Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Great Squirrel Tour

OMG. When my special satellite feed of Stephen Harper's Great Escape Tour came in tonight I must admit I was shocked.

For there was Great True North Warrior Big Oil Leader firing away at something or someone !!!!! 

Both the prime minister and newly appointed Defence Minister Rob Nicholson tried their hand at firing the 1950s-era Lee Enfield rifles that are standard-issue weapons for the aboriginal reservists who comprise the Rangs.

The prime minister clearly relished the exercise. During target practice, he fired from several different positions, including prone on the ground, sniper-style. The din of the rifles echoed across the vacant limestone and sand landscape.

With a Second World War rifle.

The army has been trying for years to replace the aging Lee Enfields, which are updated Second World War-vintage versions of the classic rifles first introduced to the British Army in 1895.

Believe me it's TRUE !!!!

And all I could think of after I recovered, was thank goodness the Russians aren't coming eh?

And thank goodness Pammy wasn't there either, or it could have been ugly... or uglier.

Sen. Pamela Wallin's final bill is in — and it's a whopper. The embattled Saskatchewan senator and former Conservative caucus member was informed Wednesday that she'll have to reimburse the Senate a grand total of $138,970 for ineligible travel expense claims.

Wallin was already on the hook for $121,348 after an independent audit of her travel expenses, released last week. The auditors advised another $21,000 in questionable claims should be reviewed by the Senate's internal economy committee.

Because as you know, Great Economist Leader PERSONALLY reviewed her expenses and declared them "reasonable." So you can imagine how he's feeling eh? Not good.

Like an idiot who can't count, or a mobster who cooks the books.

And of course that's driving the Cons in the PMO KRAAAAAAZY.

Because let's face it eh?

When Jenni Byrne, the uber aggressive Con operative comes charging out like a hog in heat accusing the Liberals of playing dirty tricks...

Only to fall flat on her face snout. You know the Con regime is DESPERATE. And heading for the sausage factory.

Especially since every single day of the Great Escape Tour so far has been marred by bad news, weird behaviour, and/or SCANDAL.

Which only makes the thought of Stephen Harper now not only desperate, but ARMED, even more disturbing eh?

I mean I can understand why he might brandish a weapon, when the voices in his head told him the flying sharks were after him...

But who is he after now?

His long list of enemies?

The Russians?

The Senate?

Or the SQUIRRELS ???

And of course it would have be those small helpless vicious furry creatures.

But wait. What's this?'s summer and I'm just having fun.

But let there be no mistake: The Cons ARE a furry freak show.

Today we laugh at them.

But in the fall we will DESTROY them....

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Steve said...

Hats off to Harper for being so green, never throw away a gun, it can always be used somewhere.

Simon said...

hi Steve...yes but think of it this way... Queen Victoria probably gave them to us so for Harper that's a plus.... :0