Thursday, August 01, 2013

Stephen Harper's Ugly War on Diplomacy

If you want a simple illustration of where Stephen Harper's sinister Con regime is taking us, all you have to do is contrast two pictures.

This picture of Bruno Saccomani, Harper's former chief bodyguard.

Who now has his own limo, and somebody to open the door for him, as our new/nouveau ambassador to Jordan.

Prime ministerial bodyguard Bruno Saccomani, the Mountie who faced criticism for his management style, has been appointed Canada's new ambassador to Jordan.

Even though he lacks any of the usual qualifications, and has been accused of bullying his subordinates.

The management review included interviews with 41 per cent of the 116-member unit, many of whom reported problems with their boss including intimidation, favouritism, discrimination and harassment.

And this picture of some of the 13-hundred highly trained  foreign service officers who have been on strike for MONTHS demanding the most basic right: equal pay for equal work.

And are now being threatened with being replaced by foreign workers.

Sources tell CTV News that the government is considering replacing some Foreign Service officers at various missions abroad with local, cheaper hires.

Treasury Board President Tony Clement, the government’s representative at the contract negotiations, said Tuesday: “We are looking at all our options, and that includes things that have not been done in the past,” but would not directly say that this includes replacement workers.

By the Con buffoon Tony Clement...

Who is trying to nickel-and-dime those dedicated professionals, after having wasted gazillions of dollars in an outrageous vote-buying scheme in his Muskoka riding.

And my first reaction to all of the above is to shake my head in disbelief eh?

And wonder what's going to happen when the word gets out that ANYBODY can be a Canadian ambassador...

Or wonder about the security implications:

“You can’t just pick people off the street or out of one office and stick them into an environment, which involves considerable security requirements, representing Canada internationally,” said NDP MP Jack Harris.

Or worry about the background of our new man in Mexico...

Or who will represent us in Colombia in Stephen Harper's absence...

But of course it's not really funny, it's tragic. It's just the latest battle in Stephen Harper's ugly War on Diplomacy. 

For he will remould our image abroad. He will make us look like belligerent bullies, instead of the gifted peacemakers we once were. He will destroy every last vestige of the Canada we love, but he hates so much.

Even if he has to break our decent foreign service officers. Or betray them like he betrayed our soldiers.

So why have veterans with pensions been so badly nickel-and-dimed? At first I thought the problem was government incompetence. But I’ve come to believe that this devious Conservative game of budget manipulation, intended to downsize and destroy government as we have known it over a number of years, is mean-spirited and heartless.

And all I can say is this is not my Canada. I absolutely totally refuse to accept Stephen Harper's brutish, morally corrupted vision of my country. 

And although I admit that I sometimes do dream of one day becoming the Canadian ambassador to Tahiti eh?

In the meantime, could we please step up our efforts to remove Boss Harper and his Con mob from power as soon as possible.

Before they kneecap our values. Before they shame us further in the eyes of the world.

Or before they try to escape the consequences of their actions, the long memory of voters, and/or the long arm of the law.

By claiming they have diplomatic immunity.

And that Boss Harper made them ALL ambassadors...

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wazz said...

Unbelievable that this swindler Clement has anything to do with the purse strings after the crooked caper he pulled to land $50 million slated for border security into his riding in a vote buying Gazebo scam. How long do we have to put up with these incompetent, crooked as hell, Canada hating Con traitors?

Simon said...

hi wazz...I know, Tony Clement, The King of Muskoka now playing Mr Austerity, replacing Canadian workers with foreigners, and STILL in the cabinet. Only in Harperland eh? I wish the foreign service officers well, because they're trying to save what's left of our image in the world. And thanks to the harperite cult that's a REALLY hard job...