Monday, August 19, 2013

Stephen Harper's Cowardly Prorogation Move

Well I told you last night he was trying to run for cover.

Trying to run away from all the sordid scandals dragging down his corrupt Con regime.

And today he proved me right eh?

Because he can spin it anyway he likes, but this is just another monstrous act of political cowardice.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has confirmed he will ask the Governor General to prorogue Parliament until October, when his Conservative government will introduce the next speech from the throne.

And now he's running like a CHICKEN....

Proroguing Parliament like he always does when he's in deep doo doo, and scared SHITLESS.

It will be the third time since Harper took office in 2006 that he has sought prorogation. He first used the tactic in 2008 to successfully out-maneouvre the opposition's attempt to unseat him and form a coalition government. He prorogued again in 2010 in the midst of a controversy over Canada's treatment of prisoners in Afghanistan and ahead of Vancouver's hosting of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Tom Mulcair couldn't be more right.

"People aren't going to be fooled. This is clearly a desperate government worn out by ethical scandals and mismanagement. Stephen Harper refuses to answer legitimate questions from the public," the NDP leader said in a statement released Tuesday.

And what makes Harper's cowardly move even more scandalous is that he can't even guarantee Parliament will be back in October. That's just "tentative." So it could be November before it resumes, after the Con convention and not long before MPs leave on their Christmas break.

Which means that when they come back in late January, Parliament will have sat for about THREE weeks in SIX months.

And only a Prime Minister who thinks he's a King, and acts like a mad emperor, could call that DEMOCRACY...

And the good news? The suspension of Parliament will force the opposition parties to find new ways to fight the Con regime. Force them to think bigger and be more creative.   

And that could motivate progressive Canadians to get involved, get off their asses, and take the struggle into the streets.

Like we did last time...

When in a shining moment young and old joined together to say enough is ENOUGH.

Will that happen again? I don't know. This country has been slowly ground down, and far too many Canadians are only too content to live on their knees. Many of the old are tired and many of the young have been beaten down or are still sleeping.

But what I do know is that we need to find a way to publicly register our protest. And if the call comes to take to the streets I will definitely answer it.

For I can still remember how it felt to stand up to the cowardly bully who would act like a King.

And it was AWESOME...

I can still remember how great it was to see so many of my quiet people in the streets saying enough is ENOUGH. Finally.

So when I see that some in the MSM are suggesting we should just relax, because it has happened before. And it's summer eh?

I think they're definitely right about the summer part.

But I also think they should remember that when you boil down the bullshit, or the weary cynicism, and translate it into Canadian. Stephen Harper is running from a scandal like a scared CHICKEN.

And that we should not surrender our precious democracy so easily.

Yup. Now more than ever. By whatever peaceful and creative means possible.

Fight them, fight them, fight them.

Don't let him win...

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  1. Yep. Gutless. How long have we tolerated this stupid piece of shit?

    1. hi thwap...we have tolerated it for eight years, but it seems like FOREVER. And the question is how low must we fall before most Canadians finally decide that enough is ENOUGH?

  2. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Prorougation was set up so if they facilitated the extraction of wealth from Canada they got a holiday how little has changed

    1. hi anonymous...they got a holiday from having to answer hard questions, and we got a holiday from democracy, or a real NIGHTMARE...

  3. Harper is proroguing because he is hoping his self inflicted Senate Scandal will go away by October, and to plot from behind the curtain some odious attack on the opposition over it all. You wouldn't want to actually govern, now would you Mr. Harper? Nosirree. He’d rather be working behind the curtain robo-scheming to In & Out Fraud and Robo Fraud people into voting for him again, eh?

    1. hi wazz... you're absolutely right. He is just buying himself time, hoping he can dodge questions about the Senate scandal. And hoping that we will have forgotten by October, for he would treat us like fools or dimwits. But then he's always thought he was smarter than he really is eh? And he will be disappointed. The scandals won't go away and we have LONG memories... ;)

  4. Globe and Mail poll shows 67% will not vote Haper next time.

    1. hi Steve...thanks for that encouraging news. If the Globe keeps that up I may have to save up my pennies and buy a subscription... ;)

  5. Harper's own Reform base in media discussions have no arguments in defense of their champion other than they don't care for the opposition.

    In a recent Yahoo Canada discussion, one contributor stated :

    "Decimate him and his fascist style party in the next election."

    To which Reform stalwart Joe from Hanover, Ontario replied :

    "And replace him with..????? Justin trudeau has no brains (a dangerous socialist like his dad) and Mulcair is twisted beyong reason..."

    to which I responded :

    "Joe is a Reform apologist whose best argument is that his own leader is worthless, but that he doesn't care for the policies of the opposition. As in " I applaud Harper's parliamenmtary sense of business. Let the bleeding hearts bleed! We are far better off with our Conservatives than the destructive brain-dead Liberals and the know-nothing NDP." A pattern of multiple prorogation to avoid facing one's responsibilities hardly constitutes a "parliamentary sense of business". ..."

    As for this nonsense about "dangerous socialists', Reformers have been known to equate everything from public education to state-subsidized daycare with "socialism"..

    As an aside, I have been following various media exchanges between "socialists" and supporters of the fascist Front National in France in forums such as Yahoo France, and they are surprisingly for the most part civil and lacking in vulgarity. One reason could be that their laws are much stricter with respect to hate speech. Whereas for pure undiluted outrageous fascist hatred and bigotry, nothing compares to the media discussion contributions of our own Reformers. If there was an Olympic competition for outspoken fascist hatred and bigotry, Canadian Reformers would be sure to distinguish themselves and bring Canada home a medal. Quite an honour ....

    1. hi Rene...well I am always glad to see the Reform Cons badmouth their leader. And I am always urging them to vote for the Christian Heritage Party. But if they are making the National Front look good, I don't think ANYTHING can save them... ;)

  6. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. All Dictators are paranoid, cowardly and control freaks. Dictators always have their degenerates to do their dirty work for them. I thought for sure Harper would prorogue, when he ran away from the Duffy scandal, just like the coward he is. Harper is the master of dirty tactics. Of course Harper is stalling Parliament for just as long as he can. He did the same with his, robo-call fraud investigation.

    Harper is a Dictator. Once a Dictator gets control of absolutely everything, it's very hard to dislodge them. Dictators control with threats and fear. That's how Hitler gained control.

    1. hi anonymous...yes, but that's the good thing about dictators, the bigger they think they are, the harder they fall...

  7. Suggest changing Canada's motto from "A Mari Usque Ad Mare" to "Disgruntled Yet Compliant".

    1. hi Some Old Guy... It's a good if somewhat depressing suggestion. I'll just never understand how a young and pretty tough country, that can KILL its opponents on the ice, can rollover and play dead when it comes to politics. But don't worry, we just have to take the Cons into the corner, raise our voices and our elbows a bit, and they'll get the message... ;)

  8. Anonymous2:07 AM

    It's not that he's afraid of answering questions it that they never have and our patience is wearing thin . Arp arp arp harp seal team called Harper wonder why they arnt more concerned about climate change cause they all got spots in the Calgary zoo after October 31

    1. hi anonymous...yes you're right about the depressing fact that even when Parliament is in session the Cons never answer any questions. And they know they can't keep doing that without looking even more guilty. But you know what? The Calgary zoo would be the PERFECT place for them...