Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jason Kenney and the Octopus Monster

OMG. Run for your lives. It's the octopus monster from outer space, or the Creature from the Con Lagoon.

And it seems like NOTHING can stop Jason Kenney !!!!

Two weeks ago I told you how he was refusing to give up his old job, and humiliating not one but TWO new Con ministers. 

And now he's done it AGAIN !!!! 

A release issued by Citizenship and Immigration earlier today to mark the start of a Greek festival in Toronto initially identified Kenney as "Minister of State for Multiculturalism", seemingly undaunted by the fact that the current cabinet line-up already includes one thus-styled minister of state, but his name is Tim Uppal, not Jason Kenney.

He's shamelessly trying to ruin Uppal's debut as a NEW/NOUVEAU minister...

Moments after the curious wording was noted on twitter, the release was edited to remove the title, although not, it's worth noting, to add either Uppal's name or, for that matter, that of newly minted Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, even though it was posted to his departmental website.

And making Harper's shiny new mouthpiece Chris Alexander look like a monkey...

Because let's face it eh? More humiliated than that and you die, as we say in Quebec. Or join a masochist club, a petting zoo, or a CIRCUS.

And all because Kenney doesn't want to let go of his grip on the country's multicultural communities, who in his state of agitated delusion he believes will help him succeed Harper, and become Canada's next Prime Minister.

And now he's out of CONTROL.

But wait. What's this? A lonely tweet from the VERY quiet Twitter site of Lord Harper himself...

And what seems to me a not so subtle message to Jason Kenney: BACK OFF.

I love you and your flock like a Brother in Christ, but I need Alexander to make me look NEW/NOUVEAU so he's the REAL Minister and you're NOT !!!#!@!!

Which is interesting because it suggests that Harper can no longer control Kenney by the usual means. And that Kenney is so afraid that Harper might take the party down with him, he's going for it.

Because now he's PISSED.

He didn't want to lose the multicultural file. When he heard he was going to be stripped of the job, he sulked for weeks in the House of Commons...

Just sitting there saying nothing, playing with his blackberry, and refusing to saddle-up.

So you can imagine how angry he must be now. And it's only a matter of time before he explodes, and the divisions in the Con party are exposed for all to see. And just in time for their convention in the late fall.

Yup. I know many people think the Cons will go out with a whimper rather than a bang. Like an old jalopy running out of gas, spare parts, and history. But I don't. I think they will tear themselves apart.

I think Jason Kenney's naked ambition is going to drive the final nail into the coffin of the Con regime.

I think the day Stephen Harper loses control of his little House of Horrors, it will be like opening Pandora's hellish box.

The old Reform demons will fly out, and they will consume him...

And won't that be a beautiful horror movie eh?

Jason Kenney as the Octopus Monster or the Con Anti-Christ.

Stephen Harper as himself.

The screams of pain that sound like music to our ears.

And a BRUTAL ending...

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bcwaterboy said...

As loathsome a creature as Kenney is, I can't think of a better successor to harper to truly drive the nail into this regime.

gingersnap said...

I have thought for quite some time, Harper's team want rid of him. Who leaked the Duffy scandal? Who leaked the info on, Harper's enemy list? None of the opposition has access to the PMO nor access to Harper's secrets lists and plots. I believe Harper has become a pariah, to his own team. I believe Harper's team resent Harper's control freak behavior towards them. They resent being Harper's trained Seals. They were also unhappy about, Harper's trade missions that haven't panned out.

Now, the F.N. people are challenging Harper, on his evil FIPA deal with China. Canadians are furious regarding American Police permitted in our country, exempt from our Canadian laws. Canadians detest Harper's Omni-Bull-S-Bill permitting China to sue Canada if, anyone tries to stop China's invasions into our country. Therefore, China sued to take the 200 BC mining jobs, from the BC miners.

Harper has no, ethics nor morals, what-so-ever. Harper is no better than a traitor, doing acts of treason against Canada. Harper belongs in prison so, why isn't he in prison?

Simon said...

hi bcwaterboy...well in Jasonella's case I want have my cake and eat it eh? I want to expose his Con barbarisms to progressives, while at the same time promoting his candidacy to the Harperite base. Because you're right, the day Kenney becomes the leader of the Cons, they'll go down quicker than the Titanic. And remain in the murky depths for at least a generation...

Simon said...

hi have a good point. Somebody does seem to want to embarrass Great Leader. And judging by his appalling and bizare behaviour I wouldn't be surprised if the Kenney Reformers were responsible. I figure if we can plant that idea in Harper's head it should drive him crazy. Or crazier. As long as he's safely behind bars in a jail OR a mental institution I don't care... ;)

Anonymous said...

I've been saying since 2011 that Harper will slowly become a liability for re election and will be turfed in 2014. I also said Jason Kenney will be leading the parade. Do I feel like a prophet or what!

Simon said...

hi are not just a prophet, I'm going to have to hire you to choose my Lotto numbers... ;)

wazz said...

Yeah Kenney, the same Kon Klown that who used government employees in a fake citizenship ceremony on SUN TV. And who ran a website dedicated to patting himself on the back, no problem though, we paid for it. Kenney is the minister responsible for the TFW debacle that allowed employers to bring in over TFWs and take Canadian jobs away from Canadians at a 15% discount to employer; the TFW scandal (for which he and Harper should be jailed for being Traitors). All to satisfy the DEMANDS of big banks and big businesses while scoring lots of immigrant votes for the Conservative Party. Kenney is all about buying off and placating various ethnic and religious communities in Canada. So, Canada becomes fanatically and ignorantly "pro-Israel" in order to buy off the Jewish vote and placate the Christian Zionists. Canada takes Sri Lanka to task in order to buy Tamil votes. Canada undermine women's international family planning in order to satisfy the Christian right. And so on and so forth with this greasy weasel as Immigration Minister.