Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is Mike Duffy Threatening to Bring Down the Con Regime?

Ever since the Senate scandal began I have always wondered why the Con regime went to such desperate lengths to protect Mike Duffy.

Some suggested it was because he was such a good fundraiser. But so was Pamela Wallin and they did nothing to help her.

And I have always believed that the reason they bent themselves and the law backwards to help Duffy, was because they were AFRAID of him.

And now it seems Tim Harper agrees. 

We also know that Duffy has previously promised that more details in this affair would become public. He has offered a sardonic nod to reporters to “stay tuned,’’ because only the former broadcaster and former Conservative senator knew where the bodies were buried. We may have arrived at this point.

Those close to this sordid tale believe the man from P.E.I., who has complained long and loud about being hung out to dry by the prime minister, is embarking on his scorched earth policy and will take down as many with him as he can.

Because Old Duff sure does know where those bodies are buried eh? And so many other dirty Con stories as well. He is apparently threatening to take Stephen Harper to court.

If the RCMP investigation into Mike Duffy over alleged breach of trust reaches court, the senator’s lawyers will call Stephen Harper as a witness and grill the Prime Minister under oath, sources said.

Mr. Duffy’s lawyers have barred him from speaking to the press but he has told friends that he feels he has been thrown under the bus and that the Conservative PR machine is out to destroy him.

And every time Harper's stooges deny something, like David Tkachuk and Carolyn Stewart-Olsen denied this report yesterday. 

“At no time did we have knowledge of Mr. Wright's payment to Senator Duffy before it was reported publicly. Anyone who suggests that we were aware of Mr. Wright's payment to Senator Duffy before it was reported publicly is lying,” they said.

Those mysterious, but VERY specific e-mails keep coming back to haunt them. 

But CTV News never reported that the senators knew about Wright’s $90,000 cheque to Duffy. CTV News has seen emails showing an organized effort by the Prime Minister’s Office and the senior Conservative senators to coerce Duffy into publicly declaring he’d repay money owed to taxpayers.

In the emails, Tkachuk stated that if the money was not repaid he could use his majority in the senate steering committee, which was overseeing the audit, to remove Duffy from the Senate as he was not seen as a resident of Prince Edward Island.

Tkachuk allegedly told Duffy that if he agreed to co-operate and repay his debt to taxpayers, the Senate committee would throw out the residency issue and go easy on him in the audit of his expenses. That conversation was followed up by a phone call by Wright, reiterating what Tkachuk had said.

And as I pointed out last night, everything seems to be pointing to the existence of a massive COVER UP. One Stephen Harper, the control freak, must have known about.

Gawd. Isn't it ironic eh? Duffy is sometimes credited with helping to bring down Stephane Dion in the 2008 election.

At the end of the campaign, when momentum could have tilted either way, Liberal leader Stephane Dion stumbled in responding to a CTV question he couldn’t understand. The CTV reporter promised Dion he wouldn’t run the clip — but Duffy turned around and made a major story of it. The Conservatives later acknowledged it really swung votes their way in the final days. It wasn’t much later that Duffy was named a senator.

Wouldn't it be ironic if he now helped bring down the Con regime?

We don’t know how many more “friends,’’ Duffy has, but those who believe they are on that list might want to duck.

And all I can say is watch your backs eh?

And of course...

Dive Mikey DIVE !!!!!!!

And look who's falling now...

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