Saturday, August 17, 2013

Con Porky Action Plan Ads Pulled for Fraud !!!!!

As if Stephen Harper's foul Porky Action Plan ads weren't annoying enough. Especially since we're paying for them.

Now it turns out his newest ones are being pulled because they are FRAUDULENT !!! 

A Harper government advertisement touting a jobs program that does not yet exist has been pulled from the airwaves and won’t be seen again, Global News has learned.

The government says the grant is set to be introduced as part of the renewal of the labour market agreements with the provinces and territories in 2014-15. But the program is little more than a concept that has yet to be negotiated with provincial governments, and requires buy-in from employers as well.

And that once again the Cons have spent MILLIONS trying to fool Canadians.

No budget was provided for the latest media blitz, but with ads on Hockey Night in Canada costing up to $95,000 per 30-second spot, the ad buy could easily be in the millions of dollars.

About $120 million dollars and counting, for the sole purpose of trying to brainwash us into believing that they are competent economic managers leading us to a bright and shiny future.

Instead of a posse of second-rate Con klown ideologues who are leading us to economic disaster and environmental catastrophe.

Gawd. I've written about this outrageous scam many times before...

How much Canadians hate those porky ads.

Slick television ads this year for the Harper government's "economic action plan" appear to be inspiring a lot of, well, inaction.

And among the few people who took action, nine said all they did was complain or "express displeasure" about the 30-second TV spots, dismissed by critics as thinly veiled Conservative propaganda.

And how they are nothing but LIES. 

It is simply false to assert that Canada’s labour market has recovered from the recession, or that Canada’s labour market has done better than most other countries in suriving the recession. No matter how often this claim is uttered by government officials and reported uncritically by lazy journalists, it’s still simply false.

But now at last we have a chance to blow that scam out of the water. And do the Cons some REAL damage.

By letting as many Canadians as possible know that those porky ads are so fraudulent, even Stephen Harper's Big Lie machine had to pull them.

Because by doing that we will not only expose the ads, and the incredible amount of money wasted making and running them. We can also take dead aim at the Harper regime's pitiful economic record.

And reveal them as the Con artists they are.

Who would raise the hopes of unemployed Canadians, only to smash them...

Because one thing's for sure eh?

If the progressive parties can't even put up YouTube ads to denounce this outrageous scam, they don't deserve to win the next election.

And since we MUST win the next election let me be the first...

OK. So it's not great, and I forgot to put in how many millions and millions of dollars it's costing the taxpayers !#@!!

But if I can make that one in twenty minutes, with zero resources, while trying to fix a friend's laptop, translating a Spanish recipe into English for my Mum, and under strict instructions from Sébastien, my muscular companion, not to miss the ferry or ELSE. 

I'm sure the progressive parties can do better eh? 

And they should make those videos, because knowing how much Canadians hate those Porky Action Plan ads I'm sure they would be really popular. And very, very, devastating.

Yup. Let's make destroying the Cons in the next election JOB ONE.

Oink. Oink.

Before they scam us further...

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Anonymous said...

Don;t worry, Simon. My six foot plus kids, and their friends, will be looking out for you and your friends tomorrow. And they will be demanding a fair employment opportunity.

Anonymous said...

And, of course, I meant that all Canadians will (and should) demand a fair employment opportunity.

ffib said...

You video was great...

Anonymous said...

Harper deliberately misled Canadians. Harper's asinine ads of his economic and job action plans, are all bogus. Harper won his majority, is also believed bogus. This country will be in ruins, more than it is now. Canada can't afford to permit Harper to be in office, until the next election. If Harper ratifies his FIPA deal with Communist China? We can kiss Canada good-bye. Harper is a monster that, needs to be forced to resign. Harper to me, is a traitor to Canada.

Anonymous said...

Good one, the government would rather spend money to make it look like they care about good jobs/ the economy, when they could actually care less