Friday, August 16, 2013

Gwen Landolt: The Hoggy Homophobe Strikes Back

Uh oh. Bacon Bigot Alert. The ghastly homophobic hog Gwen Landolt is honking again.

Claiming it was very VERY unfair to criticize her for attacking John Baird for speaking out for gay rights in Russia and Uganda.

Because according to her porcine majesty, LGBT people in those countries are not really being persecuted. 

The Russian law in question concerns itself mainly with eliminating homosexual indoctrination of minors. Although the law in Uganda does include a provision for jailing of practising homosexuals, which latter law REAL Women does not support, it does not include any provision for putting homosexuals to death.

It's the good Christianists like her who are the REAL victims.

Homosexual activists insist that their rights should be given precedence over the rights and freedoms of others. As a result, those who have faith-based beliefs or hold traditional values, are not permitted to express or act on their values, under the threat of losing their employment, or being brought before, and severely punished by, human rights tribunals.

When in fact  religious groups are not being persecuted in Canada. They are being stroked and suckled by the Con regime.

And the kind of anti-gay hatred that grunting bigot has peddled for years is KILLING gay people in Russia. And giving neo-nazi skinheads the license to act like ANIMALS.

The teenager in this photo is now reported to have died of his injuries.

And In Uganda not only is the Kill the Gays bill alive and kicking, one of Landolt's fellow hatemongers in the U.S. is going on trial for fueling anti-gay persecution in that barbarous country. 

The suit seeks to hold Lively responsible for conspiring with religious and government leaders to persecute LGBT people in Uganda, where parliament is still considering the so-called Kill the Gays bill that proposes capital punishment of homosexuality in certain instances.

And if there was any justice in this world, Landolt would be joining him in the dock. Because she's been attacking gay people for who they are as long as I can remember. Hatred is hatred, and enough is ENOUGH.

As for her claim that she and her deranged Christianist anti-feminist homophobic posse of REAL bigots are being persecuted, cry me a river.

I've heard that one BEFORE...

And it's not just bullshit, it's INSANITY.  

Even if so many in Stephen Harper's rabid religious base, or so many in the boozy backward country of Russia believe it. Or just don't get it. Like the muscular but moronic Yelena Isinbayeva.

"If we allow to promote and do all this stuff on the street, we are very afraid about our nation because we consider ourselves like normal, standard people," Isinbayeva, a two-time Olympic champion, said in English. "We just live with boys with woman, woman with boys."

"Everything must be fine. It comes from history. We never had any problems, these problems in Russia, and we don't want to have any in the future."

Because you know like Gwen Landolt she's a REAL woman...

Gawd. Gimme another vodka. Or pour it down the drain. Why are they holding the Olympics in a country like Russia? Don't the ghastly gnomes at the IOC ever learn?  

Will Stephen Harper and his Cons stop giving Landolt and her group a free ride?

So she can make a career out of attacking the humanity of others.

And will the old bigot please you know what.

As someone who works with tools as old-fashioned as words I am thrilled that the best response is so purely low-tech. Others will engage more elaborately. Pollsters might wade in. Television and radio might satisfy their lust for debate. Politicians might pay attention. But those of us who believe that simple words, on their own, still have real power can tell REAL Women to just . . .

Before she and Steve soil themselves further...

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  1. Although harper and baird have dangled a carrot out to the LGBT vote, one thing they have not done is denounce Landolt and the fact that she cohorts with the very people that bring this heinous legislation to the mainstream. She is allowed, time and again to use the long discredited false equivilancy argument which she resistance to her ability to persecute into being the persecuted. Nothing will change with the Landolts of the world until leaders put them in their rightful place and name their bigotry for what it is and remove that religious cover that they hide behind.

    1. hi bcwaterboy...Yup. As I pointed out in my previous post on the old hog, it was indecent to see how Baird's office was so quick to appease the REAL women gang, after they attacked their boss. As for Landolt, it's one thing to oppose gay marriage, but she attacks gay people for who they are, so she is nothing but a hatemonger...

  2. That Russian 'woman' is no 'lady'..or if she is, her 'lady parts' are manufactured..nothing wrong with that, of course, but you can understand why 'she'd' be too paranoid to do anything but toe the Putin line..I'm guessing that steroids are still going strong in Russia.
    As tough as it might be, I think that every gay athlete who competes in the Olympics should be proud...and not let these bigots get the best of them.Gwen Landolt is an embarrassment to human beings everywhere..but well-named..she is as doltish as they come.

    1. hi mizdarlin...I must admit when I saw her remarks I had to shake my head. They were THAT dumb. She now claims that it was a language problem, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. But I have no doubt whatsoever that the decision to award the Olympics to Russia was a huge mistake. It's the wrong place at the wrong time...

  3. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Unlike your rather pathetic whining here Simon, the government is speaking-out about this new law in Russia.

    Not that is will matter, of course, no one should plan on the Kremlin changing their tune anytime soon.

    1. hi anonymous... I have given the government some credit for doing the right thing. And while I don't expect the fascist regime in Moscow to change its stripes overnight, but the more pressure and the more shame that can be heaped upon them will in the long run help all the oppressed people in that country, straight and gay...

  4. I submitted the following comment to a similar discussion on BCL's blog:


    Real Women on their own news site, which you reference, claim CBC News deliberately misquoted Real Women's principled position in favour of basic human rights in an attempt to shut down their organization, to "shut down resistance" to "the erosion of Canadian rights and freedoms in the wake of a push for the gay agenda".

    Now Real Women fancy themselves "resistance" fighters. Do they now imagine themselves as clandestine militants fighting for "basic human freedoms" against an oppressive regime in occupied France, Belgium or Norway during the second world war? The "erosion of Canadian rights and freedoms" they refer to pertains to the fact their boisterous supporters in various media discussion blogs must now voice their hatreds and bigotry under cover of anonymity, whereas they once felt free to openly voice their hatreds and display their bigotry in public with impunity.

    As for the misrepresentation of Real Women's so-called "principled stand" in favour of basic human rights, Real Women's letter to Baird, which they wrote, edited and reviewed prior to release, made no mention of "basic human rights", they complained of outside political interference violating the sovereign rights of Russia and Uganda with respect to their own "internal affairs", that is to treat their own citizens however they wish free of outside criticism and "interference".

    Gwen Landolt clarified her stance as being "utterly opposed to capital punishment" across the board, even with respect to "homosexual execution". As for human rights, for Real Women such rights are analogous to insurance coverage, there are "basic rights" which include protection from being "tortured, jailed or killed" simply due to one's sexual orientation, such persecution being "abhorrent to Canadian values" and to all "reasonable people" per Real Women's subsequent clarification, then there are a "broad spectrum of homosexual rights" including parading around, advocating a gay lifestyle, proselytizing as if gays were some Christian sect, Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses, seeking to recruit to such lifestyle. The latter "broad spectrum" of rights Landolt finds offensive to Conservative values, as it erodes and inhibits the freedom of bigots to openly practice and express their bigotry free of any limits or reprisals.

    Thus she complains the current government is not limiting itself to advocacy of "basic human rights" overseas but is extending its campaign to "broad spectrum" advocacy.

    1. hi Rene...They may well imagine themselves to be like the brave resistance fighters of the Second World War. Landolt and her small hoggy gang are that deluded. But the sad truth is that while those incredibly brave resistance fighters were heroes, REAL Women are just scum. It's one thing to attack people for what they do.But when you attack people for who they are you are nothing but a BIGOT...

  5. I imagine the previous unsolicited Reform advocate, who informed you of his own Conservative government's hopefully worthless ( from his perspective) campaign in favour of basic human rights in Russia and what he deemed "pathetic whining" from gay rights advocates, he is back to his demented cohorts and fellow goons at Yahoo Canada engaging in gay-bashing and celebrating the beatings police and fascist thugs are inflicting on gay rights protesters in Russia.

    On the issue of basic human rights, George Orwell delivered quite a forceful polemic on the Conservative notion of basic human rights in his novel "The Road to Wigan Pier", wherein he pointed out that for the Conservative, the "right to life" simply amounted to the right to be protected from unsanctioned murder, unless of course such murder was state-sanctioned or delivered by one of its agents, but it in no way embraced the concept that the state has a responsibility to ensure the wellbeing, subsistence or continued existence of its citizens.

    When you read the demented screeds of Reform advocates in media discussions, it is apparent their thinking has not progressed far from such primitive notions of social responsibility, and in fact may have regressed a great deal....

    1. hi Rene...yes I've seen how some Cons are sounding like their brethren in neighbouring Teabagistan. They fought the Cold War for thirty years after it ended, but now that gay people are involved, and they're bigots, they're blowing Putin like a trumpet.It's PATHETIC. But then Cons have always been losers, and all we can do is defeat them...