Van Loan's long-serving communications director Fraser Malcolm will also be fleeing the precinct before the fall session gets underway.

Because even the dumbest Con operatives must realize by now that trying to improve the image of the Harper gang is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. It just can't be done eh?

They might be able to muzzle reporters, but they can't  stop the police from asking embarrassing questions.

So the Great Escape Tour that started out so full of promise...

Is ending tonight in total disarray. Under a cloud of controversy.

Or a paper bag...

And although it's been a real horror show, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed covering it for you. At least more than that poor Chinese reporter eh?

And invite you all to tune-in for my next on-the-road broadcast. Stephen Harper's hastily arranged Great Apology Tour of China.

Where he will attempt to explain to the Chinese leadership that what happened today was all a terrible MISTAKE.

He still needs them to buy his dirty oil.

And he will do ANYTHING to please them...

Yup. Stephen Harper's Con Klowns. Have you ever seen anything like them?

When will they stop embarrassing us?

When can we give them the HOOK?

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  1. You would think given the importance of Chinese trade and investment to Harper's economic plans that his PMO press conference bouncers would be handling the People’s Daily Canada bureau chief with kid gloves, rather than giving him the bum's rush as if he were some beggar or some Roma refugee who wandered in off the street looking for handouts.

    The Reform minions in various media discussions are putting their unique spin on this Harper public relations fiasco, threatening reprisals against "Communist China", suddenly discovering a laundry list of human rights abuses and rattling their sabres in anticipation of a battle against "communism". They do still, however, want to sell them Alberta's oil..

    And now the Chinese "Communist" media have their story of how journalists are abused under Harper's rule...

    1. Anonymous12:42 AM

      China is the definition of a super power always has been and will be. Also they should be commended on their population controls and the rights of women. This reporter was most likely told be tough make us look good or we will have your head when you get home. Meanwhile Canada looks stupid

    2. hi anonymous...well I'm sure the reporter was under some pressure. His employers, like other news organizations have to pay thousands of dollars to get a seat on Harper's plane. And yet as I understand it, he never got a chance to ask a single question. The real scandal is that our reporters allow themselves to be pushed around by the Cons all the time. They should demand the right to ask more questions or boycott those contrived news conferences...

  2. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Simon, you are so much fun to read. And you always nail it.I hate harper and I am working towords his demise by being politically active. there are other ways. Please people, get involved with a group or cause you can believe in. we have to rescue our Canada.


    1. hi Cathy...thank you for you kind words. I do enjoy trying to amuse my readers, while making it clear what I think of the horrible Con regime. I know a lot of progressives have been driven to despair, and I'm determined to cheer them up !! :)
      And yes, your message is exactly right. We need to organize and prepare for the next election harder and better than we ever have before. People should put aside their differences and unite to defeat the Cons...

  3. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Harper is bringing the, Red China army into Canada. No doubt to guard China's takeover of Canada.

    Harper mulls massive Chinese resource project into our High Arctic

    Harper hands key to tar sands to Communist China
    Jan 30/2012

    Harper gives Communist China oil rights
    Dec 8/2012

    China trade deal a, 31 year ball and chain on Canada.
    Oct 19/2012

    China buys up Canada's farms.

    1. hi anonymous...yes which makes it even funnier and more embarrassing for Harper. I think I'm going to have to use that paper bag a lot more often... ;)

  4. e.a.f.7:16 PM

    In B.C. we have a blogger, Laila Yuille, you might want to check her out. She has some comments regarding China and Canada and the "cooperation" between the two militaries. It is scary.

    So when the bounced around the reporter from China, they most likely did not know who he was.

    1. hi e.a.f...I read Yuille's post and it certainly is interesting. And to think that only a few years ago the Harperite cult considered the Chinese to be Godless atheists and went out of its way to annoy them. Then they realized somebody had to buy their dirty oil, and now they are comrades in arms. Scary...