Monday, August 26, 2013

Stephen Harper and The Duckman Factor

It's funny eh? But when I saw this picture of Stephen Harper waddling over the frozen tundra, during his disastrous Great Escape Tour, I couldn't decide whether it was some monstrous Arctic goose....or a Duckman impersonator !!!

You know...the deranged and depraved duck detective who is always trying to get people to think of him as a hero, or just love him. But due to his numerous character flaws, always ends up looking like a LOSER.

Because as even Michael Den Tandt concedes, after lovingly waxing Great Duck Leader's tail feathers with his tongue, the man has no charm.

The “charm offensive,” it is now clear, is the economy, stupid, leavened with some historical exploration romance. If there were going to be a renewed effort by Harper to personally engage, this would have been the week to do it. It’s not happening. It’s a curious approach indeed, given that 2015 will be year nine in a country with a long history of 10 and out, and that politics is still, at the end, a popularity contest.

And just like Duckman he just can't change.

Which explains why Justin Trudeau's polls are soaring ,while Harper's are sagging. Because whether you support him or not, nobody can deny that Justin is cool and Harper is just weird.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has smoked pot, and Stephen Harper has not. Spot the doofus...The signal sent out is that Trudeau is normal. He is like us. He’s laid-back and he thinks it’s weird you can be arrested for having one joint. So do we.

And in a country where so many have at least tried marijuana, and there is such a hunger for change, more Canadians can relate to Trudeau than they ever could to Harper.

Harper has never done this. That is not normal. Trudeau’s “actions speak for themselves,” Harper said dismissively. Yes, they do. Trudeau is one of us.

Because old Harp has the Duckman Factor and he could NEVER be one of us....

He was always a Con freak with weird American ideas, and he will always be a phony.

I wish Harper would give up on attempts at coolness. Be yourself, I say, however hideous that may be.

Which makes me wonder, if he can't change, and the polls don't change, will he even be around to fight the next election?

For the first time since Harper moved into the Prime Minister's Office seven years ago, speculation about his possible retirement before the next election in 2015 has now become part of the routine chatter in political circles.

Because he is damaged goods. A lot of Canadians are sick to death of him and his Cons.The Senate scandal is hurting him BIG TIME.

While this isn't the first hit the Harper administration has taken in the past few years, the difference this time is that the Conservatives are showing no signs of rebounding with voters. If that downward trend in popularity continues well into 2014, what will Harper do if he is staring at an election from the basement of public opinion?

The longer Harper sticks around the more unpopular he will become, if that's possible. And if he comes to believe he could be humiliated by Justin Trudeau, he will jump ship quicker than you can say CHICKEN.

Before he's pushed....

Yup. The Cons really are a freak show.

And in the fall the feathers are really going to fly.

I don't know how long it will take us to pluck Great Quacking Leader, until he is as naked as the Mad Emperor.

But I've seen this Duckman episode before eh?

And while the second last scene is deeply disturbing...

Harper's final speech to his judges doctors.

Was both moving and powerful...

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Steve said...

Marc cant wait until 2015. make the call now!