Monday, August 12, 2013

The Jamaican Zombies and the Con Regime

Lordy. What a blast from the past. I haven't used these guys to illustrate posts about the violent homophobes of Jamaica for YEARS.

I thought things were getting better on Zombie Island.

But I see I was horribly wrong. 

Dwayne Jones was attending a party in St. James, near Montego Bay, on June 21, dressed in women's clothing and dancing with a man, when another female partygoer recognized the teen and told attendees Jones was male. That prompted the angry crowd to attack Jones, according to HRW.

When the mob discovered that Jones was born male, they reportedy dragged the teen away from the party, beating, shooting, and dismembering the 17-year-old. Jones' body was discovered the next day on a road with a gunshot wound as well as multiple stab wounds.

The bestial zombies are still on a rampage. Jamaica is still the most homophobic place on earth. Where bigotry is a way of life. 

Violence and discrimination faced by Jamaica’s LGBT community has been condemned by such groups as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Documented abuses include the routine eviction of gay people, often violently, from their homes; lesbians subjected to sexual violence; people living with HIV or AIDS receiving substandard health care; and police abuse.

A barbarous place where when mobs attack LGBT people in the street, even women join the fun...

While the corrupt police look on and laugh.

A monstrous place where gay people, especially poor ones, must live in fear...

And a place where despite the fact that thousands of Canadians vacation there every year, and will soon be joined by our boys and girls in uniform. 

Stephen Harper's Con regime, while posing as defenders of gay rights in Russia, has done NOTHING to denounce the situation in Jamaica.

For who can forget the photo of Harper and the notoriously homophobic former Prime Minister of Jamaica Bruce Golding?

I mean, just look him eh? In Russia he'd be ARRESTED.

Oh well. Because I live in Harperland, where religious crazies and Con operatives are always trying to intimidate me by bombarding me with disgusting homophobic comments and barely veiled death threats, I'm forced to spend about ten seconds a month contemplating the disturbing notion that I too could be murdered tomorrow.

So I think I have a vague understanding of what it must be like to be gay in Jamaica.

And I'd like to take the occasion to tell all of those creepy bigots that they can't intimidate me. I am not afraid.  I can defend myself, I have the best bodyguard in the world who guards me even when I'm sleeping. We will not remain silent while our brothers and sisters are murdered, and the Harperite regime betrays our values.

And to the Jamaicans I would also say this:

I'm really going to have to haul out some of my oldest photoshops to try to warn Canadians not to go to Zombie Island...

When they can go to a beautiful and much safer place like Cuba.

I REALLY miss the great Bob Marley.

And I really love this version of his classic song...

One world without hate. When will that day arrive?

Poor Dwayne Jones.

Too late for him...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Simon.
My heart goes out to poor Dwayne Jones.

thwap said...

Terrible. More people need to know about this sickening cultural affliction. Targeted violence against any other recognizable group in any other country would not be tolerated. Is not tolerated.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong. This sort of thing is tolerated and even sanctioned in dozens of countries around the world. The whole continent of Africa; the Middle East; even that far off, vicious and redneck land called 'murka sees dozens of attacks and murders every year of all kinds of members of "recognizable groups" to the cheers of their denizens. Don't believe me? Go live there and see what happens to you.

justme*star said...

how can anyone claim that its a religious thing when their killing, rapeing, and doing the most. in reality no one really owns their life (my opinion), only because in these places its so easy for another to take it. i live in vegas and love the hell out of my country but we arnt angels. i see so much hurt and hear many cries but it doesnt just take me to hear and see these things. its so easy for another to turn a cheek until something happens to them and they exspect for another to help them. fair? no nothing is everything is a learning experience and things like this teaches you how crule we really are as human beings. my question is, how long is it going to take befor we all realizes this?.