Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rob Ford's Drunken Night on the Town

When I stare at that mugshot of Rob Ford. The one that was taken after he challenged a Florida cop to take him to jail for drunk and stoned driving, and was promptly arrested.

I can't help wondering whether more people should have realized where that spoiled son of a millionaire was heading.

Because now we all know eh? And it's not pretty.

Rob Ford's appearance at the Taste of the Danforth festival Friday night is raising fresh questions about the his activities away from City Hall. Late in the evening people near the festival began sending out Twitter messages alleging that the mayor appeared to be "drunk," as he made his way towards the festival.

And that so soon after this. 

“You owe me money,” a convicted drug peddler screamed at Rob Ford after bursting into the mayor’s home and later threatening to kill him.

And while we wait to find out whether there is a video of him smoking crack. Why so many of his homies keep getting murdered, shot, beaten, or jailed...

Why so many of his staff are abandoning him or being fired. 

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has lost another staff member — the eighth to resign or be fired since mid-May, when the crack video scandal triggered an exodus from his office.

And of course, whether anybody is still running Canada's largest city.

Oh boy. I could go on because it really is beyond belief. But since it's the weekend I'd rather end on a positive note.

By updating the story of the little farm he couldn't kill.

As you know when I last left it the whole farm was buzzing with the news that Jake the old Eeyore donkey had finally made a friend...

Buttercup the jersey calf...

But sadly it didn't last...

Buttercup was moved to an enclosure with other young animals including a baby alpaca...

And a baby miniature horse...

And Jake ended up with the sheep...

Who he barely acknowledges.

Or just by himself...

Which all things considered, I think he prefers. Because an old Eeyore can't be TOO sociable eh?

And as I reminded him it could be worse.

The farm is still there, still free, and more popular than ever. Jake didn't end up in the glue factory. He is greatly loved by me and those who take care of him. And the grotesque Con Rob Ford will NEVER be re-elected Mayor of Toronto.

And for once the stubborn old donkey agreed. Sort of...

Hmmmmm...I suppose so...if you say might be right...or NOT.

Did you say Ford's SCREWED?


Oh well, let's PARTY !!!!!!

And so we did...

The farm was saved.

But who will save us from Rob Ford?

Have a great weekend everybody !!!

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  1. Ford is really out of control. Did the police verify that he wasn't driving his vehicle home? Obviously, he could kill somebody.

    1. hi lagatta...I would not begrudge a decent Mayor a night out on the town. But as you can see from the videos Ford is now a caricature, and clearly in need of some kind of drug treatment. And no, apparently the police and his handlers let him drive himself home. The man is a danger to himself and others...

  2. Sadly Simon these antics merely serve to further endear him to Ford Nation We are so screwed

    1. hi Kev...please don't say that, I don't want to believe that. I have to believe that even a dummy can see that Ford is unfit to be a crossing guard let alone a mayor. But I promise you something I am going to work my lazy ass off to get a progressive Mayor elected...

  3. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Show this story (or link to it) about the 'murkan oldsters coming out of the ether and maybe the Canadian monkey-see-monkey-do geriatrics will follow the leader like they always seem to do anyway.
    Another possible silver lining to an otherwise dark cloud.

    1. hi anonymous...I realize we're a pretty passive people, but I still believe that once most Canadians realize just how low Ford and his good friend Harper are, and where they would takes us, they will finally react and do what they should have done long ago. Even in Canada eventually enough is ENOUGH...

  4. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Even as a child, being read these stories, I always understood Eeyore. So Jake, relax, I've got your back.

    1. hi's funny, I can't tell you how many friends have told me they always related to Eeyore. I always thought of myself as Pooh, just smarter. But the same friends who now admit they related to Eeyore now tell me everybody called me Tigger ;)
      Seriously though, I was told that when Jake first arrived at the farm about thirty years ago he had been abused, so for a long time he was very shy and didn't trust humans. However that's changed. He can be pretty cool with me, unless he thinks I might have an apple or a carrot in my hand. But when he sees his keepers he goes absolutely wild... :)